An Eerily Familiar Samsung Phone Passes the FCC, Is it the Vibrant 4G for T-Mobile?


The Samsung SGH-T959V just made its way through the FCC, and if we had to bet the farm on it we’d say this device is almost definitely the Vibrant 4G slated for T-Mobile. The outline looks all too familiar, and the model number matches the original Vibrant’s SGH-T959 rather closely. Throw ins AWS support, a T-Mobile must for their HSPA/HSPA+ network and all signs point to Vibrant 4G. Looks like Android 2.2 is coming to a Galaxy S phone on T-Mobile soon after all…

[via Engadget]

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  2. “Looks like Android 2.2 is coming to a Galaxy S phone on T-Mobile soon after all…”

    Just not your phone.

  3. Do you really think we give a flying fuck about a evo? This is a t mobile phone article. So take that big boring ass, dry color screen and that shitty ass camera phone and field goal it up sprint ass hole! Okay?

  4. @Michael, definitely not on the Samsung Vibrant that I bought. Which I was promised 2.2 on it when I did buy it btw

  5. @mr.walker, I wish I had the Evo over the shitty Vibrant that I have. At least I would have received updates!!

  6. @Juan sorry to hear that lol…. but I been on 2.2 with my vibrant 4 the last four months.. plus my phone fly lmao. I can’t image how it feel to wish I had another phone. Because I love mine!!

  7. I don’t know why people thought that last Galaxy S FCC leak was the vibrant 4G. Shape was obviously a Nexus unlike this.

  8. /obvious

    Why wouldnt it be for Tmobile?

  9. *walks to Engadget to post the obvious stamp on article*

  10. Richard Yarell

    Really? Tmobile is getting faster internet speeds then sprint (in nyc to be specific). The Evo eats through the battery much quicker then a galaxy s, the screen on the galaxy destroys thte evo’s. The gpu on the hummingbird processor is THE FASTEST OUT, able to process 90 million triangles, where as the evo can barely do 14 million. Get your facts straight.

  11. looks like i’m calling the loyalty department and getting a new phone…for free…without using an upgrade…or they can loose a customer they’ve had for over 10 years…

  12. @mike
    My sentiments exactly. I will not be buying another damn Vibrant just to get 2.2. Either they will deliver what they have promised to me, or I will take my business else where.

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