HTC EVO Shift 4G from Sprint Drops to $89.99 on Amazon


After dropping the price of the original HTC EVO 4G from Sprint to $99, Amazon is bringing the younger brother’s title of cheapest EVO back with a drop in price for the HTC EVO Shift 4G. The Shift, which is only a few weeks old, can be had for $89.99 through the world’s largest online retailer. As a comparison, remember both the EVO 4G and EVO Shift 4G are still retailing for $199 and $149 respectively when purchased via Sprint.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. That seems to only be for new customers. I was about to kick my own ass for not researching before buying the Shift for my wife from the Sprint store last night, but the “upgrade” price appears to be the same $149.

  2. the site i go to shows the shift at 149 and the evo at 179.99 what am i doing wrong?

  3. maybe a new evo announcement is coming soon. don’t let me down sprint

  4. Like i said before…..Had a front Camera been included..i wouldve bought one a long time ago. Its not about price to me. I was one of many that dropped $350 for a TP2 at release cuz it had what i wanted.

  5. This definitely leads me to believe that the big Sprint announcement is about a new generation Evo. Just got my Evo back in june….but still as excited a the next guy. Depending on how much of an upgrade it is, I may just have to pay full retail.

  6. Cut those filthy nails! *GROSS*

  7. @SoKal26: If you are a “premier” customer, you may be eligible for one more “new phone after a year” one last time. Rumor is Sprint is killing that for people on Sprint less then 10yrs with them.
    I’ve been holding on getting the og Evo for the Feb 7 announcement. Though, the Evo was released close to summer…so, maybe an update will be released close to that date.

  8. Definitely only for new customers. That information should be included in the article.

  9. The Feb 7th announcement is more likely about Sprint going to a joint Wimax/LTE network (

  10. I was informeds to hold out till June when a new evo is going to be released in RED…the shift is a good concept but it seripusly lacks the processing capability the Regular evo has. And it shouldn’t even have the EVO name, but the qwerty board is cool

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