AAA Roadside Assistance Comes to Android


God forbid it should ever happen, but if you break down on some deserted stretch of road with no clue where you are, provided your a AAA member help is within reach with the new Roadside Assistance app for Android. Not only will the app provide you with your AAA account info and contact information for nearby help, but using your phone’s GPS it can lock on to your location and get assistance to you even if you don’t know where you are.

Pretty nifty use of mobile technology, and another example of how smartphones in some cases can make our lives better. Check it out in the Market now.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. After the comma in the first sentence of this piece should read ‘provided you’re an AAA member…’

  2. Nice…will let people know this. I work for an authorized AAA repair center in Vegas

  3. Why arent there any articles about the iPhone 4 on this website?

  4. Depends on how you are pronouncing AAA. If you are saying Ay-Ay-Ay then yes, an Ay Ay Ay member, but if you are pronouncing it “triple A” like most tend to do with the AAA company, then a triple A is correct. There are many interpretations of this rule, so perhaps we should stick to reading the article for the android information rather than for grammar practice.

  5. because Tim – iPhone is not an ANDROID device


  6. OK Tim, focus!!! Phandroid = Android.

  7. As long-time AAA member, this is something I’m downloading right now for my Droid. Really, really could come in handy!

    Timothy Dale, thanks for the laugh. Yes, there is such a thing as a stupid question ;-p

  8. boo…this can’t be saved to SD card :-( uninstalled

  9. AAA is a cynical organization that has lobbied hard for the oil industry and against public transportation measures, and should be boycotted. There is an alternative that provides the same services: the Better World Club, “AMERICA’S ONLY ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AUTO CLUB”, at They may not have an Android app yet, but AAA does more damage than good, and even their Android app doesn’t change that.

  10. Tim, If you haven’t notice there’s nothing about WP7 or Blackberry either. That’s why they call it PhAndroid. Wow!

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