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When we were told there was a game on the Android market called Rocket Bunnies yesterday, I wondered what exactly the premise could be and how the gameplay could support it. After playing it for a few minutes, I’m still not exactly sure. I just know it’s nearly 12 MB of awesome and it’s worth your attention as you can play it for free (ad-supported) in the Android market right now.

The video below does a much better job at showing you the game than I can explain via text. As simply as I can put it, bunnies – crazy ones, apparently – are propelled into space to avoid obstacles such as asteroids while trying to feed their fellow bunny colonies on a plethora of planets.

Whacky? Yes. Worth checking out? Totally. If you’ve been looking for a bunny space feeding simulation, then look no further. [via Defiant Dev]

[Update]: We’re hearing from Defiant that there will be plans to bring an ad-free (paid) version out later on, but they want to focus on providing timely and fruitful updates and are eager to shape their developments around what the community is saying. Here’s their statement on the matter:

The current plan is definitely to offer an ad-free version, probably early in the new year.  We’d plan to offer a bunch of new levels at the same time (possibly as part of a new game mode we’ve been working on, but that may come after the first level update).

And for folks on Android 2.1 with Samsung Galaxy S phones (see: a bunch of you) you might not be seeing it in the market. There seems to be a lot more apps unsupported on Eclair Galaxy S phones, but it’s by no means a fault of the developers. You’ll want to thank Samsung for that one.


[AppBrain Link]

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  1. Too bad I can’t get it bc I don’t have 2.2. Lol. Oh well.

  2. A cool game that actually was dropped to Android before IOS? Very cool indeed.

  3. A pretty good game, the developer should be supported seeing that he came to android first before iphone and pad

  4. Very Fun!

  5. Do we have another Angry Birds on our hands?

    Sorry, it’s just so easy to draw comparisons.

    Very fun!

  6. This game is awesome! Runs very smooth and has fanstactic animations. Love the music, when you get turbo :P
    Could be as popular as angry birds if added more levels.

  7. I’m with Aeries and Victor on this! I was expecting to read that it was a port over from the frutier devices. Glad to see that at least someone has the balls to go against the flow. Will definitely check it out.

  8. Pretty fun game. I think I’ll keep it on my phone.

  9. Love that this got released for android first!

  10. Um, I’m a dummy…how do you play it? It just loads, then the rabbit floats in the car at the beginning…I touch the planet, but it just shows me things floating around with bunnies on a planet. Nothing I touch causes anything to happen.

  11. Josh did you keep touching planets? Thats how you continue

  12. Downloading now. Samsung Vibrant. :) Froyo loaded!

  13. download disappears right after i have started it. oh well, i might try later via wifi.


  14. So only 2.2 gets this?

  15. Nexus S here I come and Thanks Samsung/Touch Wiz.

  16. Very fun game thanks :D

  17. No go for an Eris running Froyo. Can’t even find it in the market :(

  18. Vibrant on 2.2 (Axura 2.1) is a go!

    Found it in market just fine.

  19. I just got confirmation that this game is having issues installing on the Droid X and that they are working on the problem.

  20. Sweet game. I can’t believe it came out on Android first! These devs have got my attention. It’s a great, simple game that runs smoothly on my Droid 1. I’m impressed.

  21. Cool. This can replace Slice It, which I just had to dump cause it burns battery way more than it should. Out of 30 minutes of play, it used over 4 minutes of GPS and jumped to just below display in battery use. WTF? So I’ll get this and play it instead.

    P.S. Appbrain is cool and all, but if you put the QR code, please use the one that takes our phones to the Market. You can give a link to Appbrain’s site for web browsers to use, but I want to scan to the market.

  22. Does the music and animation remind anyone of Diddy Kong Racing?

  23. Samsung Captivate on Froyo. Amazing game. Will definitely buy when you can, despite my adblocker. Gotta support a dev like this.

  24. Running it on a samsung vibrant with Bell canada’s 2.2 update. I am also feeding my pet polar bear.

  25. @DgDeBx: That’s it! I couldn’t put a finger on as to what it reminded me of!

  26. a Dev that came to android first. Brings tears to mine eyes. ; ___ ;

  27. I think the move the Dev made was smart. Requiring 2.2 or greater devices makes sure that no weak device can get the game, greatly reducing fragmentation problems. I hope to see better games with this implementation.

  28. This game is amazing. Definitely has potential to take up as much of my time as Angry Birds. Devs are responsive and seem really supportive of Android. We should definitely support these guys.

  29. No-show in market… MyTouch 3G

  30. I’ve played the game till it seems to have some of the levels available left but they appears locked. How do I complete the game…do I have to have 3 stars to open the remainder of the locked levels?

  31. Each level planet that looks locked has a star with a number on itg. Once you reach that number of stars, you will get a message that sayys you unlocked that group of levels. I can’t wait for an update and new hats!

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