Is Motorola Planning on Putting Motoblur on the XOOM Tablet?


If this following bit of news turns out to be true it will be bad with a capital ‘B.’ Motorola’s European head of Android product management has stated that the company plans to implement Motoblur on the world’s first Android 3.0 tablet, the Motorola XOOM. Even more disconcerting is that according to Jonathan Nattrass, the Moto exec in question, the Motoblur skin would come as an over-the-air update. Why even bother to tease the world with a beautiful new stock Android interface only to steal it away and cover it with Motorola’s crap.

If this comes to be true it will be a real outrage, but something is telling us Motoblur won’t see the light of day on the XOOM (we hope). If Google has been developing Honeycomb for tablets and wants to launch it on the XOOM, why would Motorola take a proverbial crap on the partnership by implementing a new UI after the fact? Why waste all the time showing off the Honeycomb interface more than the actual hardware features of the tablet? We’ll just hope this is a case of mis-worded information and that Moto might simply be implementing some Motoblur-like features in future updates rather than a completely new (and far inferior) UI.

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  1. Noooooooooooooooo. If this holds true they just lost a customer.

  2. I would be HIGHLY surprised – and equally as upset – if Motoblur is forced upon the XOOM.

    I’m with you on this – why in the H E double hockey sticks would they do that?

  3. I would throw up if this turns out to be true

  4. If this is true…well it would be an EPIC FAIL. i can count on one hand how many people IN THE WORLD like motoBLUR…wtf man

  5. …..Please no…… :-( I want the TRON look dang it!

  6. So is the XOOM a Google tablet? Similiar to the Nexus One and Nexus S handsets?

    Also, LG G-Slate, will that have stock android??

  7. Google should have just stayed with HTC when it comes to flagship devices for the OS.

  8. Vanilla Android should be an option for all Android users. If you like Vanilla Android and fast updates, opt for Vanilla. If you like Motoblur, opt for motoblur and wait it to be brought up to date with Android. Anyone know why we can’t do this? I’ve also haven’t noticed any vanilla android devices coming from any other carrier besides tmobile. Am I missing something? If not, could the other carriers have reservations?

  9. That last sentence was about what I was thinking. They may implement Blur features like backing your contacts and other set-up data to Blur’s servers, or maybe even add Blur widgets (none of which would be a bad idea, really) which would not change the UI at all.

  10. Perhaps it will come as an OTA in the form of a button that allows Blur to be turned on or off? I could deal with that. But please, if you force it on the device as a permanent overlay… count me out. Along with thousands of others.

  11. No matter if this is true or not, I’m not buying anything from Motorola again.

    I will only buy phones and tablets that developers can unlock the bootloader. I’m only a fan of HTC currently.

  12. if its motorola….. it is blur… if its blur… then it has a locked bootloader…. if it has blur and a locked bootloader its not worth our money no matter how much better it is than the competition… it looks like were all getting the g slate guys :/

  13. For the love of god leave the XOOM Blur-less! I’m so sick of Blur. I don’t even have it, but hearing my users’ gripes about their Android phones with Blur is soooooooo frustrating.

    Not that I’m going to buy a XOOM myself anyway. Nonono. Motorola already lost my business. But it would be nice if they released a product us Android enthusiasts don’t have to be ashamed of for a change.

  14. So I’m trying to decide between one of these or the iPad2, from CES this was going to be my choice, however if it comes out with a non stock android UI, I’ll have to settle for the iPad and hope that eventually a “nexus” tablet device comes out.

  15. Man, Moto is NOT having a good week. They are doing great pissing off their base though.

  16. Do not be dismayed… have faith in the power that is XDA.

  17. I smell a class action lawsuit if Motorola really does this (adds replaces the stock UI with Motoblur in a mandatory OTA update). Seriously, what the hell are they smoking? Has customer or reviewer ever said anything good about Motoblur? Why do they keep pressing on with it?
    I also don’t understand why anybody even considers buying anything this crazy company puts out.

  18. I think Motorola has decent hardware, but I concur about the Blur interface. It just needs to go away. Give the user a choice when purchasing the device to either have blur installed or go with vanilla. This should be true on the phones as well – let the end user decide.

  19. If it has a locked bootloader then no custom roms. I might as well go with Apple, at least I know they are going to screw me over. At least I know what to expect with them. Why oh why HTC can’t you come out with a beautiful tablet.

  20. Fear not. It’s just a well known strategy used by Motorola to lull Apple and competitors into a false sense of security.

    And then it will surprise us all with a kick-ass tablet.

    Yeah, that’s it.

  21. will not buy if it has anything but stock

  22. Moto + Blur + locked bootloader = – Me

  23. i would demand my money back if that happened. it’s that bad. i have the droid 2 and motoblur is a horrendous, ugly, resource-hogging piece of crap. i had to throw a custom rom (thank you, team defuse) on there at my earliest opportunity.. haven’t looked back since.

  24. Why does everyone have to incorrectly grow about the locked boot loader. You cab load custom roms just as easily. Ignorance is plentiful it seems.


  26. Shouldn’t the “Google” tablet be called a Nexus something? Just wondering.

  27. I’m betting what he meant to say was that the Motorola widgets would be available on the Zoom like the Droid X. Not the the Motoblur UI.

  28. The people saying they would get the iPad 2 instead of the Xoom, if the Xoom has blur, are ridiculous. I don’t want the Xoom to have Blur, but I sure as hell wouldn’t get the iPad 2 if this story turned out to be true. I would definitely take Blur over a grid of stagnant icons.

  29. iPad 2 here I come.

  30. Going with moto is such a big question mark these days.
    Them saying they want to “look into” the locked bootloader thing a couple days ago is like a carrot on a string.
    Don’t leave yet…we’ll tell you what you want to hear to keep you from buying the competition.
    They’ll probably never deliver. Only time will tell.

    Looking more and more at
    full size SD, USB 2.0, and HDMI, also has GPS and no carrier contracts.
    It will prolly be over $500 which is too much for a tablet, but if they can get it in under that it looks like they’ll get my cash for honeycomb.

  31. Motorola better end this rumor asap.

  32. there not going to put blur on the thing relax people. it is stock 3.0 already said so and another reason is they got the info from a european exec wont happen in the US so relax people


  34. Agree with the first poster, if motoblur is on Xoom, then they just sold one less unit.
    I would NOT however get the iPad 2 under any circumstance.

  35. DON’T DO IT!!!

  36. Shennanigans!!!

    Anytime Google has closely worked with a company to introduce a new version of Android, it has been Stock Android (G1, Motorola Droid, Nexus One, and Nexus S). I doubt Google would delay the introduction of Honeycomb for Motorola Blur.

  37. Android was designed by google as open source to allow people to enhance the experience of their products. All that the manufactures and carriers have done is take this away and force their customers to deal with what they want us to have. Bottom line if I want to be told what I should have/do that I can’t enhance my environment or experience then I would move back home with my parents.

  38. Hahahahahah Check out Dj Skee promoting Metro Pcs Hilarious Video dope Cell Phones

  39. You guys need to stop saying vanilla, and saying stock. Neither Gingerbread or Honeycomb are vanilla.

  40. Better not be true. I love Android, but I hate how the $&@!ing carriers keep messing with it.

  41. I don’t quite get all of the hate that is heaped on blur. I’ve had several blur enabled phones (currently on a Defy), and I have no issues with it. On the Defy, there is NO lag due to blur, and having switched phones several times in the past year, it’s actually been beneficial to me not to have to reload everything manually.

  42. Charging 800$ was bad enough, but BLUR? Fuck you Motorola; this is why I sold your stock.

  43. Motorola has a habit turning a deaf ear to their customer’s suggestions/complaints. All is not lost, however. Even as I write, someone is already coming up with a way to root it.

  44. How does motoblur interfer? Can’t you just use launcher pro and hide the motoblur? Atrix will have motoblur how will it be a negative?

  45. And I quote Kevin Krause:

    “It [the rumor] comes from an unconfirmed source … so excuse us if we don’t take its claims at face value.”

    Did Kevin just say this less than a week ago? What a total hypocrite. When more than 50% of your posts are about rumors why would you say something so dumb?

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