Dec 14th, 2010

When we were told there was a game on the Android market called Rocket Bunnies yesterday, I wondered what exactly the premise could be and how the gameplay could support it. After playing it for a few minutes, I’m still not exactly sure. I just know it’s nearly 12 MB of awesome and it’s worth your attention as you can play it for free (ad-supported) in the Android market right now.

The video below does a much better job at showing you the game than I can explain via text. As simply as I can put it, bunnies – crazy ones, apparently – are propelled into space to avoid obstacles such as asteroids while trying to feed their fellow bunny colonies on a plethora of planets.

Whacky? Yes. Worth checking out? Totally. If you’ve been looking for a bunny space feeding simulation, then look no further. [via Defiant Dev]

[Update]: We’re hearing from Defiant that there will be plans to bring an ad-free (paid) version out later on, but they want to focus on providing timely and fruitful updates and are eager to shape their developments around what the community is saying. Here’s their statement on the matter:

The current plan is definitely to offer an ad-free version, probably early in the new year.  We’d plan to offer a bunch of new levels at the same time (possibly as part of a new game mode we’ve been working on, but that may come after the first level update).

And for folks on Android 2.1 with Samsung Galaxy S phones (see: a bunch of you) you might not be seeing it in the market. There seems to be a lot more apps unsupported on Eclair Galaxy S phones, but it’s by no means a fault of the developers. You’ll want to thank Samsung for that one.


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