TELUS HTC Desire HD Priced at $499 without Contract, Launching February 10th


We haven’t heard much about TELUS’ version of the HTC Desire HD since we saw it pass the FCC back in December, but a new leak courtesy of MobileSyrup is giving us the details on when and for how much we can get our hands on one. It appears that the off-contract price for the Desire HD will be $499.99 when it reaches its street date on February 10th.

We still await an official announcement, but our Canadian brothers on TELUS have one pretty stellar handset to look forward to.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. So does this have the att bands and does this mean that the inspire is coming on the Feb 13 date I have been hearing?

  2. Yeah, will this run on AT&T?

  3. Yes it will run on AT&T. And it will have HSPA+ (that which AT&T calls “4G” now). And it won’t have AT&T bloatware, and you’ll be able to install non-Market apps. :)

  4. Perhaps this is a guideline date… maybe sometime on or around that date the US will get the Inspire.

  5. ATT subscribers are better off getting the Telus version and unlocking it rather then getting it on ATT

  6. I still don’t see the difference between this and the Inspire. I’m going to root it and load a different ROM anyways thats if I get it (part of me thinks its smart to just wait until AT&T starts rolling out LTE to upgrade my phone. While the Liquid is over a year old, it is still a good device).

  7. Supposedly the inspire has a 4GB Rom, do you think the Telus Desire HD will also have a 4GB Rom or just the normal 1.5 like the Euro version?

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