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Wanting to pass the time until the Motorola XOOM’s pricing and availability information are announced? Perhaps a look at the device’s accessories will hold you over until we get more information (hopefully at the end of the month.) While we realize these may have been on Motorola’s site for a while, we hadn’t seen most of these before. I take it a few of you out there haven’t, either. It’s everything you’d expect to be offered alongside an Android device or tablet, and that’s pretty much that: no pricing information are available for those either. [Motorola]

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  1. These were on the MotoUK site the day the XOOM was announced…

  2. No doubt these accessories will be $125 a piece, considering the XOOM tab is marked at $799 ;) Motorola = the new Apple.

  3. I know. That’s why I acknowledged that these may be old news to some. Not everyone catches wind of this stuff the moment it happened.

  4. In my opinion, if the Xoom is as good as they say it is, it may be worth the price, however, I also think that the price will drop within 6 months, and by christmas, you will get it for next to nothing. Stuff like this will start dropping in price fast now.

  5. Good luck having any $$ left whatsoever after paying up for the price of that tablet! LOL

  6. Lots of Bluetooth headsets, gotta wonder if it will have standard voice/phone capabilities…?

  7. I would be excited if the Xoom price was less!!!

  8. I say 500-600 area would of been perfect but I guess they forgot there’s other options out there

  9. Whats with all the bluetooth headsets? Is this thing gonna make calls like the UK Tab does?

  10. well it looks like they got your bluetooth heads covered. not much else useful (sarcasm). like maybe a screen protector or a nice protective case to put your $800 XOOM in. hummmmm i think all accessories for this thing should be aimed a help it not get busted up for that crazy price.

  11. $799 is not the official price of the XOOM. I know it’s a “leaked document” blah blah blah, but nothing’s been announced. Anything can change between now and then.

    In other news, these accessories look pretty nice.

  12. @ scriz – Or not…Accessory (MSRP) – Their Price

    Speaker Dock ($149.99) – 99.99
    Standard Dock ($49.99) – $39.99
    Wireless Keyboard ($149.99) – $119.99
    Leather Portfolio Case ($79.99) – $59.99
    “Durable” Portfolio Case ($59.99) – $39.99
    Gel Case ($29.99) – $19.99
    Car Charger ($39.99) – $24.99

    Obviously they didn’t pull these prices out of thin air.

  13. I have it on good authority from a relative that works for Motorola ( executive ) is will retail for $699 for the 3g/wifi version and $549 for the wifi only model when released , you heard it here 1st !!

  14. @Steve

    Those sound like good reasonable prices. I hope you are right.

  15. I dont think those prices for the wifo only are accurate. Doesnt make sense for them to sell it for $150 less. The parts for 3g are under $50 and when they sell the 3g it will be subsidized by verizon and verizon benefits b/c they will get data packages.

    Unless the $699 is just in intro price from launch til april when the wifi only comes out. But if thats the case Id think they would lower the price on the 3g/wifi as well.

    $699 does sound better than $799, but I must admit i really am second guessing this whole high end tablet thing. I can get a nook color and root it plus a laptop and be better off than the Xoom.

  16. Still to expensive either way. It is right on par with the ipad but that’s to expensive to begin with for a device that is pretty much just for pulling down content. You can get a nice laptop or even desktop for that price. I pre ordered a notion ink adam and the pricingis as follows $375.33 for LCD and wifi, $425.33 for LCD, WiFi, and 3G, $499.45 for Pixel Qi and Wifi and $549.99 for Pixel Qi, Wifi, and 3G. At top end the same as the low for xoom and you pick your carrier for 3g. And the specs a right on par if not better(excluding os version.

  17. $799 is really not out of line. We only think it is because Apple priced theirs so low hoping to shove companies like Notion Ink and Fusion Garage out of the running. If it costs $250 to build, it’s usually going to cost at least $750 for you to buy it, even at someplace like Best Buy.

  18. @aaron – While I don’t disagree that the Adam is a good choice for some, Notion Ink had no choice but to price it below the competition. They are a completely unproven company, who has never produced anything before. Also, while the Adam and Xoom are close, the Xoom does offer a higher megapixel camera and better screen resolution. Don’t forget about that barometer in the Xoom too! Just kidding.

  19. @aaron
    I agree, extremely overpriced and out of the realm of the “real” tech users.
    iPad is for silly twits who like a closed, anally retentive system.
    Not in par with the droid’rs

  20. I really don’t get how everyone thinks it should be cheaper then a phone. Seriously, the average price on phones is 550.

  21. @ckeegan. Take my word motorolas cameras have never been that great. I have droid x 8mp camera. And my old bb storm 3.2 mp camera took better pics. And I want the swivel camera to record lectures at college. Only need on camera.

  22. Once again believe what you want , I was shown documents( internal Motorola ) those will be the prices

  23. i am the CEO of motorola and those price tag are all wrong.

  24. I’d disagree with the storm taking better pictures.

  25. Maybe they should make a bootloader unlocker accessory.

  26. Well there is proof the the iphone 4 takes better pics the DX with a 5mp camera. Im just saying this mega pixel war is pointless when for digit cameras the software make a bigger impact on pic quality.

  27. The iphone isn’t the storm, and the x pictures are nothing to be ashamed of.

  28. MP and software does not make equal quality in photography. Its all about the lens. I have a 5MP Nikon DSLR that outperforms in leaps and bounds my mom’s 10MP digital camera.

  29. Its all about the sensor, you can put a good lense on a shit camera and get shit pictures. A good camera will take good pictures with a mediocre lens. Its all about the sensor.

  30. Most of this junk is bluetooth headsets. How is this sepcific to the XOOM? Might as well liste every other bluetooth headset/keyboard/headphones etc. on the market as a XOOM accessory…

  31. Oh yeah zi? Then what is the price tag?

  32. Well, it looks like Steve was right about the price of the 3G version, I hope he is right about the Wifi-only.

  33. 3g radios cost all of 20 bucks. IF, they decide to sell a wifi only version IN THE STATES, it won’t be that much cheaper.

  34. Any new updates out there on these accessories? I think the docking stations and gel cover will be important. But I agree the other stuff is just random bluetooth gear.

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