Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab to Get Gingerbread Beginning of Q2’11


Don’t get your hopes up too fast: this rumor comes from an Amsterdam-based site called SamFirmwares – one we’ve never heard of before. Still, they seem to have a sizable following and we’ll play with this rumor on a boring weekend: the Samsung Galaxy S and Tab are expected to receive Android 2.3 at the end of Q1 or the beginning of Q2 2011, as they alleged on their Twitter account. Yes, I know: we’re still waiting on Froyo for most of their American variants. That’s why we’re approaching this rumor with a high degree of uncertainty and with the smallest of grains of salt. I suggest you do the same. [via SmartDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. HAHAHAA! That’s funny.

  2. Why the grain of salt? Yes the American varieties have been slow to get 2.2 due to the networks wanting to be different but the European versions, where this rumour is from, have had it for a while.

  3. seeing how its a german website, i think when he says Galaxy S, he means the S that the rest of the world has, and that is pretty likey to get 2.3 in that time frame…

  4. Everyone, this is possible. Keep in mind, they could be talking about Galaxy S, not the American Variants, or they could be. Two possible scenario:
    One: They are talking about the European Galaxy S(has had 2.2 for a while, just got 2.2.1)
    Two: It could mean 2.3 could finally be built and ready for carriers to add their bloat and send off as OTA(or Kies*shivers*)

    Remember, Froyo for the Galaxy S in the states has been ready for months now, it has been the carriers, not Samsung.

  5. Just happy to finally have FroYo and Flash. Gingerbread in Q2? I have to see it to believe it.

  6. Will believe it when I see it!

  7. Only the US versions lag behind. Froyo for international users has been out for months now, it’s perfectly reasonable to expect an April/May release of the SGS Gingerbread.

    Let’s just hope we will have a few weeks again when SGS has the latest Android version- I’m pretty sure they will announce Ice Cream at Google I/O.

  8. Galaxy S will receive 2.3 and I don’t think think there’s a reason to believe otherwise. The Samfirmware guy is reliable and i9000 is Samsung’s flagship and has already received 2.2.1.

  9. I will love Samsung for eternity is they skip Frito and give me gingerbread. Well, ill just take any update at this point…..

  10. On the plus, that is a very good site. It’s where at least a few updates have been leaked before this, such as the captivate 2.2 and at least a few new i9000 versions.

    If they do this, it might go some way to fixing their image with me. As it is, my captivate is my last samsung for a long while. I understand international SGS phones have froyo stock, but HTC and Motorola have no problems releasing froyo to the US, so I still think samsung is at least partially responsible for the fail.

  11. Another reason why I “HATE VERIZON” and every one else should to. Once my contract Is over, I’m outta there!
    Not sure were I’ll go yet,but It wont be big worthless red!

  12. yeah right.

  13. You never heard of the site…it’s only the best site for people with Samsung phones. It has all the latest samsung firmwares (official roms), including experimental and not yet final ones that you can put on your phone without even rooting by using a program called Odin.

  14. This sounds plausable to me. If you think about it, if the reason the US carriers are not willing to pay for a froyo update because of the money samsung is tryingto get out of them why not just skip froyo give the US galaxy S variants gingerbread and then shut them up about all he bitching and customers would be more then satisfied and they would save money on doing only 1 update instead of 2

  15. What Wesley said, site has a massive rep. And please remember, europe galaxy s phones have had 2.2 for months now.

  16. Steves droid idiot. Leave Verizon? The funny thing is while sprint and t mobile claim to updating soon OTA to froyo, it still hasn’t happened, so until then stfu and enjoy the beat network the unintes states has to offer. Douche

  17. The Galaxy Tab Lags enough with 2.2 , it would crawl on Gingerbread.

  18. @wesley follow me to t-mobile:D loving it here in the pink

  19. “And please remember, europe galaxy s phones have had 2.2 for months now.” (from lekky)

    Some of them have 2.2.1 now

    …but no, all galaxy S phones must be stuck on eclair because no one can possibly be ahead of the USA :/

  20. omg that would be soooo amazing. even though im still waiting for fryo on my cappy

  21. @ksizzle9 I am not sure if and when T-mobile is doing the OTA to froyo, but we can already obtain official Froyo for our vibrants through Kies, atleast on T-mobile we can have froyo, unlike verizon.

  22. Vodafone Ireland posted that their Samsung Galaxy S will be getting Gingerbread in a few weeks. Was a bit weird reading in since all I have heard for the last few weeks is yanks moaning about not having Froyo yet.

  23. Well I somehow believe this rumor. I’ve been following Samfirmware on twitter & notice that most of the rumors that thwy arw tweeting are true. They even relwased experimental firmwares for nada & android. I first heard the 2.2.1 update from them.

  24. I bet that come March some US Galaxy S owners will still be without the FroYo update. Bet Gingerbread is a looooooong way off for the Vibrant et. al…

  25. I don’t know what these people are smoking. For all of you that think the EU has it good. 2.2 (not 2.2.1) just became available for non-carrier branded Galaxy S phones. The most wonderful part about this is that 2.2 (as opposed to the stock 2.1) has Hungarian language support. You’d think they’d rush it to the market. But…

  26. Interesting that Phandroid hasn’t heard of samfirmware.com. Pretty much any galaxy S owner who has flashed a leaked from from Samsung uses that URL as the password to unzip the file after downloading.
    Because Samfirmware.com is nearly always the first to receive the leaked rom and throw it up on Multiupload once it’s been decrypted.

    That being said, the guy has posted incorrect rumours from his Twitter account in the past, so taking it with a grain of salt is still recommended.

  27. If your so bored why don’t you look into the rumor of sidekick 4G. Its supposedly touch screen and coming out with gingerbread stock! That’s exciting news! I heard about it through tmonews.com.

  28. well… i am happy with my froyo. just updated yesterday. i’m not worried about gingerbread, though it would be cool if they did update early spring. i won’t hound them for it.

  29. who cares…this would be a good omen but Honeycomb needs to be the target, otherwise all those fools who knowingly purchased a single core tablet, with an Android version not optimized for tables will feel real stupid that their device so under performs all the other tablets, then they want to blame Samsung, because they were stupid enough to buy the device, knowing that it will under perform compared to the new devices, that have dual core and Honeycomb…Just saying

  30. Ksizzle is a blind follower and ivan seidenberg fanboy. Try being a little objective. Any reasonable consumer knows that VZ is way over priced, and now they want to legally throttle your speed. They are suing the FCC now, which is a damn good indication of their intentions. Be a VZ fanboy if you like, but be slightly objective. Alot of people get equal performance for a much less price. Why are you jealous of that? Wake up ksizzle!

  31. Got my froyo for Vibrant today.

  32. Outside of the US, where the Galaxy S phones have received Froyo already, this could be a possibility. In the US, where almost everyone is still waiting for Froyo, no way. If an upgrade to Gingerbread in the US takes as long as Froyo is, we won’t see 2.3 for a long time. And that’s if they actually decide to give it to us at all.

  33. Chris…legally throttle speed?? WTF are you smoking? Verizon is one of the few left who still offer Unlimited Data (now yes that may be capped around 5 GB) but really?? I consider myself a data hog and for my data use I only peak at about 3.5 4 per month and with Iphone coming ( not that I care, I love my Fascinate) they have not announced any price plan changes as of yet, all the 4g phones to be released are crap as well, unless you live in the major metro areas, even then it’s still only going to be mobile broadband with no voice untill late 2012 and completely nationwide by end of 2013. Throttle yourself.

  34. Well THAT would be something if they bypass Froyo all together for some phones in the US.

  35. Samsung should have stopped working on Froyo the moment they got Gingerbread, and started working on it. I mean, after all, the Nexus S is pretty much just a Galaxy S phone with a couple of new features. (I can only think of one, NFC, at the moment.) I’ve got the N1 and I’m waiting for the next Nexus device, ’cause this one is not all that.

  36. I think Samsung is more interested in pushing out their Galaxy S2 series than updating the existing crowd of Galaxy S devices. Sad thing too.

    Galaxy Tab owners will probably never see Honeycomb either. Also, very sad.

  37. I had 2.2 on my phone for day so far and love it now my galaxy s is blazing fast

  38. “…this rumor comes from an Amsterdam-based site called SamFirmwares – one we’ve never heard of before.”
    Phandroid is amateur.

  39. Why Verizon, Sprint and AT&T haven’t released Froyo yet makes me think that those carriers are a bunch of incompetentos.

  40. Sprint verizon and tmob have released froyo. Hmm, just not on the UNIQUE SAMSUNG PHONES.

  41. Sad for you in the USA……you make your own problems and then assume the rest of the world share them!!!!

  42. Ginger!!

  43. T-mobile customers stop complaining about froyo. Plug your phone into kies and update it. I have had 2.2 for 2 days now


  45. There must have some serious talk as well. World’s First Samsung Galaxy Tab Spy has been revealed. Find the facts @


  46. I’ll believe this when my shit turns purple, and tastes like rainbow sherbet. < Irish accent

  47. Never heard of SamFirmwares wow…why do you even write these articles when you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about? Anyways, doesn’t matter to me because we will have Gingerbread soon, whether from Samsung or devs. And its not far fetched, I have already run Gingerbread on my Captivate. (and any rom for the i9000 can easily be run on another Galaxy S phone via a reoriented kernel)

  48. Bullshit. Nothing more than a Samsung PR fabrication.

  49. Am I expected to know about every site that exists on the internet ever? Jeez.

  50. It’s not as if I wrote them off as lying or inaccurate. I just said I haven’t heard of them. But as I said in the article “They seem to have a sizable following” meaning I looked into them and found that a lot of folks trust them. However much further you want to grill me is on you. I won’t lose sleep.

  51. samsung sucks they lack the motivation to upgrade thier phone i had the vibrant and now have the G2 and couldnt be happier, needless to say i lack the motivation to buy another samsung phone EVER!!!

  52. And you shouldn’t Quentyn. You do a good job in your writing. SOME people would bitch if they were GIVEN 999,999,999 because they feel it should have ben an even million. Keep up the good work.

  53. @nlsme lol that would be a billion ;)

  54. Surely with the Moto Xoom launching on 17th Feb a Q2 11 Honeycomb update would be more exciting for the Galaxy Tab!!

  55. Darnit, nice catch. Still, you get the point.

  56. No you’re not expected to know every site on the internet but if you are writing an article that that deals with Samsung firmwares and roms and you obviously don’t know the first thing about it, such as the website that pretty much hosts all of the leaked/official roms, then that begs the question of: why are you writing it?

  57. Official Froyo on Tmobile is pretty much same speed as lastest Nero V5 and Axura custom roms, but I am back on custom roms for themed Froyo.

  58. @DemonWav we get that argument a lot: “why are you writing about something you don’t know about?” It’s not that simple, though. At a much bigger outlet – such as CNET or AOL’s network – there are writers who focus on particular subjects, be it a specific device or company. We encompass everything Android, and there are only two of us writing each and every day. We do the best we can with the little manpower we have. You’re not the first or the last to ask “Why are you writing about something you don’t know about,” and with that, I’ll just let you know you’re criticizing us on something you apparently know nothing about it. Not trying to be a jerk here, just trying to get you to understand where we’re coming from.

  59. I think phandroid should be congratulated, running with an article that could or could not be true. It would be nice, but I don’t think it’s true. Quite possibly the galaxy s will be receiving 2.3, but not the american variations. The article itself, states the Galaxy S will receive 2.3, not the vibrant, captivate, epic, fascinate. I highly doubt the american version will receive gingerbread. But again just like this article, this is an opinion not a reality.

  60. @Quentyn Kennemer:You’re not required to know every single website out there.
    That’s why I said “Phandroid is amateur”.
    While covering everything Samsung, you would end up knowing SamFirmwares sooner or later.

    IMO, that’s how reliable sources work. After a while you stop getting news from the same place every one does and start reporting before anyone else thanks to refined beacons of information.

    That takes time, but that’s the way to become professional.

  61. Then I’m gonna say FOX is amateur.

  62. Guys as far as I heart 2.3 (Gingerbread) needs a more powerfully processor (duo) so not Galaxy S nor Galaxy tab will get it unless Samsung will update the hardware with a new release Galaxy Tab 2 … I am very sorry for bringing the bad news …

  63. Galaxy S2 almost here. Dual core Orion CPU with 1GB of RAM. 5X faster than Galaxy S.

  64. My question is why 2.3 on Tab… Should be 3.0 since it’s for tablets!

  65. There’s nothing n Gingerbread that appeals to me so I could care less. Just gimme 2.2 and ill be happy.

  66. Haha, haven’t heard of samfirmware. They have been leaking firmwares months before everyone.

    Just go ask people on xda how good they are.

    Look at what you can access here.


    Note the dates they get released. 2.2 was out in August. :)

  67. @Nisme:
    I’m not american but I keep hearing FOX News is trash. Heck, even The Simpsons and The Family Guy make fun of them. Now, whys that?

  68. Stop bagging on Phandroid and Quentin. Go get some journalism experience then you can bitch.

    And Americans haven’t heard of SamFirmwares. Its a German group, so you Europeans know then.

  69. Phandroid has a lot of readers.

    Please hire more employees so then we get articles that are much better quality. Several of your articles have spelling errors and I wished the articles were more in depth, like your competitors.

  70. You’re not missing out much by the fact that you’ve never heard about SamFirmwares before anyway, at least not when it comes to their “exclusive information”, so don’t worry about it at all, there’s nothing of real value coming from them news-wise, just some wild speculations presented in “tabloid” style. Sometimes I think someone at Samsung is laughing their ass off about what they’re feeding SamFirmwares as “insider informations”.

  71. @Deoki, they ARE trash, but are “professional”. That was my point. Phandroid may be “amateur”, but they do a REALLY good job.

  72. Quentyn should be commended because he is the only Phandroid writer I notice who responds to comments regularly. I appreciate that.

    @Smoke, blowing hot air, “Remember, Froyo for the Galaxy S in the states has been ready for months now, it has been the carriers, not Samsung.” I love how you state it as fact without any real evidence. I would say this has been in dispute. Of all 4 carriers, who have put out Froyo on other devices, none can get it out for the Galaxy? Unless you believe there is collusion amongst the carriers, there has to be a Samsung connection.

  73. The problem in US are the service company, they don´t want offer upgrades.
    Look the international version of the Galaxy S, it got Froy in November 2010 and Samsung has announced different Galaxy models and other phones with Froyo, why not in US?
    Now that T-Mobile released Froyo (stupidly by Kies and not by OTA) AT&T, Sprint and Verizon will make the same.
    Why not release Froyo by OTA instead Kies? because not everybody will take care about it.

  74. There are a hungarian phrase: the hope dies last

  75. @din, go ahead and ignore the point before yours.the point that shows you are wrong. ALL 4 major carriers have released froyo. Just not on SAMSUNG devices. Hmm, wonder why.

  76. Well, they keep saying its being withheld for testing. If they didn’t add their damn bloatware we would’ve had FroYo in November

  77. It is still on sammy to make it work. I have plenty of bloat on my droid x, and I had froyo BEFORE November. Stop making shi**y excuses for samsung.

  78. Samsung should stick to, making hardware. And to thee guy that hates fox news, you must hate msnbc as well

  79. I am in Netherlands.

    I have had Froyo since November. runs GREAT.

    But for some really hot cooked ROM’s go to XDA developers.

    Darky’s ROM’s are kickass.

    Oh, and BTW,for you Americans. We in Europe have always been far ahead in cellphone tech and availability.

    Also in TV tech. I had wides screen back in 1999.

  80. *Yawn

  81. I actually tend to hate any major news source. I get my news from hundreds of locations, and usually know the stories before they air it. I still watch them, because of the left/right slants. I like hearing both sides of an arguement.

  82. I like Fox news and I think Fox news gets unfairly attacked by the other news stations and liberals, because they’re the only nation news station that’s conservative.

    CNN isn’t a fair news source, as they talk about Global Warming as if its fact instead of a made up HOAX designed to give liberals an excuse to pass more restrictive laws.

  83. @Ben, I think you need to learn what throttling is! It has nothing to do with your “unlimited data” ( which is capped anyway). Educate yourself on the topic before you write and make yourself look like a total ignorant fool! VZ got you brainwashed big time!

  84. @Joe, good point. And they believe in evolution when we all know that the world was created 500 years ago. We also know the truth that the earth is flat, the easter bunny leaves a dollar for each tooth you lose, and Barack Obama is really Santa Claus.

  85. LOL Samsung is putting the carriage in front of the horse.

    They don’t have Froyo yet but they are talking about Gingerbread? Oh 2nd Quarter of 2012 is more like it. Gingerbread will be released after every Android phone has Android Icecream.

  86. @Chris- ooooo enlighten me.. please I am dying to hear what drivel you have to spew out about VZW.

    A throttle is the mechanism by which the flow of a fluid (or in this case DATA) is managed by constriction or obstruction.
    Big Red has released it’s new data pricing plans…the only change they made was getting rid of the 15 150mb data and brought back the even more useless 10 75mb (previously 9.99 25mb) and that all smartphones (including the iphone) will continue to use the 29.99 unlimited data. Now like I said in my previous post I am a heavy user the Unlimited plan has an invisible ceiling of 5gb data ( thats when they can say WHOOOAA big fella lets slow that down some)
    So please…educate me on the legal way to throttle someones speed. It should amuse me as well as help me pass the time.

  87. If you dont understand the meaning of throttling then you most likely aren’t tech savvy enough to understand it. Maybe someone else would care to enlighten you, if you have the capacity to grasp it. It has nothing to do with unlimited data plans whatsoever! Do some research on net neutrality instead of worshipping at the altar of Ivan. You could download data 24/7, it doesn’t matter if certain content is delivered more timely at the expense of other data. VZW is at the forefront of plans that make you pay more for certain content. That is why they are suing the FCC so as not to comply with net neutrality. Comcast already throttles subscribers speed for bandwidth purposes. Theres plenty of information on the internet as to the technical procedures that they employ, go read about it! Comcast throttles download speeds of those they feel are “hogging” bandwidth, in the same manner VZ would like to throttle speeds of those who dont access content that they support and encourage. For example, VZ sells music; they want to sell video or movies (maybe they already do, I dont and won’t buy their add-ons). They easily could throttle the speed of blockbuster or netflix movies so their own content streams better, or they could charge fees (VZ loves fees) to stream video of their competitors. If you are ok with that, then you truly are ivan’s obedient servant….

  88. “If you dont understand the meaning of throttling then you most likely aren’t tech savvy enough to understand it. Maybe someone else would care to enlighten you, if you have the capacity to grasp it””

    I’m sorry all I can see there is ” I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about”

    So you think net neutrality is a good thing? I also have comcast cable and high speed internet…i download/upload/ stream movies all day and not once have I seen any “throttling” of my speed. Yes VZ likes to charge fees…it’s called making money..it’s what makes the world go round… at the same time..you can avoid those fees.

    For example… VZ Navigator is 9.99 per month for turn by turn directions…they offer it on feature phones as well as smartphones….if you are already paying the 30 unl data package you would have to be a moron (Chris) to pay for that service when the Google Navigation on most Android phones is a FREE app.

    Apple sells music/movies/games…you pay for it..fees?? YES

    So oh great one since you seem to not have the answer that I was looking for (you obviously dodged educating me about net neutrality) Tell me more about you…cell carrier, phone, who is the phone DemiGod you worship?

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