Samsung Vibrant 4G Pictured With Stock Gingerbread + Front Facing Camera?


What’s that you say? The Samsung Vibrant 4G was caught in another round of photos, but with a functional operating system running? BGR nabbed some new pictures of the Vibrant 4G, and up until now we haven’t seen it running software in any capacity. We just figured if it were running in all those leaks, it’d be with TouchWiz 3.0 on top of Android 2.2.

But BGR’s leak shows stock Android 2.3. No – Samsung has not caved in to consumer demand and offered up a Galaxy S phone with stock Android. It’s just a placeholder as they continue to port TouchWiz to Android 2.3. This in itself is odd considering all of the leaks until now mention it’ll be launching with the “NEW!” Android 2.2. Oh, and it has that front facing camera that non-MyTouch fans were piping for.

And I’m sure this won’t sit well of a certain bunch of Vibrant owners who are still waiting to be taken up to Froyo. (Let’s face it, it’s hard not to revisit that story every time the opportunity presents itself.) We’re still treating this as a rumor, but it’s hard to deny the evidence here. What are you guys’ thoughts?

PS: Am I the only Galaxy S owner wondering why it’s so easy to run stock Android on a Vibrant 4G suddenly? Not really surprised, but I’m kind of wishing it were that easy for those of us who tend to frequent XDA. Let’s hope Cyanogen can deliver us from this mess sooner rather than later.

[Update]: I should just note that the reason we elected to post this story is due to BGR’s belief that their source is credible, citing past leaks that have eventually turned out to be true. We’re not outright saying we believe this to be true considering the ease in which you can install Cyanogen onto a Vibrant (no matter how unstable it may be) and the ability to cut your own camera hole inside the front of the thing. Take this as you will.

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  1. think its a fake, looks like the old vibgant with the FFC mod and a custom rom to me. But who knows, vibrant 4g leaks should be coming soon id guess.

  2. I would love to believe this picture to be true, but my brain tells me that it’s someone with a FFC installed on a regular Vibrant that’s running Ginger Clone or Nero. If Samsung started running vanilla Android, it would be total win. Unfortunately, the company’s Android division is pretty dedicated to two things at the moment: pushing the TouchWiz UI and delaying updates as long as possible.

  3. Waste of money! 8==>

  4. Shame. I had to hack my phone to get it like this

  5. I agree with Nathan

  6. This is not stock gingerbread maybe just a rom…. look at the different between the clock in the status bar, gingerbread doesnt have am or pm

  7. Fake.

  8. I would like to point out the fact that it says charging (8%), but doesn’t appear to be plugged in. I call fake on this one. Probably a vibrant 4G, but not the right screen.

  9. Wait, I just saw the usb cord. Ignore my rant.

  10. Why was my previous comment deleted? I didn’t use foul language or flamebait. Anyways, I really, really hope this source is credible. AOSP on the Vibrant would be total win. Samsung does seem to want to push their own UI. Maybe OEMs will leave GB alone.

  11. (egg on my face) I see my original comment was reposted lol

  12. Another Samsung model that will be wrought with bugs.

    I love Android phones, currently I have the Nexus One and owned 2 others prior, but really the phone is only as good as the software and maintenance updates. Which Samsung sorrily lacks.

    Heck, even when they provide updates they cause MORE problems with phones. It’s just not worth it.

  13. This is the crazy people thread aye? “wheres my post?” “the phones not charging” So many failz lol

  14. Are all new androids still rocking that tired fuzzy 800×480 resolution? Are there any higher res androids on the way (other than tabs)?

  15. Fake.

    Proof: http://i.imgur.com/whYR8.jpg

    Above is the notification bar from that picture… below is a screenshot of a notification bar running REAL Android 2.3. Notice the time and the “application installed” icon.

    This is a regular “old” Vibrant with a FFC mod and a themed ROM.

  16. charging 8% battery symbol full?

  17. dude the pic is not fake.. first off look at the right hand upper side of the vibrant, you will see the front facing camera in your face and you will see that the notification bar has am/pm with correct wtf.. yall are confusing yourselfs

  18. @Bobbin theres a lightening-bolt in the middle of the battery icon; means is charging.

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