Motorola XOOM Release Date Pegged for Feb. 17th?


More Motorola XOOM news for you. Some shots of Best Buy’s internal system shows the Motorola XOOM launching February 17th, but for $699.99 instead of the $799.99 we saw in Verizon leaks late last week. It’s important to note that Verizon allows their retail partners to set their own price for the device, which would describe the discrepancy. We’re just over a week away from February, so we should see soon enough – through advertisements – whether or not these rumored release dates will stand true. [Droid-Attic via A&M]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Still too expensive for me. Not necessarily because it’s not worth it, but because I’m a poor college student D:

    My Nook Color is serving me well for now anyways.

    I’m surprised they have it that high though. I don’t think they’ll manage to gain any traction against Apple without having a decent device at the same price point as the iPad.

  2. A lil better on the price

  3. I hope this is legit! Im so excites

  4. It’s actually funny, because the way the US consumer thinks, if it were priced too low, people would automatically think the iPad was better.

  5. Same price point as the ipad? You understand that a 3G ipad with 32gigs costs more right?..

  6. And that phones cost this much.

  7. @ckeegan you couldn’t be more wrong

  8. if the $799 price was unsubsidised, then I’d bet the subsidised price comes in really close to this best-buy price.

  9. Doy you realize phones get a $350 dollar subsidy on phones. I expect it to be around $550 after subsidy, before taxes.

  10. Looks like its one step closer to being mine!


  12. Sorry, didn’t mean hit enter, but you people really need to start listening. The price is the price, there are no contracts for the Xoom, just like Verizon doesn’t offer contracts for the Galaxy Tab or iPad.

  13. You don’t know there wont be a contract price for the Xoom. Verizon has contract pricing for their netbooks, so they could very well do the same for the Xoom.

  14. You better believe they want to lock people into a contract. Only way to do that is to offer a subsidy.

  15. And they do offer a subsidy on the ipad. By throwing in the usb modern for free.

  16. Verizon does offer contracts on its netbooks, so why wouldnt they do the same for the Xoom.

    I understand they dont for the ipad, but thats due to the fact that Apple regulates the prices, probably making it to impossible for them to adjust the price contract or no contract.

    Im ok with buying a data package with contract, just would be nice if verizon could give some kind of bundle discount if you have data on your phone and on your tablet. I mean when are you going to be using both at the same time?

  17. Nisme (Nlsme?): Paying $130 dollars extra doesn’t seem free to me. The Verizon iPad is the $499 wifi 16gb version. And you’re paying the same as the 3g version at AT&T. And as far as I can tell, there’s no subsidy on the Tab. But they do make you activate month to month service.

  18. Whoops. Forgot to mention:

    Is this the wifi only version, or Verizon’s version. What I see doesn’t specify. If the US is getting the wifi only version, this is probably it. That explains the price difference.

  19. They need to hurry it a week and deliver it on the 10th so that when people come in for the new Verizon iPhone, they’ll see this on display as well.

  20. Thing is, they don’t charge you 130 extra.

  21. All I know is that waiting for the next 25 days is going to suck.

  22. I still can’t forget the 430 dollar refurb ipad just yet, but at least this thing can download apps. I don’t even know why so many tablet are coming out without honeycomb, they Better be able to upgrade as soon as honeycomb comes out. Then we’re gonna have to wait a while for decent apps to roll out for the tablets. How long is netflix going to take this time? I don’t think the value is there for androids until honeycomb is more common and more apps are made, if only a few tablets out of many can actually access and buy the apps, it’s not worth it to write apps for android tablets.

  23. I don’t understand why every one is complaining about the price nothing that you can do so why cry about it

  24. Notion ink adam al the way. Screw XOOM. Too expensive still and no current option for wifi only. You’ll still have pick up another 3g data plan. Forcing you to pay another monthly bill you proly don’t need.

  25. I wonder if this will pop up on Amazon for this price like the Sammy Tab did? (just sayin, got some Amazon gift cards I could throw towards this bad boy, hehe)

  26. @beggingtodifferr666 you do know there are place such as web site and even 3rd party app stores the you can download android apps from. Since android allows you to install unknown apps or sideload them. And you can get most paid apps free. This is android not ips.

  27. I ment this is android not ios.

  28. @Nisse

    Ipad doesn’t require contract. Nor is it subsidized. The little black box, the Mifi, is subsidized through the contract. Full retail is 269.99 . To get the Ipad mobile internet, it requires the mifi if you want your own internet service. Or you can just tap into surrounding wife.

  29. @a.k I am intrigued…

    Tell more about how to tap into surrounding wife…

  30. @ Rob
    The Ipad is wifi capable. As long as there is a wifi signal, just use that for internet access. The Mifi is needed to get the Ipad on verizon’s internet network as there isn’t a antenna that would capture verizon’s data network.

    The Mifi is a device that gives you the wifi signal you need anywhere you go to get internet access for the Ipad and/or any other devices that is wifi capable. It also allows you to connect a total of 5 devices at one time.

  31. @ Rob
    I see what you did there. Lol auto correct sucks sometime

  32. @aaron

    I think he was referring to apps that make use of Honeycomb APIs that are specific to tablets to get functionality like the split screen ability of the Honeycomb gmail app.

  33. You are right that they don’t make you sign a contact on the upload, rather the usb modem. THAT IS FREE WHEN YOU PURCHASE AN IPAD. Like I said.

  34. @ilh thats my point there are none. The only apps that are optimized are goggle apps like gmail ,maps, etc. And there the same apps as on any android phone. They just behave different on tablets. There are no special tablet apps.

  35. aaron that seems like a decent plan b for now, but i’ve read you have to go through the pc and it’s a hassle compared to just tapping ‘download’ on the marketplace right on the spot. I’ve spent many hours jumping through tech loopholes in my day, but if the apps just cost a buck or two I’d rather not go through the whole pc route. Then you’d probably also want to research the app’s security etc, it seems like a lot more steps are added to each app purchase compared to ios. Google just doing a quick virus check would encourage my Android friends to download more apps, then generate more money for developers and encourage producing more apps asap, competing better with apple and lowering prices for all in a utopian supercommunity yada yada. Either android users can do the virus check on their phones tapping back and forth while trying to purchase an app, or google can just use those supercomputers to do it automatically in a half second. Then the results are just shot right back to the developers if something is wrong. The current way is the customer then has to report it. It seems so easy to do one even wonders if no virus check is being done on the marketplace because too many apps would fail.

  36. Not at all. Im posting from my droid x. I install apps straight from the web to my droidx all the time. Just find a link, tap to download, when its done. Just open the downloaded fill(apk format) and install using. “Package installer”. You must go into your settings, into applications, then check the box that says unknown sources. This will allow you to install any apk file you want.

  37. like it, can afford it, but not willing to at this point…will have to see what the competition does…I don’t need their contract, can tether through my G2 today, but will upgrade to a dual core phone soon, which will have even better internet access then the G2…so give a good price and I am there…too high of a price and I may need to sit it out.

  38. Since most of these upcoming tablets will have right around the same specs. The best thing about this one is that it is going to be a Google experience device (stock Android). Naturally means this will get the updates. You can pretty much guarantee that since this is the first Android IOS for a tablet, there will be some upgrades to improve upon the performance and I am not going to want to be stuck in 3.0, while Android is on 5.3 for tablets…with that said, still got to wait to see what the other guys are doing.

  39. @ NIsme
    Incorrect. When you buy an Ipad you get nothing for free.

    IF you sign a 2 yr contract for mobile broadband using the MIFI as the equipment to provide the internet access, the MIFI is free.

    To get mobile internet through Verizon for the Ipad, the MIFI is needed as the ipad has no usb port or pc card slot. Ipad connects to internet via wifi.

    You can get the little black box free with 2yr contract for the internet service without the having to buy an Ipad.

    If you buy the Ipad AND sign 2yr contract for mobile internet with the MIFI as a bundle, the benefit is that you can sign up for the $20/mo for 1GB of data service. Which normally isn’t available with any other offering.

  40. Either way, in the States, the Xoom is likely to be a Verizon exclusive . ALL other Verizon exclusives receive a subsidy. Stands to reason the Xoom will too. Im no expert on the Ipad, but that is what Verizon told me the day they started selling them. I imagine now they want to give away the 3g modems to anyone willing to sign the contract.

  41. That day, the modem was 99 bucks on contract.

  42. So how much is a wifi only version?

  43. So, does anyone know if you will absolutely have to purchase a data package with the Xoom? Will you be able to link into wireless at home like you can with the ipad? I purchased an iPad but was not really impressed. Only because I am not used to the Apple system, I wanted to use it for work and I really needed flash! The iPad was really quick and easy to use, just for my usage I needed more of what the Xoom will offer.

  44. At what point will tablet companies discover that a tablet is not a phone.

    A phone, being smaller and thus always on you, makes a much better platform for navigation (don’t need a GPS in a tablet), for video/photos (don’t need a rear facing camera in a tablet), and for mobile connectivity (make the 3G/4G connectivity optional).

    Take the GPS and Camera out of the zoom and that $700 price comes down quite a bit. Take out the 3G/4G antenna and it comes down even more and eliminates any need to get locked into a data plan beyond the one we already have with our phone.

    You’d think that having the iPad out for nearly a full year at this point they’d have a clue about how people intend to use a tablet device. And carrying it around in our pocket isn’t likely. Who in the world would carry this monster around for taking photos?

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