Sprint Reassures Samsung Epic 4G Froyo Update is Coming ASAP


Now that T-Mobile is poised to drop the Android 2.2 update for their Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S device, Sprint is trying to avoid the same uproar from their Epic 4G users that arose after T-Mobile and Samsung were accused of withholding the update. A tweet recently went out letting their customers know that Sprint intends to get the update to Froyo out ASAP for their Epic 4G.

The message is appended with the usual “only after rigorous testing” tag, so there is still a chance we could be waiting a bit longer, but there is hope for all US Galaxy S phones now that the first should be seeing its update in less than a day.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. Cell phone carriers are sheep

  2. too little too late. should have went ahead and skipped to gingerbread. No more samsuck phones for me. might have to leave sprint since their coverage in fort worth seems to be rather spotty right now. Roaming at work just north of downtown seems a bit much

  3. yeah, yeah….whatever

  4. Offer a Vanilla Android option for those that are in a rush to get the latest version of Android. Doing so will dramatically reduce the wait for these users. Those interested in the Sprint and Samsung customizations can wait.

  5. I’m looking forward to the update, but I’m really happy with the phone the way it is. I know a lot of people on here like to bash Samsung and Sprint over the slow update, and they deserve some of it, but for me the phone works great as is so it’s not that big a deal.

  6. I heard dis too but i am already running dk28 so im good to go. bring on 2.3 yo!

  7. the galaxy s phone are all sweet, if only the software was better we would be off much better

  8. Too little too late. Been on a custom ROM 2.2 for quite some time and now I want Gingerbread. Only way Sprint can make good with Galaxy owners is to release Gingerbread suprisingly fast. If not, this is the first and last Samsung phone I will ever own. Should have listened to other droid owners and went with the Evo, been on 2.2 for 8 months?

  9. 2.3

    Enough said

  10. all I really need is flash on my samsung epic hurry up sprint

  11. If it doesn’t come out by this weekend I’m gonna go with htc -_-

  12. My next phone will probably be an HTC because of this ridiculous delay.

    I’ll probably be moving to T-Mobile too, since Sprint service sucks so badly here in Portland, OR. I have to pay a $10/month 4G premium because I have a 4G-capable device, but if I actually try to use 4G, I can no longer do things I consider important, such as receive phone calls or text messages.

  13. What, does Sprint automatically send out an announcement that they’re working on it every month???WOlf!! Wolf!!

  14. I gave up on samsung updating and flashed the leaked froyo in december. I didn’t want to, but I’m glad I did now. This wait was useless, the “test version” I’ve been using is flawless.

    On a side note, I have a samsung bluray player that can’t play Salt, and isn’t going to get an update to fix it for months. Never buying samsung again, borrowing the kids ps3 to watch movies now.

  15. We are going to have to go through this every time there is an update.

    It is pretty clear that SPRINT and SAMSUNG care ONLY about THE DOLLAR.

    Last time I checked, $249.99 was a lot of money.
    It’s money that is hard-earned for 99% of us.

    If Sprint wants to “do the right thing,”
    they will offer a “no questions asked” return and/or money back free of penalty,


    Very sincerely,

    11-year customer

  16. 2.3 gingerbread please.. ‘kay? thanks!!!

  17. What does asap mean June


  19. when samsung say near future its 1 year when sprint say asap maybe another 3 months

  20. Called Sprint couple days ago and they said Froyo coming beginning of February

  21. After all of this “rigorous testing”, 2.2 should run as smooth as the finest bottle of johnny walker.

  22. I just bought the epic after having a htc hero for 10 months. just to let everyone know i went through the same thing with the hero when i got it and didnt get an update until after the newer version was out and then was told hero was not getting anymore updates. its not sprint and its not samsung its just every phone and company happens to us all and i love the epic. battery kinda sux but way better than hero pos. just calm down everyone and we will get the update when we get it im sure they wont forget about the best frickin phone they have and the new htc slide what a waste no front camera slower processor epic rules i wont own htc ever again hero was a freezing pos that sucked and im glad mines gone

  23. All empty promises. I`ll believe it, when I see it. In the mean time, I will continue using 2.2 which I`ve been using since late September.

  24. I just wanna know iff our Samsung EPIC will get any thing higher than 2.2 maybe 2.3 or higher? Plz leave comment let me know what going to happen with our epic are going to get left in the dust?

  25. next time,i go with HTC.

  26. Evolution baby!

  27. Want this also on my Fascinate.

  28. @Jon Po: Why are you screaming? We can hear you just fine

  29. This is my first and last Samsuck product also. Too bad they don’t take care of their customers cuz they really do have nice phones. I gave up on ever receiving an update from them, and just did it myself. Haven’t looked back since. Soon as my anniversary date rolls around to upgrade my phone, I’m moving over to HTC.

  30. I’m pretty sure the Sense UI customization is far more complexed than the Touch Wiz. And HTC is able to deliver the update to Sprint in the matter of weeks for Sprint’s “extensive testing.” Why can’t Samsung? Cause they just don’t care about updates or support. They just want to sell new phones. Who can blame them? It’s you who bought their bs. Don’t buy Samsung unless it’s a Nexus where Google will provide support.

  31. I will not be purchasin another samsung product… ever. Good job guys, EPIC fail!

    On a related note, I heard that sprint/samsung won’t pay for the 2.2 update, simular to tmo’s strategy… ;-)

  32. all of these delays to make sure CrapWiz works properly with 2.2….. something that will be disabled as soon as i have 2.2 installed…

  33. To the users that are “just fine” being behind the times and running 2.1 while everyone else is running 2.2, please stfu (shut the f up, since everything clearly has to be spelled out for you). We don’t need your stupid input. To everyone else, quit buying anything Samsung. Boycott them. Hurt their bottom line$$$$$$$ since that is all Samsuck obviously cares about.

  34. This is exactly why people buy iPhones and don’t bother to f*** around with Android.
    Google: You need to start taking control of this nonsense, or it’ll come back to bite you.

  35. I’m going to make this real simple to understand sprint…

    When I purchased my Epic 4G, Samsung was promising an update. I didn’t know anything about this model as I happened on a store release day last week of August.

    This promise wasn’t a misunderstanding. Word play is something that upsets me. “We are expecting an update by end of September.” It is now almost February 2011. What happened to expectations? Empty words? Delays happen…October and even November roll outs would be understood. But we have nothing.


    GPS — does anybody need this lecture?

    Lag — software or hardware issue? I’m not sure. But sometimes programs are slow to respond and rotating the screen between landscape modes can be a B.

    keyboard response/lack thereof — typing keys doesn’t always result in output

    Touch screen confusion — ever use the screen to type and it freaks out? Again, this is probably related to the lag issue above. If you wait a little bit, the phone responds accurately. I thought multi-tasking was a selling point because of the hardware?

    Froyo/2.2 update — Majority of people want the update because of flash. This is a multimedia phone. Browsing the web requires the use of flash for a lot of interaction on those favorite sites customers maintain. We don’t give a crap about TouchWIZ or any other software you attempt to integrate. This is an issue where corporate America has lost touch with their customer base. HTC is getting praised because they brought Flash to their phone almost immediately. They had several updates and SEVERAL issues programming wise and you know what?… They decided they’d let the hacked phones update without having to un-root. Almost like a plea…hey guys we think it’s right this time! They’ve paid attention to their customers. They’ve screwed up several different times but their customer base loves them. Samsung/Spring screwed up with promising an update that doesn’t really effect phone functionality. But we’re pissed because you’re ignoring our requirements. Just give us Flash damnit. While you’re at it, listen to the other complaints and roll out fixes as needed.

    I’m not done with sprint but I’m done with samsung. Sprint, you have the ability to hold them hostage to some extent. It’s your customers they want and you’re letting them hurt your branding.

  36. Yea im done with Samsung….If you keep buying their crap they will continue to sell crap products..why would they change if consumers continue to let them get away with it….so i will boycott until they get it together which will probably be never. They pulled this same crap with the moment and everybody still went out and bought the epic…i guarantee the next phone will be the same.

  37. I hope someone does try too handle these false promises. There are rumors of bumblebee and we still can’t get Froyo on a Galaxy S? Isn’t this the most popular android phone sold? Makes me think of choosing apple, at least they get things done these days

  38. Good point mark C. Not having gingerbread makes me wanna get an iphone right now. (not)

  39. This is some bullcorn!! When my contract is up, and I’m shopping for a phone to replace my Epic 4g, I’ll remember this Samsung. The HTC Evo Shift is looking pretty awesome right now. Not receiving a timely update has left me so disappointed, that at this point, nothing short of Gingerbread will satisfy me. Forget froyo.

  40. Could it possibly that software integration is not the issue (the leaked Froyo 2.2 DK28, seemed to already have the Sprint software). Is it possible that OTA delivery might be the problem? Has 2.2 been delivered to any Galaxy S phone via OTA? From what I have read on the various blogs the Kies application was used for 2.2 upgrades. If this is the reason why we don’t have an official Froyo 2.2 for the Epic 4g, my suggestion to Sprint, is to deliver the official 2.2 in the same manner the leaked DK28 was delivered (as a file that could be downloaded directly to the SD card, rename to update.zip, move to the root directory, then reboot phone in recovery mode). That method would even allow MAC users to install 2.2. Sprint if the delivery method is truly the hold up, please make the update available for those who want it now! Those who don’t feel comfortable doing the install, would gladly go to a Sprint support center or wait for an OTA delivery. I may be totally off base with this, but I had not seen this discussed.

  41. It is bad…however it isn’t that bad. I came from the Palm Pre. It was suppose to be this awesome phone from Sprint. It sucked so bad, I went through six phones. So thats why I switched to the Epic and had my employees switch also. Sprint had better get it together with Samsung or I will take my account to another carrier.

  42. i have this phone and now after i was waiting 3 month to the upgrade No-More-Samsung-4-Me
    week ago i bought my wife HTC Evo
    very soon also for my sister

    Bye Bye & Good Luck Samsung

  43. I will personally be waitin till feb 7 when sprint has this earth shatttering anouncement at a private party. After the 7 if there is no ota froyo update I’m rooting it on.

  44. I blame Samsung more than Sprint, but both companies have really hurt their reputation with Froyo-gate. What burns me the most is that I paid more for my Epic than the iPhone, Evo, or any other leading smartphone. I expected premiere support for dropping $249 with a contract, but we’re being treated as if this device was free with a 2-year contract. What a total disregard for their customers.

  45. This is the first and last Android phone for me. Once Windows Phone 7 is on Sprint, I’m throwing this sucker on eBay!

  46. It is rediculous! Wanted another HTC from Sprint but require the keyboard. No excuse, I wanted the most advanced upgrade that exists. Froyo is not good enough any more! Can’t even initiate a voice call over my bluetooth ear piece. My Windows phone could. WTF?

  47. Esos de esprint son unos ladrones y mentirosos ala verga esprint

  48. Samsung and sprint both stated that the epic would be the first or of the galaxy s phones to get froyo.Obviously they lied.To say the least I will never but a samsung phone again and I am going to get out of my sprint contract asap.I am tired of sprints mistreatment of their customers.

  49. Has anyone thought about a class action lawsuit? Sprint advertised the phone would be upgraded in 30 days. 31 days later they said another 30 days. Its now been almost 160 days later and still the false promises…. I think its timet to sue tier a@@’s

  50. Sprint and Samsung both are at fault , most likely switch to other provider , have 10 units corp. account and other provider are willing to give better deal also. MR. CEO of Sprint your business practice will take you close to bankruptcy.

  51. I just recently switched from another carrier from an old HTC, t Sprint. And I can say I can afford to be patient waiting for Froyo 2.2 … having already experienced the mess of it on the Samsung Intercept, for a month, soon as the update came in, I had my phone practically disintigrate. I’m no expert, but maybe Sprint has a point to undergo serious testing for Froyo 2.2 on their 2nd top selling phone. If the update behaves as it did for the lower end Intercept phones, they would have a very serious problem on their hands. In that case, as a company, more over, both companies would be better off heasitating than jumping in head first when problems are already spotted. The phone I have, being an Epic fnally, even without the update, works prfectly fine, no glitches, nothing. I have flash on it, and am satisfied. Id be happy waiting for Froyo 2.2 to be tested and released later, than watch it release before its fully ready. Further risking the same crashes Intercept had. Sprint/Samsung are probably baby-stepping after the total failures of Intecept and the ol Instinct. So yes, even I see how frustrating waiting for new software tech can be, but we can all wait for it to be more prepared so we don’t risk watching our phones crumble. I know I plan to wait, especially because I happily left Verizon to move back to Sprint.

  52. … the update that we’ve been promised since September 2010…

  53. Tomorrow the groundhog will see its shadow, and we will be 6 more weeks without Froyo :/

  54. To pre order the the Froyo, you can call me at 800-420-4737 a Sprint Representative.

  55. Typos.Didn’t mean to type the Froyo. Sorry.

  56. BULLSH*T!!!

  57. There will be update for the Epic anytime soon I spoke with Samsung today and I quote the tech we are sorry for the inconvience but there is time table for when it will be released and we are sorry for your frustration……………

  58. This is pathetic samsung what a joke I’ll never buy another one of there products

  59. Wow, most of you aren’t 2 smart, t-mobile sux for coverage in the north west (other than major cities) and is more expensive than sprint. The $10 premium data fee is just that and has nothing to do with 4g other than sprint was not requiring it on their 3g smart phones for a while to give some people a break (all smart phones require it now) and with that fee sprint is still cheaper than every other provider out there abd offers unlimited calling to any mobile. fyi people that complain about coverage, UNLIMITED NATION WIDE FREE ROAMING, its call sprint, verizon, us cell, and any other cdma carrier for free, thats the best coverage u can get from any1. Sorry to burst ur bubble evo lovers, but the same speed prossesor runs less than half as fast, the screen looks like crap, and the phone has had way more defects, most peoples voice mail won’t even dl to the phone and they have no clue they have msg’s. Oh, and if your that bent on froyo, dl odin and update your phone, it’s 3 minutes people and there is no need to root!

  60. ^ ditto. Register on xda forums, they have all the dl’s us epic users would ever want, guess it take a developer to realize how ba this phone is

  61. I’ve been using a custom 2.2 rom since late december. I’ve already decided that once my contract is up I’m gonna jump into the Droid family. Although Verizon cost more they have better coverage & I’ve yet to hear anybody complain about any of the Droids.

  62. Waiting since September. We were lied to over and over. No more Samsung for me. Not a TV or any of their products. So easy to resolve. So sad that you didn’t.

  63. I would definitely say it’s bad, but it’s not worse than we think. Our epics are true power houses of phones. Yes we would all love froyo to happen to our epics. But we aren’t the only carrier that this is happening to. verizon nor att have their galaxy line updated to froyo yet, and tmo’s froyo update only happened after samsung talked about releasing samsung galaxy 4g (with froyo) which is basically a 4g capable vibrant, and it peeved off current vibrant owners to the point of rebellion that samsung and tmo had no choice but to give froyo via kies. and not only that, but some android phones are still stuck on android 1.6, so I’m not complaining. HOWEVER!!!!!!! If tomorrow they speak of a new HTC or MOTO android that looks beyond appealing, and it’s released before samsung can release their froyo… well, then samsung will have lost another customer.

  64. I just heard from a dude that behind the lines samsung and sprint are in nagoations. It seems samsung wants to charge a butt load for this and they are saying no. Who knows… may never happen if neither budge.

  65. That’s OK, they can keep Froyo and forget about me as a customer. Fair trade. I will never buy anything Samdung again. I also advise a large group of people on Technology purchases, so they’ll be advised Samdung doesn’t support their customers and to go with HTC or anything else. Let’s check their sales numbers this time next year to see if they get the message.

  66. Bottom line is that they haven’t delivered what they promised. But, the phone is fantastic, I have had a few small glitches with it but this thing can do just about anything. There’s so much here that it will take me a year to learn all of the functions of the phone. and every day something new gets added. I loved my blackberry but the screen and the functions are awesome. Stop whining!

  67. If they have been working this long it better be good as shit and not have an problems

  68. Update for Epic 4G pulled, people. Pulled by Sprint and Samsung. No more updates until further notice. Update has many bugs in it. to fix them, Epic 4g users will need to HARD RESET the phone. My advice: AVOID THIS UPDATE AT ALL COSTS!

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