Android For All: Celebrities, Music & Toys From MetroPCS


MetroPCS has launched a pretty awesome campaign called “Android For All” which features all the makings of Android Community Awesomeness. They’ve gotten celebrities to design their own Android Robots, are asking you to do the same, and one winner will actually have their design turned into a limited edition toy. Check out designs from celebs like Warren Sapp, DJ Khaled, Far East Movement, and Young & Reckless:

Check out Drama aka Drama Beats from explaining it all and showing off his own personal design in this video:

One of the honorable artists – DJ Skee – has put his talents to the test by creating the official Android For All mixtape featuring artists like Kanye, Jay-Z, The Game, Akon, Rick Ross, Snoop, and more.

Pretty bad ass, right? Then what are you waiting for? Head on over to AndroidForAll and design you own bot! Or better yet… design a Phandroid Robot, send it into us, and we’ll encourage all the Phandroids out there to vote for it!

[Thanks @nfcrockett!]

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  1. Metro piece of shit

  2. Young & Reckless not restless lol. Big cat would be ashamed.

  3. Young & Reckless not restless lol. .

  4. lame as hale

  5. Seems pretty cool to me.

  6. Got my launcher pro update!!! It rocks!!!

  7. he looks like he is on crack. perfect for a metroPCS promoter. haha
    no really.. where is Rob with his DC Andy?

  8. metropcs is looking better and better these day.all the other carriers are changing their plans and screwing their customers.they want to suck the life out of all of us.even sprint is starting to change for the worst.greedy bastards.GO METROPCS!!!!

  9. Where do I get that mixtape??

  10. Gotta give Metro credit. Good way of promoting Android epicness. All You Haters…FAIL

  11. I don’t know if I’d call those people celebrities. Talented artists? Sure, for all I know, but they haven’t achieved celebrity status.

  12. No one seems to look at the big picture: something big’s coming…
    Remember those leaked pics showing off a Galaxy S-like smartphone that has the MetroPCS logo? Well, this is their way of promoting their soon to have Android phones. Pretty clever, I would say. Hope all of them are 4g ready.

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