HTC Desire 2: Black Nexus One With Front-Cam, Without Trackball?


When a phone manufacturer has a good thing going, they want to keep it going. That’s why ever since you’ve seen phones get more marketable names, manufacturers and carriers continue popular lines by making sequels and variations. For HTC, the Desire brand is one they obviously value an awful lot. They’ve got the HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire Z and it appears now they may be prepping the HD Desire 2.

This rendered picture was “acquired” by PocketNow– how, I’m not exactly sure, so the validity of the image remains uncertain. But I do know that if it is indeed real, the HTC Desire 2 will look like a Black Nexus One, come with a front-facing camera, and drop the trackball or trackpad we’ve seen on some of their other devices including the first Nexus. The screen appears to be about 3.7 or 3.8 inches large but other details are sparse- all we’ve got is the image you see on the left, crossed fingers and misplaced prayers.

We, along with the rest of the tech blogosphere, reckon details might be uncovered at Mobile World Congress. We hope so!

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  1. I never did like the way the nexus one looked but this is actually nice looking

  2. HTC.. continue to bring us the sexy.. xx

  3. The entire Desire range are high end phones that look amazing and actually work! HTC have a winning combination here.

  4. Hum This phone honestly looks appealing. T-Mobile (USA) should pick this up Lol The MyDesire or MyTouch Desire but leave it exactly how it looks. Or no MyTouch Branding AT ALL.

  5. Or Sprint should get it add some 4G and maybe the Evo branding and BAM ANOTHER HIT! They may call it the Evo Desire or something like that

  6. Bah… I was considering trading in my N1 for a Nexus S when it launched, but the lack of a trackball (or something similar that can provide info on notifications without turning the screen on) was a deal breaker. This is pretty much the same thing. Why would you remove such a useful feature in favor of looking even more like a plain, boring bar? It really frustrates me that most manufacturers seem to be ditching or ignoring the idea of notifications outside of the screen.
    And while I’m being grumpy, I think the capacitive button order here is decidedly worse than the N1. With as much as I use the back button, it definitely needs to be one of the outside two.

  7. If only this phone came with stock android I would buy it and I wish it could be sold in all 4 carriers.

  8. Looks sweet!

  9. Should have been the Nexus Two lol. :D

    If this gets AT&T bands and has a nice CPU I’m getting it. I love the look and size of the Nexus One and this thing looks awesome.

  10. What is the use of the area on the bottom if it doesn’t have a trackball? They should have put the buttons on the bottom like the Evo or Nexus S.

  11. Please, please, please:

    AT&T 3/4G +
    4.0+ (preferably 4.3) inch screen +
    1GB of RAM

    If so, I’m going to be out a bunch of money again.

  12. i enjoy seeing the trackball light up blue when i get a facebook notification, or light up green when i get a text message, or white when i get a missed call…. why take the trackball away? even a d-pad would do perfectly, but don’t take it away !

  13. Gah..really don’t know whether to pick up a Nexus S or wait for MWC. I love the NS design and stock Android, but will I feel behind the curve with all this new stuff set to come out?

  14. But of course they changed the button layout!

  15. Where is the 4.3in screen? No one wants to fiddle around on anything smaller in a flagship device these days, come on! Looks like another disappointing quarter for us non-american customers, the tablets better be worth it, HTC.

  16. I would willingly let this phone rape me :-)

  17. I really hope it has matching metal contacts on bottom of phone so I can use all my nexus one docks
    And I want Tegra 2 dammit.

  18. im just pissed there isn’t a track ball. i never use it for actual work on the phone, but its just sooo handy for notifications and waking the phone!

  19. Htc Evo 2 4g will be out very soon and announced at mobile world congress in February or ctia in March… HTC EVO 2 4G WILL HAVE 1gb ram, have 2.3gingerbread or 2.4 Honeycomb and I don’t mean the tablet version 3.0.. It will have 4.5INCH SCREEN, DUALCORE SNAPDRAGON PROCESSOR, hdmi port that allows mirrioring, front 2.0 camera, 8.1 rear camera,… NEED I SAY MORE… EVO WILL RULE AGAIN…

  20. Forget all of the for-mentioned. Will Google please readopt The Nexus brand on a HTC phone please. Front cam, dual core, 8meg cam or better. All of the newest features, and not just the current batch that will be out at the same time. That’s how you set the bar by being first as was the Nexus One…. The first Iphone killer before the iPhone 4 caught up with the3 specs…. LOL

  21. sansenoy: Are you dense? Do you think that all HTC will release are 4.3″ phones? This is the successor to the Desire, one of their best selling Android phones. You’re preaching to the wrong choir.

  22. I like the look but I want to see the specs

  23. Why are manufacturers hating on LED notification capabilities?

    I <3 my Nexus One.

  24. I’m another fan of the trackball for different-coloured notifications.

  25. I wouldn’t miss the trackball. What I would miss is the dock connectors! Wish they’d come out with a Nexus 2 that will work with all the accessories.

  26. Wonder if it will fit N1 accessories?

  27. Im another one of this missing the lack of a trackball and led notifications.

  28. This is the best looking phone since the N1. I have a g2 and still miss my N1 sometimes.

  29. This should be desire 2
    it looks like 3.7 inches but if they do that desire will have 4 inches.
    It will be 2.3 gingerbread of course. But not sure about dual core. If it will have dual core, i can pre order today!
    Yeap trackball or pad were nice but today’s trend accepts no ball pad thinks we should get used to it.
    HTC were very silent these days they suprise us.

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