Android Destroys Apple


Oh, you thought this was going to be a rave for Android up against Apple in recent months in true fanboy fashion? No, it’s simply me describing a video that landed in our tip box earlier: our beloved Android has his head attached, then, by some act of awesomeness, uses his eyes to destroy a chromed, partly-bitten apple. If words don’t do it justice, then hit the play button and be amazed. [Thanks, Jordan!]

PS: As one YouTube commenter is wishing for, we’d love to see this thing turned into a custom boot animation. Make it happen, someone!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That’s a bit shit.

  2. That would be pretty neat. Nothing major but neat at the least.

  3. Good concept but not to be mean, the 3D and animation is kind of crappy.

  4. Pause at 0:13.. That would be an epic background!

  5. i think this is hilarious. it would make a great boot up sequence, but it would also work great as an ad or commercial. just make a small change to the apple so it won’t copy the apple logo exactly, so apple can’t cry foul and sue.

  6. i think this is hilarious. it would make a great boot up sequence, but it would also work great as an ad or commercial. just make a small change to the apple so it won’t copy the apple logo exactly, so apple can’t cry foul and sue.

  7. G8D your mistaken this is actually a very creative video, i hope it does get turned into a boot animation i for one would flash it!

  8. It’s funny but how about throwing a bit of hate on Microsoft.

  9. lets go devs!!! make this boot up for us! or should i just do it myself lol


  11. Ill take a crack at it. :)

  12. Hell yea!!!

  13. This is awesome…

  14. Now THAT would make an awesome boot animation! Hopefully, someone does it. I’m going to try, but I dont think my skills are that good yet. If anyone does it, post it!

  15. How about ANDROID vs MOTOROLA…

  16. Probably could get a boot animation at XDA but after the way this blog talked shit about them its hard to say…

  17. Awsome. Apple sux big. Android do this to Moto and Apple. Next microsux and Facebook. The world soon to over come US domination of tech!!!!

  18. @123: Of course the graphics sucks. An Android user made it. If there’s one thing Android users can’t do, is making icons, graphics and apps.

  19. Ah another troll falls of the banana tree.

  20. I’m betting a screen cap from this is going to show up as the avatar on a bunch of people’s posts over at the big gadget blog in the next few days.

    And then someone will make a video of an apple destroying the android. Not sure how that’s going to work, but that’s Apple fanboys for you.

  21. Commenter number 11 is a beast, post it on the forums!

  22. Its cool and I lurve my HTC desire but cummon, android is simply Google doing to apple what microsoft did to apple 2 decades earlier – flogging their concept and making it cheaper and more open. A better animation would be the android burgling the apple’s house and using the spoils to start a company called schmapple! Lets face it, we’re all like Russians buying chinese rip-offs of US stuff and chortling away like we’re cool. Android IS cool but this smug crap is childish – my HTC only runs android because of Steve Jobs and Co. And I hope he gets better soon because in 15 months my contract will be up and HTC and Google need to be flogging his stuff now for their versions to be ready in time! Lol

  23. video doesn’t load

  24. Awesome! Thanks for posting this! I owe you guys one. For those who were hoping for a boot animation, a youtube user named nsbttcom converted it for us. His video is linked in the description box. Read his description for the file. Everyone has my permission to use it. And for those who wanted a wallpaper: It’s 960×800

  25. Haha just read the read the rest of the comments. I made the video in about four hours as an example to my 3D students on the type of thing I wanted them to create for their logo animation project. Except since they have 4 days instead of four hours, I expect them to have…you know…textures…and real models. haha

  26. “Of course the graphics suck”? Really, that’s the best argument ever… let’s just give up everyone. No point in trying to make a boot ani out of this if “the graphics suck”…. Maybe we should get George Lucas to re-do the graphics. *sarcasm*

  27. @Alex I assure you that’s not its fault. this is now a boot animation!

  28. NOT A FAN BOY Just simply hate APPLE with their BIG EGO’S. Just glad someone like GOOGLE/Android is taking over the Mobile Market

  29. A new version of the boot animation for this video has been created. Higher quality, and utilizes the full 854×480 pixels of the screen!

    See it here:

    The download link for the new one is the same as the old one:

    Make sure you re-download it if you still have the original!

  30. Made it into one that is larger and rotated 90°.

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