Mobilicity Says Nexus S Heading to Canada’s Big Carriers; Probably in March


Mobilicity’s CEO Dave Dobbins said in a video that the Nexus S would indeed be headed to Canada, if any of you folks up there were wondering about Gingerbread or an updated Google experience phone. Bell, Rogers, and Telus are also said to be in on it, so choice of carrier hopefully won’t be a problem as it is here in the states. (Damned non-standard 3G bands!!)

“The Nexus S is going to everybody, so we’ll have it. It will be AWS band. And Bell, TELUS and Rogers will have it. I mean everybody will have the phone. So nothing special about it… it will be all over the place… so the Nexus S will I think will be available in March”.

At least for you AT&T folks, that means you’ll be able to purchase yourself one of these Canadian models as they’ll be coming with compatible 3G radios. But we’d really like Google to try and get this thing to as many carriers as they can as they failed to do with the Nexus One. Here’s a link to the YouTube video where it’s mentioned. [MobileSyrup]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Nice, Stock FTW.


  3. Great news! I would love for there to be a universal Nexus competing for mindshare with the iPhone. I would also guess that the AT&T/Robellus model will also be sold domestically in the US, whether AT&T chooses to subsidize it or not.
    What I wonder is why don’t we have a single handset that works on both sets of 3G bands? I mean, this problem was already solved for pre-3G GSM…why can’t it be solved again?
    A phone you could use on any network would be killer in Canada. I would love to try out one of the new carriers, but I wouldn’t invest $500 in a phone unless I could take it back to Robellus if the signal/coverage wasn’t good enough.

  4. @Dave. Hopefully the evolution of 3G, LTE will fix that.

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