Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Camera Features Shown Off on Video


Sony Ericsson’s product blog is back with more in-depth content regarding their latest “official” device, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. This time, we’re given a tour of the device’s camera features. I’ll tell you right now: if you had any doubts about this device’s ability to take photos, then you’re in for a pleasent surprise. Not only is the quality above par, but the thing takes shots pretty damn fast: as soon as you press the shutter button, a picture is snapped and it’s immediately on to the next one. Sony’s impressing me with this phone more and more each day, but what do you guys think? [via EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I do think that the Arc looks very nice. But I trust Sony almost as little as I trust Samsung….

    I just don’t know if they’ll properly support the phone despite their protests that they will.

    I imagine the comments on this story will shortly be filled up with (rightly) irate X10 owners.

  2. I second that, I’d be pissed right about now if i was an X10 owner. Guess I’m glad I selected a N1 back then.

  3. lol X10 owners had it easy.. try being an ex X2 owner!!

  4. what company is this for?

  5. nevermind at&t ugh haha

  6. Sigh – because the US is the only place in the world, right…


  7. Wonder how long it will take Sony to drop support for this bad boy. LOL

    Seriously though. Only a fool would purchase it. Sony should get out of the phone game, it will be the ruin of them.

  8. As others have said: too bad the Arc is a Sony Ericsson product.

    Seriously, after the horrible (non-) support SE provided for the Xperia X1 and X2, and now the X10, does anyone honestly think they’ll be any different for the Arc?

  9. Lol, SE keeps trying and i hope people really do their research before buying any phone(s) from ANY company. I left SE after i bought the X1 they NOT even a support or upgrade.

    I will keep advising people to stay clear of SE and i will REALLY keep an eye on the Arc to see if they will upgrade it….

  10. SE are good with feature phones… this is a very high quality handset despite its lack of dual core. if SE support this phone, then I’ll consider getting a Sony Ericsson when my contract runs out because they make quality phones, if not, I’ll just stick with HTC, they’re cool.

  11. Not so fussed about the dual core to be honest. Hardware wise it’s very nice. A thin handset with a large screen and a decent camera… and importantly shipping with Gingerbread.

    It’s all about the updates though. I would presume that having made a fuss about how much better they’ll be Sony simply couldn’t get away without giving this Honeycomb/Ice Cream, whichever happens to be next for phones but it’s assumptions like that which cause problems.

    You would have assumed that all of the Galaxy S models would have definitely gotten 2.2 months ago given it was Samsung’s flagship handset… You would have assumed Sony wouldn’t have so publicly screwed over X10 owners gaining awful publicity just when they need good publicity. Can’t really trust any of the manufacturers.

  12. SE says they’ve learned their lessons, so now consumers can judge them to see if that’s true. I think it would be foolhardy to buy this phone, but of course some people will. Let’s see how SE actually performs this time around with updates and support for those loyal customers.
    If they prove to be up to the task, then they’ll be worth considering again next time around.

  13. Sony Ericsson phones were not good in starting age when the company started makingphones but now they are ok. I dont agree to Dave’s comments above that its imprudent in buying Sony Ericsson’s phones
    He said that some people will go and give a try
    I can be one of them


  14. I will NEVER EVER buy anything Sony Ericsson branded ever again in my life. After dropping the x10 like a bad habit I will never trust another xperia phone to be supported by this cynical company! I cant even believe that their trying to “show off” the ARC and touting it’s “cool” features after how many x10, x10 mini and x8 owners they just screwed with no Vaseline.


  15. It’s not even 3G or 4G HPSA+ so why bother. I used to have the X10 and this phone will never get upgrade to HONEYCOMB after what Ericsson did to their X10 last year.

  16. I have I admit the camera and recording is pretty sweet.

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