LG Optimus 2X Up for Pre-Order in Denmark, €483 Contract-Free, Ships February 25


The LG Optimus 2X is now available for pre-order for Denmark through online retailer Ellos. The price of 3,599 Danish kroner comes in a bit lower than the expected €550. After conversions the Danish pre-order price works out to about €484 or $653. Those looking to pre-order can expect the 2X to ship right around February 25th, so the world doesn’t have much longer to wait for a taste of daul-core Android goodness.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. man that is cheap :) nice one LG.

  2. It’s a little bit cheaper on the Finnish version of the same site: http://www.ellos.fi/DetailPages/DetailPage.aspx?CategoryId=42089&ProductId=309677

  3. Well we don’t have the same definition of cheap but I guess this price already includes the 15-20% VAT, right?

  4. Well, as far as I have seen, you can pre-order it in Germany for 483 Euro VAT included!

    Link to online shop:

  5. Well, everything costs a lot in Scandinavia, I don’t actually consider that too expensive. The Finnish one definitely includes all taxes and I bet the Danish one does, too.

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