SeamlessWeb Hits Android for all Your Delivery and Takeout Needs


When getting off the couch is just a bit too much work, as long as your phone is within reach you don’t have to go hungry. Now ordering food is easier than ever thanks to SeamlessWeb, now available on the Android Market. Currently only available in 14 cities, the nation’s leading online food ordering service will get you all the vital info for restaurants nearby and let you order for delivery or pickup using your SeamlessWeb account.

The Android version includes advanced search, sort, and filtering tools, and can be found in the Market now for free of charge. The same can’t be said for the food.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Kool. Now i can order pizza hut’s from my phone.

  2. You have to get off the couch when the delivery guy comes, though.

  3. not if you leave the door unlocked and the $20 bill stuck in your fat roll. all he has to do is drop the box and grab the cash lol. hell they dont even have to talk. leave a sticky note on the screen door

  4. @jin
    you dont need a smart phone to order pizza with your phone

  5. LMAO@Aeok18109

    Thats some lazy mess right there….lol

  6. We need this in Atlanta!!!

  7. What upsets me about this app has nothing to do with the app itself. It has to do with the fact that it will never be supported in my shitty little redneck village that I live in called Warner Robins, GA. I’m shocked that we even have 3G here.

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