Verizon Marketing Plans Show Thunderbolt, XOOM Materials to be Sent Side by Side


We expect both of these devices to launch in February – the Motorola XOOM and HTC Thunderbolt, that is. The problem is we don’t know when exactly: we’ve heard rumors of dates ranging from the beginning, the exact middle, and near the end of that month. None of that has been confirmed nor denied except for Verizon explicitly confirming the XOOM for February.

But an internal shot shows Verizon will be sending poster material to their affiliates – such as Best Buy and mall kiosks – at the same time for both devices. I think it’s safe to say that when one device’s release date is finally announced, the other’s should be very soon to follow. The hard part is getting Verizon to cough that information up. We’ll keep an eye out for any more we’re able to dig up.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I wanna know if there will be a wifi only version of the Xoom and the pricing more so than the release date.

  2. Who cares about a wi-fi only version of the xoom? Seriously, verizon doesn’t require contracts for the galaxy tab or ipad. Buy the damn xoom from verizon and only use wi-fi. I wish people would stop talking about this. Verizon has exclusivity for the xoom in the US, at least temporarily, so you won’t see a wi-fi only version in this country anytime soon.

  3. @ckeegan If the Xoom is Verizon branded then that means you are at their mercy for when you receive updates. A WiFi only version will cut out one less middle man. A Nexus branded WiFi only version cuts out all middle men.

  4. @ckeegan Exactly! I plan on buying it off-contract. Sure, it’ll be a little more expensive but I’ll have my “wifi version” and will be able to tether with my X.

  5. I don’t even mind the middle man as much as I do the price. It would be cheaper that putting a 3G radio in it or even more so the 4G one that the tablets are upgradeable to.

  6. @ckeegan

    If you speak the truth, you’ve made me a happy man.

    Also, to all those Apple doubters, it looks like Honeycomb will be in full force by February.

    “In terms of next generation. There’s nothing shipping yet. So I don’t know. Today they’re vapor.”

    Yes Tim Cook. The end is in sight.

  7. Xoom first then thunderbolt. Xoom near super-bowl.

  8. Getting the nexus branding from where exactly? Or, you still pulling that out of your a$$?

  9. @jdog25 – If there was going to be a Nexus tablet, the Xoom wouldn’t be launching as the first with Honeycomb. The carrier creates very little delay compared to the manufacturer.

    @Minja Miketa – A Wi-Fi only version is not likely to be cheaper, since it wouldn’t be branded or subsidized in any way by a carrier. Verizon paid, in some way, for exclusivity. A Wi-Fi only version of the Xoom would be marketed/sold/distributed by Moto, which equals extra costs that far outweigh the cost of a 3G or 4G radio. The only reason the 3G iPad is most expensive, was because Apple was too controlling to let AT&T brand it.

    @ Hunter – More info please!!! Specifically, just curious how you know this, or are you going by previous rumors?

  10. @ckeegan Motorola and Verizon both sponsor the super-bowl if they didn’t they would be idiots and their have been some rumors floating around earlier.

  11. @Nlsme Its called common sense retard. In April 2010 I said that even after Google said that there wouldn’t be another Nexus phone that in about one year after the Nexus One was released there would be another Nexus branded device.There were quite a few people doubting me. Also why would it be hard for Google to brand it, it has stock Android, developers need a tablet that will 100% get updates for when they make their apps, Google gave no notice when they made the HTC Magic their second Developer phone(Google Ion).

  12. @ckeegan The Nexus One had 2.1 on 1-5-10. The Motorola Droid had to wait 3 months for its stock 2.1 update. The Xoom is made by Moto and is on Verizon just like the first Droid.

  13. There’s going to be a nexus tablet for sure, and I’d like to believe it’s the Xoom since Google has gone on record as saying that when the developers for honeycomb came into work in the morning they had a xoom on their desk as their primary device. Let’s just wait for the official announcement and see if there’s both a carrier branded Xoom and a Nexus tablet.

  14. Like I thought, just a$$Umptions.

  15. I don’t care about the xoom!!! I want the HTC Thunderbolt!! That’s what I have been waiting for..

  16. I am looking forward to the Thunderbolt too!

  17. @jdog25 – Thank you for that lesson, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Xoom is essentially as close to a Nexus tablet you’re going to get. My point was that being tied to a carrier doesn’t delay the update anymore than the manufacturer delays the update process themselves.

    @Hunter – OK, that’s what I thought. The Xoom will probably see a big marketing kickoff (no pun intended) during the Super Bowl, after all, I’m the one that originally tipped that possibility. However, it’s not going to launch then, and probably not anytime before Mobile World Congress.

  18. I know it’s petty, but one of the reasons I’d like a Wifi only version, is to not have an obnoxious Verizon logo in my face.

  19. I talked with a Verizo. rep in the store today in Tampa, Fl. He was very tech saavy and knew all the specs on the Thunderbolt. Not your typical Verizon rep.

    He said that, based on product literature and schedule training/briefings, he thinks the T-bolt will launch close to the Iphone, perhaps even before.

    He was not happy about having to be in the store at 4:30AM on Iphone launch day! The store I was in is not a hugely busy store, and he said they were slated to get 75 Iphones for launch day.

  20. @Alex Are you kidding me? Thats like the second quarter! I sincerely hope that is not the case. I suspect that this so called “rep” is more confused than anything.

  21. @Me n//m I was thinking the launch of the iPhone 5. Disregard, lol.

  22. Sean: February is mid first quarter…

  23. Sanjay said @ the verizon keynotes on Jan 6th the xoom would be released to public in february. I don’t see how this is big news for the tablet. Other than a big “if” on the 14th as the day.

    Under: “Read transcript of Ivan Seidenberg’s keynote address” hyperlink.

    – MOTOROLA XOOM — what a tablet should be:

    o HD widescreen
    o 1080p output to HDTV
    o 4G-upgradeable
    o Available commercially in February.

  24. Feb 14 is not very far away. Wouldnt Verizon open up a pre-order for the Xoom?

    I plan on getting it the day it comes up unless it’s more than $700.

    Anyone know if I will be able to tether it with OG Droid? I have both PDA Net and Barnacle on a rooted droid.

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