New NOOKcolor Froyo Build in Development


The NOOKcolor from Barnes & Noble has seen new life as a tablet thanks to some hard work to root the ereader and port Android 2.2 onto it, but if you were having trouble with the initial build or want to try something new you’re in luck. A new build known as Nookie Froyo is currently in the development phases at version 0.5.9, and full install instructions are available at the source link below.

[xda via androidcommunity]

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  1. Thanks for continuing to cover this. I’ve rooted my NC but haven’t dabbled with nookie froyo yet.

  2. I’ve been considering a tablet for a while. I think I’ve found one…

  3. Have rooted but not flashed to FROYO yet. Must say this ereader is an awesome tablet and quite the deal for the hardware.

  4. Only runs from Micro SD (Slow). Still waiting for a true Froyo ROM.

  5. This is great news. I was waiting for a flashable version of Nookie.

    I liked the microSD card version, but a few things did not work with that (like video/music encoding, at least not for me) and it was a bit slow unless you had a higher class card. Flashable Froyo to the rescue. Good job, XDA. Thanks, Phandroid.

  6. Thanks for the continued coverage of the NookColor!!!!!!!!

  7. A cow-orker of mine got a Nook from his wife this xmas (he succeeded in rooting it and getting Market on it-yay!). I told him the next time his wife says thank you for a honey-do he should tell her he did it all for the Nookie.

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