BREAKING: Larry Page to Replace Eric Schmidt as CEO of Google


Breaking news in from Google’s earnings call: Larry Page is poised to take over the reigns of Google from current CEO Eric Schmidt. Mr. Schmidt will still be a part of Google after the transfer of power — his recent statements on the future priorities of Google suggest as much. He will be hanging around the company as executive chairman for now.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Details are on the official Google blog. They just tweeted it out.

  2. BREAKING: That’s not how you spell Eric Schmidt’s name.

  3. teeth whitener on that ass pls

  4. Hmmmmm! Interesting!

  5. WOW. Is this some kind of big shake up or just normal high level business transition?

  6. Im kinda excited

  7. Can Larry Page do a better job than Eric Schmidt in running Google?

    in other words, what’s the difference, and why is the change necessary, and why did it happen?

  8. Hope he’ll wash his teeth before becoming CEO

  9. @#5: My sentiments exactly! Id love to know as well

  10. @#8 lmao…

  11. What are those teeth ???

  12. This may free Eric up to do what he does best. Shmooz government and other big business leaders.

  13. Looks like homeboy uses Pepsi for mouthwash. Ewwww!

  14. They could at least Airbrush his teeth. He wouldn’t even have to whiten them for real.

  15. @James
    Good questions. I wanna know that also.

  16. Guys, stop hating on Larry Paige. The guy owns a Boeing 767, and started Google!

  17. They could just use some photoshop

  18. Teeth looks like he has chewing clay all day.

  19. With all the money he’s making or at least going to make; you would think he would do something about those chompers… DAMN!

  20. stfu about the teeth already

  21. His teeth look like somebody peed on them

  22. I think his teeth look great. Oh wait, no, they look like he’s never visited the dentist ever and/or comes from Europe.

  23. What’s your problem with europeans idiot asswiper…

  24. And cocksucker

  25. What’s up with Google appointing a lack of attractive and/or trendy CEO’s? I’m not a fan of Jobs but at least he looks like the CEO of a major tech company.

  26. That’s crazy! In other news…

    a.) Larry Page’s teeth are the same color as a sunset
    b.) He looks like a dorky version of The Count from Sesame Street
    c.) He has Tom Selleck’s mustache for eyebrows
    d.) Larry Page brushes his teeth with caulk

    Okay, I’m done.

  27. WOW does that guy not know how to either whiten his teeth or friggin image editing?
    What a mess Google is.
    They just seem like 3 guys running a business out of a garage.
    Maybe that is why Apple had their best quarter ever and only on 1 carrier with 1 phone. LOL!
    Now we have such fragmentation within google. 2011 maybe the year of Apple and Microsoft at this point .

  28. Eric is bailing to go run Apple – Steve Jobs is gone indefinitely. Eric used to be on Apple’s board until Android started taking over the world.

    ** random **

  29. ^Yea Google is such a mess….
    If you call what they’ve accomplished a mess…I’m afraid to see what they do when they get their act together…I would be really afraid of where they could go if they’re such a mess right now…

  30. Gawd! You all sound like women in a beauty shop! Bear with me here, in total valley girl voice: “And like omigod! Did you hear about that guy Schmidt not being CEO anymore and that guy page taking over? He’s got, like, nasty teeth! What did he do? Like, go digging for clams with his teeth or something?”

  31. I like this site; but the people who post here are low.

  32. DAMN SON! yo toofuses is JACKED.


    Dude needs to use some of all that money he got stashed awy and literally BUY a fucking grill. Lil wayne and all these other fuckers with money can buy some nice teeth, so the fuck can you. DAMN.

    And its not like its a small defect…you have looked in a mirror at some point in the last 5 years and seen that abomination of bone chunks and pig shit you call teeth. Fucker you KNOW your gonna be on some kind of article somewhere. why in the hell would you allow those pictures to exist? Let alone let them hit the internet. NOTHING is erased from the internet. Especially them hachas.

    oh and noone cares about who the CEO is. all we care about is

    1) Froyo on Galaxy S regardless of flavor (Tmo,Sprint, Verizon….)

    2) BLAME WES

    3) #NeverAgain

    4) The cake is a lie

  33. Teeth? Whats up with those eyebrows.

  34. A cross between Austin Powers and Mr. Bean. Yeah baby

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