Notion Ink Essentially Shuts the Doubters Up with Picture of Warehouse Full of Adams


We must admit: we weren’t the most convinced bunch of folks here at Phandroid when it came to the legitimacy of Notion Ink and the Adam. After all, the pre-order process was a bit mucked, Notion Ink seemed to be afraid to put the thing on video, and delayed pre-orders due to the lack of FCC approval was uncharacteristic of a company who’d genuinely want to make a good first impression.

Even when Rohan told everyone that the devices have been stamped with the FCC seal of approval, we weren’t totally bought in. It essentially became the Brett Favre story of the tablet world: we’ll believe it when we see it. But today, Rohan’s letting us see it: a lot of it. A warehouse is sitting somewhere full of Notion Ink Adam tablets and are ready to be shipped off tomorrow, as promised. And there are pictures to prove it.

So fear not, consumers: your dollars have not gone to waste. Notion Ink is for real, and as much skepticism as we approached this launch with, we’re actually glad to say that we were wrong. [via Notion Ink]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Very nice, can’t wait to see one in person. Hope that’s soon!.

  2. Cant wait for round 2 of preorders

  3. either that or it’s one of the most elaborate mock-up room i ever seen…like the fable white iphone 4 :P j/k!!

    cant wait for my adam :). it’s probably one of those on the racks :)

  4. I was initially very interested in an Adam as Android tablet w\ PixelQi screen, but I don’t care for the UI and apps that they’ve created. I just wanted an Andriod tablet with the screen and ports. Not what it’s become. Am I the only one that feels that way now?

  5. well at least ur man enough to admit you were wrong about the adam unlike John biggs from crunch gear

  6. …I wouldn’t consider that a “warehouse FULL of Adams”. I counted maybe 75 in that image..thats a far cry from 10,000 units that are normally considered to be “a warehouse full”…still skeptical.

  7. I’m looking forward to the next round of ordering. By the time I was able to access the order site all the wifi only PixelQi models were sold out.

  8. i WOULD rather want chris burns, Matt,DAvid from techcrunch, android police, engadget ..and all bloggers who laughed at Notion wanna say that what u said in the last few lines…

    ” Notion Ink is for real, and as much skepticism as we approached this launch with, we’re actually glad to say that we were wrong

  9. And why couldn’t they have released this photo or one like it before when people were doubting?!? Whether they had the stamp or not, a warehouse full would still have had to existed back even then. Yet, we never saw a photo. I’m sorry but in my eyes, this company will always be a slimy lot.

  10. since when do people have to take pictures of their warehouse stock? lol. i think its very good of them to bother to placate the inevitable internet naysayers and moaners that seem to have surfaced over the last few years. id send them a refund and a picture of their Adam being posted to someone else. fck em lol

  11. The Xoom still looks better imo.

  12. I’m waiting for the reviews. This tablet would have been a lot hotter last Thanksgiving. Now they have the Xoom and every other tablet to contend with

  13. I agree about the Xoom, waay better looking UI and running a proper Tablet version of Android. They also have a reputation of building solid products at Motorola.

  14. This just in: Creators of the Notion Ink Adam farted three minutes ago.

    Seriously, enough about these tablets. Post a story once they ship. Until then, let it go.

  15. Xoom doesn’t have a transreflective screen
    Google has granted Motorola exclusive access to Honeycomb first.
    Adam is shipping now, Xoom isn’t even on pre order.

  16. Seriously, people. The Motorola Xoom is just vaporware. The Notion Ink Adam is real and its specs are tabletastic. Who knows when or if the Xoom will ever see the light of day. Can you say Microsoft Courier? Adam will most likely get Honeycomb as well. All this nonsense about its screen resolution being too small is rubbish. More propaganda by those afraid of what its price, specs, and UI will do to the tablet market. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  17. RIP courier, i totally wanted that thing

  18. No thanks, made/designed in india. Still waiting on the xoom which should be out in march ;)

  19. Way to “shut doubters up” long after most people stopped caring.

    The way Rohan and the weird Koolaid Kult he’s created around this thing have handled the whole matter needs to be taught in business school as a perfect storm example of what not to do.

  20. This ain’t no serious warehouse.

  21. I am with the guy above warehouse full is an exaggeration. I don’t think there is even 100 tabs there. I see people are still talking about the price which is still very comparable to others tabs with 8gb of storage and N.I. not saying how much storage the micro will support. Also when you factor in import taxes and vat taxes the price is no longer a bargain. N.I also keeps saying it will run honeycomb as soon as it’s avail ( which is funny b/c it doesn’t even run the most current version of android now) and that Eden is closer to 3.0 ( which is also funny when Rohan has admitted to not seeing honeycomb yet, so how would he know what it’s like).Not trying to put N.I down just stating the facts. In the end this company will fail or struggle, but it won’t be b/c they have an inferior product it will be the work of a flawed business model. N.I had a chance to be on top of the world right now but instead the meet resistance b/c of the problems they created for themselves in Dec. You only get one chance to impress in this world with there being so many options and they blew it time and time again. Rohan my be a great engineer but whoever is running N.I as a business has failed them.No matter how many of the people who follow this stay loyal if N.I can’t reach the masses they are doomed.Great product and flawed business model business equals failure every time.

  22. That looks Photoshopped.

    I keed, I keed. :p

  23. They are already advertising the xoom on verizons website idiot. And as far as your claims of vaporware, I would definitely trust motorola before I trusted this setup with 25 adios that they loaded up on a cart for a photo op.

  24. Sorry adams

  25. To those trying to defend the Adam to Motorola’s Xoom calling it vaporware. Sure, it may not be to market yet but we’ve seen a lot more of the Xoom at this stage than the Adam when it was that far back. Also, do you really think the Xoom isn’t going to make it to market? Really? Not sure what I smell but it smells funny. Hilarious even.

  26. I love it. The “Xoom” running a “proper tablet version of Android.” HAHAHA.
    That was a mockup video at CES. Nobody could actually play with a functioning Xoom because Honeycomb isn’t running on Xoom, yet, and Xoom won’t be out until Honeycomb is out (March ’11 th earliest?). The NI Adam is prepped to be upgradeable to Honeycomb when it’s released. You can bail on the GUI (“Eden”) and go to stock Android Desktop…
    Just what is it with people? Sure, some of the hyper-fans of the Adam are over the top, but the overt negativity associated with the Adam by the lot of you is also just as hilarious (not in the good way).

  27. “4. webslappy wrote on January 18, 2011

    I was initially very interested in an Adam as Android tablet w\ PixelQi screen, but I don’t care for the UI and apps that they’ve created. I just wanted an Andriod tablet with the screen and ports. Not what it’s become. Am I the only one that feels that way now?”

    Webslappy, you can have that, he showed it is just a two finger swipe down on the screen to show the desktop, and a two finger swipe up to get the Eden UI, if you don’t want it, then don’t use it. download your favorite apps, since all you have to do is double click on the apk file from any web site and it will install. You can happyly have an Adam tablet and ignor the features you don’t like.

  28. But remember When Favre came back? (Not the most recent season, but the 2009-10 season, they sucked this season). He was amazing. The Vikings almost made it all the way.
    Hopefully this will be amazing.

  29. Why would anyone buy this over priced and heavy door stop with a questionable OS? I’ll take an under 1 pound Gingerbread way WAY W.A.Y. before I’d get one of these pieces of crap. Vaporware or not, it sucks. And suckers purchased them.

  30. Hey,

    Have you checked the FCC site, “Even when Rohan told everyone that the devices have been stamped with the FCC seal of approval”.

    The adam is not in there yet. I thought Rohan said by monday it will be on the fcc site, its wednesday now.

  31. ” chimphappyhour wrote on January 18, 2011

    And why couldn’t they have released this photo or one like it before when people were doubting?!? Whether they had the stamp or not, a warehouse full would still have had to existed back even then. Yet, we never saw a photo. I’m sorry but in my eyes, this company will always be a slimy lot.” chimphappyhour, they did release photos, and you and people like you, said they must be fake.
    Heck, there are a dozen youtube videos that have been out for a month almost, showing the tablet in action. But you claimed they were fake, since an outsider hadn’t taken them, Then they showed the tablet at CES and outsiders reported on it, and you and people like you said, anyone can have a sigle tablet and show it as CES, they are still a scam.

    Now they publish photos from the warehouse full of tablets coming off the production line, and you say why didn’t they show this before I would have belived them.

    Well you didn’t believe anything they showed, and now the only thing you have left is to either admit you were wrong, which Phandroid just did, or keep denying, which is what you are doing.

  32. @David

    Dude its like the just started production. Why would not release the photos a month back, makes no sense.

  33. All this picture proves is that they made 70-100 Adam cases.

  34. The haters always amaze me. Honestly I think most of them are to poor to afford a nice tablet otherwise they would all have ipads and be talking about how great they are. I was able to pre-order and I bought the fully loaded model. Even though I may never use the 3g, better to have it than not. I like the look of the interface and I think honeycomb will be amazing on this device. I also love the departure from the standard “do what ipad does” mentality. Lets face it all the other tablets look and feel like an ipad. The Adam is clearly its own device. In a fewdays when I have mine in my hands I will let everyone know how great it is. Or if it sucks I will be looking to sell it. Personally I dont think that I will be dissapointed. You all can hate all you want I will post again from my Adam in a few days!

  35. @buzzkill

    Adam i am sorry is third rate device. UI sucks and clearly has lag. I think there engineering will be like how they handle business matters. Very erratic and random.

  36. Excellent product. I’ll be getting one once Honeycomb is on it. I wish the pixel was higher to match or beat that of the Motorola Xoom, and I with the Camera was at least 8MP, oh well, it’s still the best tablet known to man at this time.

  37. @buzzkill: Yeah, it’s designed and made in India, I’m sure it will be great! Sorry, but the Adam will have the same fate as the previous Adam computer. No hater, just laughing at those that wasted their money. I’m waiting for 7″ tablet that’s fast, good, and WiFi only. None are available yet, for any money.

  38. @Magnus: So you have one to know it’s an excellent product? Nevermind, your comment on the MP count of the camera clearly shows you don’t have a clue.

  39. Lol, just think About it people. It’s à start-up company, they would be happy with 1000+ adams sold. Up till now they’ve had no experience at all! They are doing great and the Adam Will be the best tablet on the market for at least à few weeks. We as consumers should support them and not go to Motorola simply because it’s à known brand. They have done an amazing job at the Eden ui, whether you like it or not. Also it Will get android 3.0. They are Tallking with nvidia About android 3.0 tegra2 support.

  40. Way to man up phandroid. If you are a fan of Notion Ink and the Adam you should visit

  41. @Lolyouguys: And others believe they did a terrible thing with the UI (me included). Also, they only “SAY” it will get Gingerbread, while they also admit they haven’t actually got Gingerbread to know how easy it will really be. My bet is that the company will go out of business before they release Gingerbread for it. This Adam will have the same fate as the last Adam computer.

  42. David (currently #31) – Wow! I said all of that on all of those occasions?!? Geesh! That’s amazing since I never said most of that stuff as I never saw most of those photos you’re even talking about. Nicely fabricated lies you’re putting out there. Exaggerate and lie much? Yeah, your points are totally believable now.

  43. missed the pre-order, waiting for the next. I do believe they have not done a second round of pre-orders because they will make the 16GB and 32GB available. reason they are not doing it before the first gen ships, is because the investors won’t fork the money over to do the production until the first full shipment has been received by the end users. I am sure by now NI is floating on credit and used the pre-order money to pay the factory workers. Once they get the go ahead from the investors they will put up pre-orders for the next models (different colors and memory sizes).

    These are the things you have to deal with when you are a startup relying on investors. fyi, I also agree that the camera should have been better. I am glad we get full sized USB, but I do not understand the point of the micro USB port, and can you charge the Adam from the USB or do you have to use the AC adapter?

    I am buying the Adam for the PixelQi screen, Eden is nice, might not use it too much though, not until they find a way to “force” phone apps to launch in leaves.

  44. WOW! A first– a website admitting that they underestimated Rohan Shravan and his team at Notion Ink. I’m impressed. (and can’t wait to get mine…. mine’s the one on the top shelf to the right…. lol

  45. I still couldn’t find Notionink from FCC site. Anyone know how?

  46. They have a blog or site up that talks about their efforts to bring the notion ink. A start up company which has a lot of potential and is making their first device. I really like the design, and the work put into it. Now i just need to cough up the dough to get one.

  47. Coolman go to the below link and type the number 0020356499

    you will get the notion ink :)

  48. Teckel, man, you crack me up. How much are apple paying you? Or where else does this unfettered hatred for notion ink come from? either that or you really need to put that tin foil hat down. The aliens really aren’t trying to scan your brainwaves.

  49. i dont uderstand all this talk of it sucking cause it is being made in india.

    so what if it is made in india? motorolas largest and best factory is in india and people seem to think they crap sunshine…

    I want a notion ink adam. i like the Qi screen i, i like the fact thats its not an icrap clone, i like the eden ui. if you dont like it dont buy.

    i do think their business model is wrong and that they will suffer for it but i hope it will be pay off for them.

  50. er….the Xoom…could somebody point out one thing (i say one but really we need a few to really make a difference) that differentiates the xoom from any other tablet that’s out, or is about to come out in the very near future, or has been ‘imagined’ and should be out in the first half of this year? Hardware? Is it going to have some advanced chips firing away inside that are leaps ahead of the competition? No – it’ll have the same as the rest, in addition some might have more ram others less, some might have more storage others less. Connectivity – usb, sdcard slot, hdmi – wow every other tab will have the same, some might have a mini usb extra here or whatever. What else wifi N, bluetooth, 3g and 4g – other tabs will be having those UI…er motorolla doesn’t make android 3, google does…NO tablet in the wild at this moment in time is running android 3…it’ll be down to google…there is nothing special about running ver 3.0 that motorolla is doing…when 3 is released there will be many tabs running it.
    Personally i’m not sure i’m going to be as big as fan of the UI of the Adam as i thought…looks a little dated to me…i’m probably going to prefer a stock android UI..BUT i haven’t played with an Adam or an Android 3 device so i can’t tell yet…at the end of the day lots of tab makers might add their own UI elements…no biggy just down to personal preference
    Looks/form factor…to be honest the xoom looks like every other tab out there including the ipad – straight edged with rounded corners and a black bezel around the inside of the edge…is the xoom coming out in some revolutionary size or form factor that no other tablet is available in? No.
    So i ask again what will the xoom have that no other tablet is going to have?
    I should point out that i am a big xoom fan and could end up buying one! But all this talk about it when all tabs are pretty much going to be clones of each other and it isn’t going to offer any edge in hardware or design AND when at CES it was a carcas playing a video of what android 3 would be like – jeez get some reality.
    I should also point out that i’m also an Adam fan and really excited by a few others…so not sure where i am going to leap.
    Onw thing i would say about the Adam is that the design seems ahead of the others…great idea with rotating the raised part so it doesn’t sit flat and gives you something to grip…love the pixel qi screen that can save battery life and make it usable outdoors, at…love some of the apps made for it…canvas looks a beauty…all things that DIFFERENTIATE it from other tabs which is something the xoom can’t claim…i think its a great looking piece of kit.
    Not so happy about the 8gb storage…..curious about the UI…would like to see mobile connectivity that is worldwide and not have to choose based on which country you want it to work in
    The long and short of it is all tabs will have access to the same tech…some might be a bit higher spec in one way but a bit lower in another…there will be more than one that have the highest specs across the board and likewise with low specs across the board, but all these will cover a wide range of price.
    The xoom will be a clone of several other tabs out there and they will all be great tabs…the Adam which actually has hardware and design elements that are innovative also looks like it will be a great tab!
    Whether the Adam will be enough of a success i don’t know…i really hope so

  51. p.s. there’s people commenting about a lack of info and pics um….go through all the other manufacturers out there and report back how much info they give out about their products…how much info did apple give out about the the galaxay….the xoom…????? especially if you go from inception all the way through to production..all we ever get is leaked specs and pics, it even happens with smartphones. We get an idea…leaked pics and specs…and then bang..the final product.
    Now go and compare what NI have given out…

  52. p.p.s one other slight downer on the Adam….would have preferred a better camera! on one side i think but what will you actually use it for…on the other i think i want all the best stuff and if you can get a top specced camera/lens/flash on a smartphone then i want it! what can i say..i like nice things.

    and one other thing any speculation on how much a Xoom might cost???

  53. @CJ, Well said, the XOOM is going to be stock Android 3. they stated it, they even said they are going to fight moders who want to put custom roms on it.

    The only thing that will separate it, is the motorola name and a few weeks time on the market before the slew of other stock android tablets hit.

    you can bet there will be android 3.0 ZT-180 tablet out within days of the Xoom at probably half the price.

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