Jan 21st, 2011

When we first told you guys about Rocket Bunnies for Android, the comments piled up claiming the game was indeed a blast, some even comparing its addiction to compareable to Angry Birds. Good news: we just got a note from our friends at Defiant Development letting us know about a HUGE update to the game that will have enthusiasts happy and newbs with a boat load more to dive into.

What new goodies can you expect?

  • 30 new levels
  • New enemies
  • New obstacles
  • Hidden hats

Take a look at the newness in action – the company sent us this exclusive screenshot that comes straight from the new version of the game:

I was also pleasantly surprised to find them commending the community for helping them improve the app. This is the type of attention to detail that makes great developers- not only making a great product but continually improving it for the people that matter most. A snippet directly from the horse’s mouth:

A massive shout out to the Android community for helping us catch bugs and add features. Your comments and feedback have helped us make this the best Rocket Bunnies yet. Here’s some things the community has helped with :

– Reduction of size on SD-Card was fixed as a priority.
– No crash on screen lock.
– Addition of a little bit of narrative set-up – check out the revised 1st level in the Carrot Galaxy to see what we’ve added!
– Lots of subtle improvements to the shell and navigation in order to make the interface clearer.
– Removed the need to check phone status. Now runs with less permissions and less intrusiveness.
– Turn off sound and music from the pause menu.

For those that aren’t familiar with the game, here is a preview of the original version of the game:

Now go download, play, and report back!