Notion Ink Adams are Shipping, Check to See if Yours Is


One step closer to “we’ll see it when we believe it” in this Notion Ink circus. Yesterday, we caught wind of the first line of the tablets for shipping after it’d finally gotten FCC approval, and it appeared they’d be ready in time to ship on Wednesday. Welp, it’s Wednesday and we’re hearing that orders are out for shipping. They’re saying it’ll take up to 36 hours to receive a tracking number. If you’ve ordered one of these and have been waiting for it to ship, log in to your account at Notion Ink’s site and check up on your order status – hopefully you’ll come back with some good news. [via Android Forums]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. mine is :)

  2. Seriously, enough about the Notion Ink Adams. If someone farts in their offices, there’s a post on Phandroid about it. It’s getting a bit old.

  3. It kinda of sketchy when it says 36 hours to get a tracking number? When you order from Amazon and it says shipped, they usually have the tracking number pretty fast unless I am mistaken. So why did they even say its shipped.


    Their product is still not listed in the FCC database. Yea really “they cleared” the fcc. Didn’t there CEO say it would be updated by Monday.

    But I do hope you guys get yours so you can do a review and find that its really a tablet designed by college kids, when see the holes in the software and hardware.

  4. Theres a post about farting? Where…I wanna read!

  5. @Lewis – I’m sad to say your comment made me laugh. Now that it’s shipping I’m sure it’ll calm down but we’ll definitely take your comment into consideration.

  6. Don’t forget … over and above Phandroid commenting on the fart.

    Rohan will blog about the fart and then promise a video explaining how they have customized the fart feature!

    Lest hope the adam does not stink like a fart!

  7. I hope the support base for notion ink will be better than that of Samsung or Motorola. May it be supported and developed just the Nexus one where they get the updates pushed to their devices in a timely manner. If the early adopters are satisfied I will get one too.

  8. I still say vaporware.

  9. If it IS vapourware, it’d be one of the most elaborate scams in recent memory.

    Is there a comparable example of a company providing this much detail on their product, taking pre-orders, and telling buyers that their items are out for shipping — only to turn out to be a total fabrication?

  10. Someone did receive the Adam..some blogger…and that in itself shows that its not vaporware…CES was very much there…reviewed by just about everyone..and loved by even featured in engadget’s best of CES list…i ordered mine…should be receiving it soon…like me hopefully millions others…then everyone who keeps talking crap about this should shut up….its a wonderful effort…with great hardware and software…

  11. it’s amazing how people are hanging onto the whole “adam is [vaporware / a scam]” meme. to paraphrase joe q.: if it’s a scam, it’s the best one I’ve ever seen. and i’ve seen some might good (and honest-to-god) scams.

    BTW, @Questionable: If you’re ordering from Amazon, a) it doesn’t “just say shipped” until it’s actually shipped, and b) you’re ordering from Amazon, which pretty much says it all. When you order from NI, you’re ordering direct from the company, via a fulfillment company which has to transmit the order both to the company and to the custom–fabber that it ships from (which isn’t NI and isn’t even in India). 36 hours is probably a bit much, but it’s probably also not real — you’ll probably know in 24, which is actually not bad. When I ordered my Mac Mini about 7 years ago, it shipped direct from the Chinese factory and I didn’t get a ship confirmation for at least that long. And that was Almight Apple.

  12. Just to follow up….. its been more than 36 hours now.. no updates at all from NI.

    NI won’t last if it keeps droping the ball like this. Follow the updates at “”

  13. My problem is not the with the product, but it seems that their service is way off base. I worry about what happens if something does happen to my device and there is no way to get support.What is there updates gonna be like? I see a lot of people jumping to the thought that 3.0 will be supported, but how long is that going to take. Hell it isn’t even running the current version just a kernel. It seems like every time, I put a little trust in the INK they do something or promise something that they dont come through on. It’s small mistakes, but I would like not to see so many from a company thats a ocean away.

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