Another Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace Shot Reaches the ‘Nets


While most — if not all — the information we could learn about the Samsung S5830 before MWC in Barcelona was revealed yesterday, the phone that will be called the Ace or Cooper depending on where you buy it has yet again been captured on camera. The shot doesn’t do anything to tell us more about how the 800MHz processor feels and the 3.5-inch LCD display looks, but there it is. Some are calling it a Galaxy S mini, though we can’t say if that name will be part of its branding. One thing is for sure: the phone is definitely sized and specced to retail for a bit lower than your average Galaxy S device.

[via Engadget]

Kevin Krause
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  1. ironic that it was taken with an htc?

  2. HD7 AT THAT.

  3. Another Samsung phone that will fail to receive updates, no doubt.

  4. Galaxy S mini? Is this coming from a reliable source or your friend Bill’s second oldest sister’s boyfriend’s brother? I don’t think you should post such speculative tidbits unless you get it from the horse’s mouth.

  5. I, for one, enjoy some speculative tidbits.

  6. you will be better off getting an htc phone when the next Android update becomes available

  7. So you’ll speculate on the name, size and price of this Samsung device, but not on a Samsung software release.

  8. #neveragain… oh wait…I never did….I knew better

  9. I’m so done with Samsung phones!

  10. yay! love that there is an HD7 taking the picture :)

  11. Laybthe Fuck off the writers guys. Wtf? So fucking sick of seing people trash these guys. So sick of people saying that they “used” to be good. They still are fucking good and I read this site six billion times a day. If you don’t like it go to engadget and read about iPhone and get the eff out before iGet pissed off.

  12. Thanks ksizzle! And straight! Honestly everyone should be posting boycott this product not bagging on kevin. Seriously! Honestly if it is a samsung product it should be , who cares , you will not get updates and be upset and complain endlessly on blogs about it about!

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