Galaxy S (GT-I9000) Gets Android 2.2.1 Through Kies; Said to Significantly Improve Performance


I can’t confirm this myself, but folks are saying Samsung have delivered the upgrade to Android 2.2.1 – a maintenance upgrade to Android not to be confused with the Android 2.2 upgrade which the Galaxy S already enjoys. It brings with it not only the general bug fixes and small enhancements to Froyo, but Androinica reports that it seems to make the device move a lot faster – something Samsung would have to be responsible for. (Could they have finally adopted the Ext4 file system?) Anywho, most Europeans should be able to find the upgrade right now via Kies.

“Well I was having MAJOR problems with lag, particularly when opening up the phone ‘app’ to make calls. I’ve just upgraded and the difference so far has been immense… still early days, but it’s looking hopeful!”

“I’m in London and I updated my Galaxy S a couple of weeks ago and boy did I notice the difference. Its has significantly improved the speed of the phone in all areas, navigating the phone, browsing the net, browsing/deleted/navigating my emails…..just about everything is faster. Memory management has also been tweeked which I guess adds to the speed of the phone.”

Sounds like something you should opt to apply as soon as you can.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Wow another update overseas. Why do you hate America Samsung??

  2. And queue the “I HATE SAMSUNG/SAMSUNG SUCKS MONKEY BALLS” comments……and GO!

  3. @ Dan – They don’t. They’ve sent T-Mobile, AT & T, Verizon, and Sprint the 2.2 ROMs for each phone. In fact, I know that they’ve now sent T-Mobile 2 versions, because both of those are floating around XDA. The carriers have been working with the ROM’s, adding their limitations, crapware, and bug-testing. I guess T-Mo had bug problems with the first ROM they received, so they sent for a second. Hopefully, these ROM’s will be pushed out to the end users soon.

  4. Samsung – Y U no like US? Why?

  5. Using 2.2.1 for a while now, I can confirm about the speed. Since the first 2.2.1 ROM, a special lag fix is not needed anymore.

    And the file system remains RFS, not Ext4, at least for now – you can still do that with a lag”fix”, but it doesn’t give you the same magnitude of speed improvements anymore, maybe a bit more smoothness.

  6. @Mark Yeah, so true.

  7. Kevin,
    the Roms floating around XDA were NOT sent to t-mobile; they were pulled off the Samsung servers. So we cant be sure either way if 2.2 has been sent to tmobile, but we can assume that the 2.2’s have NOT been sent to the carriers (tmobile)

  8. @Kevin – you’re an idiot please stop posting crap. You know T-Mobile or anyone else doesn’t have the 2.2 Build or THEY would have had leaks as well. Like K wrote, they were pulled from the Samsung Servers, not T-mobile, ATT or Sprint. Why don’t you read more details before posting your gibberish.

  9. @Kevin…That is NOT true. One, the ROMs on XDA were not gotten from the carriers. Additionally, if we were to apply your theory, then nearly ALL devices, not just the American Samsung Galaxy S models, would be perpetually delayed from receiving firmware updates..Sorry, but the blame falls on both the carriers *and* Sammy, but mostly on Sammy.

  10. @Kevin : flame flame flame. Your on fire. Who really knows wtf they are doing with our update??

  11. I’ve been running the 2.2.1 i9000 based ROM’s on my captivate now for a couple weeks and aside from a minor bug with lights not coming on when you touch the screen which has since been resolved it is a great piece of software. I am very impressed by the smoothness and speed of the newest roms that are coming out. Phoenix, Gingerborg, Serendipity, and Darky’s are all amazing I highly recommend them to my fellow cappy owners.

  12. Talk about adding fuel to the fire! Samsungs U.S is going to have a mob at their door step soon! LOL! Bring on the pitch forks and torches!

  13. At all the doubters: Get Your Facts Straight!

    -First came the Keyes leak, which was somewhat broken on the Vibrant.
    -Then came the AT&T leak, which was ported (mostly successfully) to the Vibrant, still some issues.
    -Then came the T-Mobile leak, which is what Bionix and Macnut were based off of.
    -Finally, we have the newest leak, FROM T-MOBILE (according to XDA Developers) that has a few more enhancements, but may be at a cost to battery life.

    Take and do with that what you will.

  14. Interesting … I’ve not connected mine to the PC for ages.. might just do that tonight to see what the fuss is all about :-D

  15. Okay. I understand the frustration. Both sides guilty as charged. But there is a solution. Go to this link and try this ROM. IT ROCKS.

  16. Can’t freaking believe it. I’m basically done with these phone companies and samsung not coordinating these updates more effectively…

  17. I updated mine to 2.2.1 about 3 weeks ago and it is the best yet, very smooth, a lot faster and no lag.

  18. @Kevin

    You’re still an idiot. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Stop.

  19. Thanks to eugene373 and Team Whiskey (xda) I’ve been running 2.2 for quite some time now. The version number says 2.2, not 2.2.1 so I assume that’s what it is. Did it originate from T-Mobile? Dunno/duncare. All I can say is thank god for xda. This particular rom (nero 4.1) runs so fast thanks to the switch from rfs to ext4, I don’t need a lagfix. If they are reporting such speed improvements in the new i9000 rom, it would almost certainly be this switch. If anyone is still running 2.1 on your galaxy s, do yourself a favor and check out xda. It truly is life changing… And be sure to support your favorite rom developer! It’s not as scary/dangerous as some might believe and the good folks at xda have made it so simple to do with step-by-step instructions.

  20. No one in the US should buy another Samsung Android phone, until Samsung finally updates the Galaxy S devices in the US to Android 2.2.1. If they think so little of customers, then customers should not give them their hard earned money. #NeverAgainSamsung

  21. After the 2.2.1 update, is the OCLF (One Click Lag Fix) not required (in your opinion) ?

  22. I genuinely don’t understand the fuss with waiting a few days, weeks, months for new firmware. What’s the big deal, if you want to dump Samsung devices for that then so be it … but look at the added advantage of having others “beta” test it for you before it happens … and really, is there that much ground breaking new features on the upgrades that warrant crying about it? C’mon guys, its not that a biggie … maybe you should go the Apple route in all seriousness.

  23. TJ
    I’m not using any lag fix at all, it just doesn’t need it.

  24. I live in Spain but we don’t have anything like a new update yet, i connect my phone daily to kies but still we have only froyo. and is working mega good

  25. @TJ: If you go into Maps on a Galaxy S phone, chances are it will crash, requiring you to reboot the phone. It’s not just that people want new features in 2.2, it’s that the phone has major locking up and lag problems that make it slower than a G1.

    Also @Quentyn: Ext4 or another file system isn’t required to remove the lag from a Galaxy S phone. There are also very good reasons why Samsung chose to use RFS. The problem is that the RFS driver is buggy and/or slow. All that they really need to do is fix the RFS driver, not switch to a different file system.

  26. I also updated to 2.2.1 on my SGS: but at first it totally screwed up some of my aps, with loads of lag. Music player and Gallery were a joke: both crashing and hanging forcing me to do a force close.

    THEN, I read a post that said that I ought to have done a factory reset after updating to 2.2.1 – something I assumed bloody Kies did as standard. Obviously not: once I did this (note – back up all your data before you do), the phone went at a cracking speed. I’ve reinstalled all my paid and free aps and have no problems with music player or gallery anymore.

    So my conclusion is that 2.2.1 + manual factory reset are a must, and that Samsung are tossers for not making this integrated as part of the Kies updating system that includes Froyo 2.2.1. What’s their friggin problem…???!


  27. I hate Samsung….Samsung SUCKS….

  28. I like the vibrant, It’s really slow and gps sucks on 2.1 but I’ve been running roms a week after i bought it, I discovered xda and it just snowballed from there. I’m impressed with the knowledge and dedication of the devs, these guys should be getting checks from the big company’s for keeping us interested in their products. This will be the last samsung phone i buy, just cause they don’t hear what the community is saying. Without us there would be no Samsung android division.

  29. This is old news.
    I’ve had 2.2.1 updated via kies like a month ago.
    Its fast slick no need for lagfix or custom roms and gps works 100%.
    I live in the UK.

  30. I don’t buy it. If they we going to do this properly they would have done it with the 2.2. update. Unless they fix the filesystem, the lag will be back after a couple of weeks of use anyway.

    The same ‘improvements’ were reported going from 2.1 to 2.2 remember – it won’t be long before people are adding lagfixes again.

    I think we have here a combination of
    – modest genuine performance boost
    – placebo effect ‘its new so it MUST be faster yeah!’
    – short term effects of upgrade which wont last.

    Samsung have crippled one of the most powerful handsets around with their poor software, I have no faith in a minor bug fix making a significant long term difference.

  31. Well, it did improve performance but it starts to lag again after 3 weeks……

  32. Lol idiot mc
    I’ve got 120+ apps installed and there is no lag or any slow down after a month. If you don’t have it then stfu.
    Look on samsung forums dude or even xda. Everyone’s loving it. Oh wait maybe you’re from the u.s and are on of those whinners crying cus you haven’t received froyo yet lol

  33. I never had problems with maps or other apps while I was on 2.1 … only thing was the lag which OCLF sorted at the time.
    2.2.1 seems a lot faster without the lag fix applied and gets a decent score on Quadrant – Even tho I know many say it’s not accurate, it gives me something to compare before and after ;-)

  34. Having just updated my Galaxy S to Froyo via Kies in the UK (I am on 3 network) how do I tell whether I have plain 2.2 or 2.2.1 as I noticed a comment above suggesting the .1 bit does not show in the version number on the phone?
    I am also confused as to whether I do or do not need to do a factory reset.

  35. Not available still through my Kies here in NZ.

  36. Which version of 2.2.1 is it? JPY?

  37. Not available still through my Kies here in DE

  38. Not available still through my Kies here in FR

  39. I updated to latest version and i find this highend phone very slow my old milestone seemed faster. Not happy at all.
    Also you cannot put icons on home screens if its on sd card as after reboot its gone. And only shows up in apps button thingy.

    Im upset after all the hype about this mobile only to find outs crap
    its non contract so can get rid soon. Looks like back to cex with it

  40. I have my Galaxy S here in the UK.
    and I find after the update its got slower. its a joke.
    My old milestone was faster than this or it seemed it.
    this post might be double posted as i put it on with my galaxy s before and now my mac.

    Also I find if you place an icon on one of the home screens and its installed to the sd card. it will not be there still on reboot.
    It will still be on the apps button but non of the home screens.

    Its not contract so guess its going back to CEX soon.

  41. I have a Sumsung Galaxy S and for some reason I can’t get the 2.2 Froyo update. I download the old and new version of samsung kies and still no luck. What shall I do next.

  42. I have unbranded Galaxy S in Ireland and no trace of update to 2.2.3 :>

  43. Sorry, to 2.2.1 ;)

  44. I have unbranded Galaxy S and there is no trace of any updates above 2.2…What the hell? 2.2.1 or it should be 2.3?

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