Nexus One Getting Update to Android 2.2.2


Not to be left completely in the dust by its successor the Nexus S, we are also receiving word that the Nexus One is also receiving an update today. The N1’s latest software brings it up to Android 2.2.2, which appears to be a maintenance update more than anything else. We’re still looking into whether or not this update also fixes the SMS bug as does the Nexus S’s Android 2.3.2 update, but we get the feeling it does. Nexus One owners expect this one over the air over the next few days.

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Android 2.3.2 Update Pushing to Nexus S Phone, Fixes SMS Bug

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  1. I got mine today at 6pm (eastern time) after letting it charge for a few hours.

  2. I thought that we were getting 2.3 “In the coming weeks” like 2 months ago…. hmmmmm

  3. Who gives a poop about 2.2.anything anymore?
    Give us 2.3 already!

  4. If this fixes my wifi issue at work, I’ll be happy.

  5. Really complaining about 2.2.2? My question is why do you still have the original nexus? HTC has made much more comparable devices since then. If its because of tmob then GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!

  6. chogardjr – what are you yammering on about?!? You sound like a looney.

  7. I think it’s hilarious that someone would insist that I’m behind the times if I have a smart phone that’s a year old. The corporations have you right where they want you. The N1 it totally adequate and in many regards I’d rather have it than pretty much anything else out there. Superior construction, stock OS, GHz processor; it’s all I need.

  8. @chogardjr those devices do not come with a friendly way to flash another ROM on them. The Nexus line is the correct choice for anyone who cares about such things.

  9. Damn it, Google. Give me 2.3 all ready! I’m so mad about this!

  10. My droid x romming was as friendly I would ask it to be. And it supposedly “locked down”.

  11. re: chogardjr

    I paid for a Nexus One out of pocket. Yes the tech is many was inferior right now, but the freedom I have with this phone on the AT&T network was totally worth it. I’m not trading up yet (not even for the Nexus S) until maybe the next Nexus made by HTC.

  12. get an iOS device if you actually want OS updates within 6 months (if ever) of their release

  13. My N1 is a work horse, and I only have the occasional touch sensor hiccup, which I correct by turning the screen off/on. I tried the G2 twice and returned it’s buggy, loosy goosy, non stock android a**. I handled Samsungs, Droids, MyTouch, and they felt cheap and the screen and UI wasn’t as sharp. I’ll happily load all OS updates that Google sends out, because if I don’t, I may find I can’t quickly update to 2.3 when it rolls out. I’ll upgrade from the N1 when something that looks, feels, and works like an actual upgrade.

  14. Just installed the update on my Nexus One, Android 2.2.2. Bring on GB.

  15. Hope the update fixes wifi issue!!!

  16. i agree with josh, the N1 may be an older piece of hardware, but it’s still clearly the modders’ phone of choice

  17. The N1 is a great phone although I went to the MT4G and feel like it was a big upgrade.
    I was using my N1 for business and it cant handle a lot of apps and no I wasnt putting a bunch of games on it.
    Got real tired of the constant low on space message. Once you get that your phone stops synching your gmail which is a total PIA.
    My wife has the N1 now and I did notice it flys as long as you dont put a lot of apps on it.

  18. What a beautiful phone the N1 is!!

  19. Nexus one is the PAST… Not even HTC’S best device. That belongs to the EVO 4G… Stand in line with that ancient worrier for gingerbread just like all of us nexus one is no longer special… TRUTHFULLY THE NEXUS S IS NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT

  20. You must need more space than most and it’s great that you found a platform to meet your needs. If I was in the same boat, I’d no doubt look for something with more ram, etc. As it is, I don’t, so it is a great workhorse for now. I have never had that low memory message pop up ever. Your wife lucked out big time.

  21. EVO is awesome. I just don’t like Sprint and won’t change carriers just to buy a different phone. I have a loyalty plan so I get everything unlimited for $79-. So enjoying that sort of plan with a well built device like the N1, I’m able to patiently wait for something worth upgrading to.

  22. Can we install this manually? Like would be nice. It does not give it to me yet. Maybe it is because AT&T. Did anyone with the AT&T version get this yet.

    I agree, if it fixes my two problems I don’t care what number it is or what it is called. But I doubt it. :)

  23. @tomnewtn, I thought the G2 was a stock OS.

    I agree on the Evo, It is a sweet machine, But having to deal with the Sprint carrier and no signal in the area I am in and in the area I’m moving to, that’s too high a price to pay. I have my Droid original, tried others including the Droid 2, didn’t care for any of them.

  24. @Guardian- Yes, I thought the G2 was stock as well, that is until I had one. After using a Nexus One, it was quite clear that the G2 is not stock. It has been customized for TMO and loaded with bloat/crap-ware.

    Here is the link for manual update-http://android.clients.google.com/pa…D.2854b06b.zip

  25. OK, that isn’t working. Go here- http://forum.androidcentral.com/showthread.php?p=548285#post548239

    and scroll down to the link posted by Phil.

  26. Richard is delusional, the nexus one is second in line to google fame. All the rest are third

  27. After I installed it, and rebooted, I had to pull battery to reboot again, after which everything is working fine.

  28. Personally I still use my N1, because their is/was something to be said about getting priority updates from Google without having to worry about bloatware or AT&T cutting out the tethering features in 2.2. Being able to wirelessly tether on AT&T 3G unlimited data plan, without having to pay extra fees, is a truly a blessing in the rural country, where I live, which doesn’t have any form of high-speed internet (and also saves me the price of a broadband bill).

    Personally I would of switched to the Nexus S by now, but because the current version doesn’t pick up AT&T’s 3G frequency, I’m waiting and hoping the Roger’s model will pick up the HSDPA type (so I can take full advantage of the video conferencing feature).

    I don’t hate CDMA phones, but being none of them gets priority updates (How many months did the EVO finally get 2.2 after N1?) and being able to use data while talking is a huge plus. Keep in mind that I’m not talking about just browsing the web and talking at the same time. Data is so much more, it is being able to talk on the phone (preferably via bluetooth) while still letting other computers in the house use the internet at the same time, while still downloading or streaming that large file and the download not being interrupted because of a stray call.

    /End brag.

    I’ll switch to the Nexus S as soon as the ATT 3G version is released, or as soon as T-Mobile upgrades the GPRS they offer in my area to 3G.

  29. Barely a year after release the truly open “Pure Google” experience phone doesn’t have an OS update released a month ago?

  30. @Richard MyTouch4G > Evo. Updated processor, better GPU, more RAM, optical trackpad. MySense adds the same functionality as Sense, although slightly less attractive UI. If we’re talking w/ a custom ROM there’s no competition.

  31. The HTC Desire HD/HTC Thunderbold is just as good as the myTouch 4g (and way better than the EVO 4G) with the exception of the battery.

    Anyways, what exactly does this update do? Fix the SMS bug?

  32. Just got my OTA update by forcing a check for system updates (checkin)

  33. Simply put Google don’t put out hot devices. They make a device to be a standard. Evo ect are better hardware for sure. That is their point. As for the Nexus S it should be better. Google learn from the N1. They are putting the phone in store people can get it easy from and better hardware. It has feature the first phone should have had. I hope Google puts out more device tablet , tv ect. We need examples of Google’s vision for Android. So people don’t think the droid is what a android phone should be.

  34. It truely is a shame to let people with a so called developers phone wait for so long. I’m starting to think that they (carriers) are waiting to roll out in the hope you’d rather buy a new phone with stock gingerbread. I don’t know if they are responsible for this but it sure feels like it. For me the n1 has done a great job the past year and up until now there’s no other phone i’d rather have. To get me to switch would take a dual core, front facing cam phone with hd output from a brand I like and looks good(so no lg 2x).

  35. @ andres. How do you do this? There’s a code for this right?

  36. I’ll be sticking with my Evo, solid device… even with the mentioned devices I still don’t feel tempted to leave my Evo behind. And with gingerbread coming out for the Evo hopefully w/ the new Sense… I can’t lose!

  37. @23.Steko
    What’s your point? In that year, the N1 has had 4 minor updates and one major update (you know the one from eclair to froyo).
    Fellow N1 owners: our device will be updated. Remember, the update to Froyo took 6 to 8 weeks to get rolling. Google releases updates when they think its ready.

  38. im really suprised they haven’t gotten GB yet, all the hype when the N1 came out “ohhh its a google phone we will get updated instantly” is now clearly not working out so well, still that is what rooting is for, making your phone current longer

  39. Geez people (28.Covert & 23.Steko specifically). I recommend you do a google search for “Nexus One Froyo Update” and read some of those posts. People were saying exactly what you guys were saying, only about Froyo. 7 months later every nexus one is at 2.2.1 with 2.2.2 rolling out and yet we still have people saying Google is screwing them and the N1 is no longer updated.
    The Nexus phones get updated. The N1 has had one major and at least 4 minor updates in the year it’s been out. For the record, there has only been one major (eclair to froyo) and 4 minor updates to Android in that year.
    So, while Google doesn’t operate on *your* schedule, despite what your think, the Nexus phones do get updated and they get updated before anyone else. You will have Gingerbread before most phones even have Froyo.
    But of course this whole post is wasted and some N1 folks will continue thinking Google is screwing them….

  40. @mark

    2 major revisions, n1 is missing 1. And most phones already have froyo. Excluding sammy of course.

  41. Ah yes, 2.3 is the second major update. Google has said the n1 will get it. They never gave a date. Exactly the same as when 2.2 came out. My point is still valid.
    I stand corrected on “most” phones having froyo. N1 will still have gingerbread before anyone else. Probably even before any “new” phones do. (Excluding other Nexus models of course)

  42. Ah yes, 2.3, the heart of the issue. :-) Google has said the N1 will get 2.3. But they’ve never given a date. A vague reference, yes, but no date. Exactly the same as when Froyo was released. My point stands. (Seriously, look up some forums about Nexus One update to froyo)
    As for “most” phones having Froyo, I stand corrected. However, the N1 will still have Gingerbread first. Even before all the “new” phones do. (Excluding other Nexus models, of course).

  43. Was just bustin your balls. ;)

  44. how to get that update, i had not received any notification?

  45. Wonder how long it will be before Vodafone UK users get it :/

  46. Full URL: android.clients.google.com/packages/ota/passion/2854b06b22b9.signed-passion-FRG83G-from-FRG83D.2854b06b.zip

  47. Install of the above went without a hitch. Don’t see any difference, but hopefully I’m “prepped” for something bigger and better.

  48. Samsung wants us all to pay to get 2.3 on a new phone. However, if they wanted that then they should’ve MADE a better phone. Nexus S is not better than Nexus One. I’ll download Cyanogenmod before I’ll buy a Nexus S.

  49. Yeah I’m going to have to say the MT4G is the top dog right now. Kills Evo in quadrant scores.

  50. The evo is not the one to beat. Many a phone kills it in quadrant. Not that quadrant is any indicator of real world performance.

  51. Wow. If the Nexus One doesn’t have Gingerbread yet, it’ll be awhile before my G2 gets it.

  52. Custom ROMS are my answer to most problems. I have CM7 running on my EVO, with LauncherPro. Much better than Stock w/ Sense. I think with all the work XDA and other developers are doing, community will always be better. Nexus One users should be using Cyanogen!

  53. OK you people with other devices…STHU. I don’t want to hear how you never liked the N1, got rid of the N1, etc.
    As a tmob n1 user, I still love my device. I could care less about gingerbread…I just like that my phone works and has the features that I want. So far, the only thing I think is buggy is my wifi going to sleep and I hate how it organizes photos by date and not by name. My exchange sync is great and was the best thing about 2.2. I would just as soon wait until Honeycomb and maybe get some real inovative features.

  54. Its the comment section. Skip them if you don’t like them.

  55. just received 2.3
    :) loving it
    hope it comes to y’all very soon

  56. I’m still waiting for 2.3!

  57. My guess is that Google was porting Gingerbread to Qualcomm SOCs and that is why it took a month to get out to the Nexus One (and other HTC Desire, Desire HD, Desire Z variants). Plus, there was that whole SMS bug fiasco! It is just a guess, anyone want to confer.

  58. Looks like all the love for the Nexus 1 is gone !! Now its all for the crappy nexus S instead

  59. I have the Nexus One AT&T version and I still have not received the 2.2.2 update. It is a little frustrating that the Nexus One seems to have lost it’s quick update status to the Nexus S but I’m betting the Android team is just besieged with urgent things to do. Also I’d rather wait longer and have solid, stable updates. Overall I still love my Nexus One. The Nexus series phones are the most consumer-friendly phone. No crapware or features turned off by ultra-greedy carriers. Just on principle more people should stick with the Nexus series.

  60. CM 7 on Nexus 1 – Gingerbread > 2.2.2

    This is why the N1 holds its own vs newer phones.

  61. I still love my Nexus One, and I’m waiting patiently for Gingerbread. Just like I was waiting patiently for Froyo while all the whiners were whining. Ultimately, Froyo did not disappoint, and I’m confident Gingerbread won’t either.

  62. “expect this one over the air over the next few days”…

    Well, it’s January 24 now, and I haven’t seen anything yet.

  63. Hahaha, I have 2.3.2 on my nexus one right now!
    Stop bitching guys and root your phone already

  64. We should have got 2.3 weeks ago! Why are they doing that?

  65. whats this SMS bug? is it with our own picture not showing? I really want that fixed

  66. Just got mine!!!

  67. Ok, just got mine.

  68. I’m waiting for a while to root my phone. I’m not technically proficient so I’m going to wait til I’m nearly ready for a new phone to root it in case I brick it or something. For now I will patiently wait for all updates OTA. Just got this one about an hour ago.

  69. Just got mine – San Francisco area 2pm

  70. hello guys i love my n1 ok …please

  71. I too just installed latest android 2.2.2 on my Google phone NexusOne.
    My outlook application getting crashed(not because of new os ie android 2.2.2) everytime I click on mail to read, it would be great if anyone knows solution for it.


  72. just got my 2.2.2 update on my AT&T nexus one. i got the alert earlier today (maybe 3pm eastern).

  73. The N1 is a POS and I will never buy an HTC-make handset again. Waste of money and poorly supported by Google. Lesson learned… If anyone is likely to deliver an experience to match Apple it will have to be by Samsung or someone else. It’s not going to be HTC and their shoddy build quality.

  74. Wow so many people are so impatient and full of complaints. Grow up! If you’re tired of waiting for updates stop living ion the technological age we live in. Updates are a part of life, but not our entire life. Life goes on and you’ve got to stop crying about it. If you are so unhappy about it, go teach yourself and become an android programming genius and make a Gingerbread update yourself!

  75. @tomnewtn, in that case, the full suite of Google apps included with the Nexus S is considered bloatware too. No matter what apps Tmobile included with the G2 it’s still the stock android experience.

  76. I got a message in my N1 telling that 2.2.2 update could not be installed due to my low battery. I switch off and charge it but then no posibility to get the update anymore, even trying through the menu softw. version update :(

  77. 2.2.2 installed a few weeks ago and then my swype application stopped working.

  78. Anyone having problems with Google Calendars not syncing since 2.2.2 update?

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