CryTek Looking to Bring CryEngine to Android? [Job Alert]


Job postings are so revealing, aren’t they? Some of the bigger names in our entertainment ecosystem – such as Sony and Netflix – have revealed their Android aspirations through spottings of job postings. CryTek – the folks who create CryEngine (which the video game Crysis is based on) – may be the newest in a growing list of development studios showing interest in the ever-growing Android.

In a job posting, they specifically call for iOS developers, but state that Android experience is a big plus. I question whether or not they could be bringing a mobile version of CryEngine, but that’s just wishful thinking – nothing in the job description hints at them needing a programmer with game development skills outside of a strong understanding of object oriented design.

Could just be a Crysis app, but it could be more. Just as with the PlayStation job posting earlier in 2010, we won’t learn more until we’re met with leaks or an official statement of some sort. Let’s not get too happy just yet. [via Droid Gamers]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. OMFG! Crysis on Android :)

  2. Very cool indeed. I would like to see how they take advantage of Tegra 2 and give us visuals that blow iOS out of this world.

  3. I am very much hoping this will come to both platforms.

  4. IMO Crytek > Unreal

  5. But does it play crysis?

  6. Crysis is BUILT using CryEngine 2, not based on it. And I’m not trying to be pessimistic here, but I don’t think a Crysis-esque game on a mobile phone would be such a hot idea. Remember, Crysis (for a long time) was the game to get to see if your gaming rig had the chaps to play a hardware demanding game. So think about it…if we had something like that on Android, sure it would be scaled down a bunch, but it would still likely be one of the most demanding games out there. Just sayn’

    Also @Dan, according to the article it says they’re looking for someone to work with iOS and Android experience would be good too. So I think whatever they come out with would be on iOS devices first. Unless what you meant is that the Android version would blow the iOS version away when they were compared…in which case, my bad for misinterpreting you.

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