Mid-Range HTC Android Brings Back Call Buttons, Phone with Trackball Looks like Mini Nexus One


HTC may have done away with the trackpad on the sleek beauty of a render that we have speculated could be the HTC Desire 2, but take a look at the above image and tell us its trackball doesn’t remind you of a baby Nexus One. The screen and shape of the phone suggest it will be  a smaller (maybe 3.2-inch) handset closer to entry level, but we have seen quite a few off renders in our day.

In addition to the “Desire 2” and this “baby Nexus,” another mid-range HTC phone has been leaked by way of render, and this one looks to make a statement by bringing back the “Call” and “End” buttons of yesteryear on either side of an optical trackpad. This phone also looks to include a front-facing camera.

While the above render suggests HTC is just fine with buttons, there is also a new image of the buttonless HTC phone we first brough you last week sans Verizon branding. It is the same exact render from before, however, and doesn’t reveal anything new about the phone.

Sure looks like HTC has all the form-factors covered for the near future, minus something new with a slide out keyboard.

[via PocketNow 1, 2]

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HTC Desire 2: Black Nexus One With Front-Cam, Without Trackball?

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  1. You mean Nexus One, not Nexus S (title)

  2. You know what…I miss the trackball. The notifications looked nice. They should make more phones with the notification light surrounding the trackpad from now on.

  3. I don’t miss the trackball. It’s still right there on my beloved Nexus One!

  4. First one looks far more like a new Wildfire than a ‘Desire 2’

  5. Is there a front facing camera on the top right side of that Nexus one mini looking phone or am i seeing things

  6. I think it looks nice. I can’t say I miss a call and end button. More than a single button, IMO, is redundant when you can just make any “button” you want display on the screen. I suppose I can see it for those that make lots of calls, but let’s face it, the average smartphone user doesn’t make many calls on their phone anyway.

  7. I love the track pad on my Legend :)

  8. Its a new droid eris. I love everything about my eris except for the slow processor. I don’t think I’ll make the mistake of getting a “mid-range” phone again.

  9. i 2nd that T-Keith! i’m still rockin an Eris and although i love this phone (and honestly don’t see a phone on the market that i’d rather have instead) i desperately hope that these come out on Verizon, and even have a 1Ghz processor. they can do it in a phone of the Eris size right? lol you bet.

  10. So another HTC wildfire

  11. ERIS 2!!!! Yesssssss! These huge hulking new phones are great as tablets, but give me a freaking new Eris with upgraded guts! HTC love for life!

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