LG G-Slate to Feature 3D Display and 3D Recording? [Whacky Rumor Wednesday]


The LG G-Slate was announced for T-Mobile back at CES, but with no demos proper or any hands-on time (the tablet passed through the conference like a ship in the night) little is actually known about the tablet other than 4G support (in the US at least) and Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Enter LG France, who in response to questioning from GPS&Co unleashed some out-of-left-field claims about the 3D capabilities of the G-Slate.

According to LG France, in addition to a Tegra 2 dual-core processor and HDMI output, the G-Slate will feature an 8.9-inch glasses-free 3D display and the ability to record 3D content. We have absolutely no other evidence to suggest this as true other than a hint from an LG rep that their 3D display technology showed off at CES might be popping up in devices sooner than we expect.

We aren’t holding our breath on this one, but if LG does manage to out a 3D tablet when they fully reveal the G-Slate (we are assuming that will happen at MWC 2011) we will be pleasantly surprised. In the meantime, Nintendo is in the process of showing off their 3DS at a press event today in NYC. Love it or hate it, looks like 3D will be sticking around for a little while.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. Oh man, I really hope this is true.

  2. Oh, those French, always pulling our legs. They so funny. (Although, that would be cool if there was a version with this. Not sure I’d be getting it though. You know it will be $$$.)

  3. I don’t even want a 3d phone.

    It will be several more years until there’s a lot of 3D games.

    Plus, it will probably have horrible battery life.

  4. I’m with you Joe. I’m so sick of this 3D crazy. Granted it does look nice on the new Nintendo DS but seriously everything does not need the feature. I’m not even close to interested in a 3D phone and even more less interested in recording my own 3D images or video.

  5. Oh god I hope it doesn’t have a 3D display, those things are a huge waste of precious battery.

  6. If it does I am for sure NOT going to buy it.

  7. Why is everyone scared of new tech.? 3D without the used of glasses will be cool. Like or not it’s going to be everywhere in the future!

  8. Instead of this 3D BS, why wont tech advance on battery life ? Or please give me Iron Man’s 2 mivie glass type phone with a 4.5 display…I’ll take that any day over 3-fucking-D


  10. I like the idea of 3D.
    People, you don’t want to sound like haters of new tech do you?

  11. Its plausible. It will have a front facing camera I assume, so facial tracking won’t be an issue and LG is a big producer of displays, so they likely have the tech already set. Honeycomb in 3D would be pretty slick. The iPad wouldn’t have anything on that.

  12. Sound over the top for a T-Mobile device and the only thing I’m hoping is that I can turn the 3D off. Let’s face it, their best phones they don’t even sell Nexus 1 and S.

  13. wow should be called the G3!!!…or G3D!!!

  14. Ill take it…in 10″ form!

  15. Is this not speculation?

    Please fire Kevin. There’s more credible news sources from Verizon Stores themselves these days!

    Not running the samsung story my ass.

    XDA > Phandroid.

  16. Why hate 3D? It’s just a technology and you can choose to turn it off! If the adoption rate is low, company will just move on to something else.

  17. Glasses-free 3D + No sweet spot = WIN

    LG’s demoed Glasses-free 3D mobile screen didn’t have a sweetspot like the 3DS. This will be incredible. Check it out:

  18. Yo know WHAT Fags, get a Life!!! omg omg where my battery freaks, read specs carefully dual-core improves battery, and 3D well it’s the BEST thing EVER since color screen was invented. In fact, everything else like HD, amoled, etc, r just improvements in technology, but 3D is completely new one. The reason why u dlon’t want to except is cause u probably just got a phone, and feel like it’s already outdated.
    Oh, and u can switch off 3d to 2D at any time.
    This AIN’T a gimmick like it is for TV’s (where either u wear nerdy glasses, or sit tight at one spot n’angle for upcoming glasses-free 3DTV’s
    freakin whinies

    Pce out

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