Why We Aren’t Running a Story on the Claim that Carriers Are Refusing to Pay Samsung for Android 2.2 Updates


For the past two or three days the fine readers of this site have been bombarding us with a link to a certain post on XDA pertaining to the Android 2.2 updates for US Samsung Galaxy S devices. If you want to read it, feel free to head over to XDA’s forums and check it out. It comes from an unconfirmed source posting to a forum of hackers, so excuse us if we don’t take its claims at face value. Had this source approached us or one of the numerous other Android sites with this story and provided some evidence to back up their claims, maybe it would be different.

But we don’t want to run a story on that because this entire Android 2.2/Samsung Galaxy S debacle has all been based around speculation. We as a news source know no more than anyone else out there waiting for the updates, and it is irresponsible of us to run news items that are not based on facts that we can easily prove. That only serves to incite panic and outrage from readers, leading to things as crazy and pointless as a class-action lawsuit.

Whatever is being said about Samsung may very well be true. They may be holding off updates to encourage sales of newer devices. They may be asking carriers for too much money. It could also be that the update process is long and complicated thanks to custom UIs, carrier bloatware, different hardware configurations based on carrier, and varying cellular radios and radio bands. Speculating to the point where we become a crazed internet mob after someone’s head is pointless. It won’t get you the updates any quicker.

So please, we have read the XDA story and have decided we would rather not post about it (take this post as the most you will get). If you wish to continue speculating and pointing fingers, please go ahead and do so in the comments below or over at AndroidForums, just don’t expect us to be too eager to chime in.

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. Except you just did…

  2. Whether you want to believe any of the speculation or not, we can all agree that samsung is being super sketch about this whole froyo update

  3. @ Kevin Krause – Fail bro you definitely just chimed in for sure. PHANDROID FAIL

  4. Doesn’t matter the reason behind it, Samsung dropped the ball on their customers and we shouldn’t let them get away with this BS.

  5. Remember when phandroid told us to download the “official” sprint epic 4g froyo update only to learn later it was not legit. Its the business of consumer electronics.. we want SOME speculation but we dont want fox news of the CE world! Show me the hot shit

  6. well done. . . at least someone has enough sense to see the difference between FUD and reality. Until some facts roll in let the other “tech news” sites spread the gossip.

  7. Right. Because this website always deals in facts. Get out of here.

  8. Um….cost of updates is something that is worked out between the OEM and the Retailer prior to a device every being launched. While this situation sucks for mostly all Samsung Galaxy device owners, what you are reading on XDA is about 99% speculation. pr0tip: Root your device…nuff said.

  9. you basically just wrote a story on the topic, speculation or not, it’s still news that is worth talking about. isn’t that you we all like talking about speculations, rumors, etc. disappointed in you phandroid.

  10. Kevin Krause and the rest of Phandroid, xda is a forum of hackers? you guys just made it really easy to figure out which android blog to stop reading.

  11. We had very similar situation up here http://www.iwantmyonepointsix.com/.

  12. wait a minute… i come to this site all the time to see things that are new in the market and have been confirmed, but i cant tell you how many times i see articles on here about a device going through FCC and what Phandroid.com speculates it to be. The point is to always make sure you tell people that it is speculation and do further research.

  13. Speculating on speculation? Or slow news day? We just decided not to talk about it at all. I hate rumors about upgrades.

  14. “A forum of hackers” What? If that is what you think XDA is, you are sorely mistaken. XDA IS the Android community. Why are you so shocked that someone posted on a world-wide known forum with news/inside information, instead of coming to your piddly ass little blog that a fraction of the people know about with the story?
    To me, you just sound butt hurt that you got scooped on a good story. But however you want to spin it Phandroid, go ahead and spin it. Keep on posting “news worthy” stories of stolen Android costumes, by all means.

  15. I can’t help but notice you’re more than happy to pick up on rumors started on XDA when they talk about releases of new phones, or tentative dates for software updates.
    And even if you *didn’t* think XDA was an appropriate source, a journalistic approach would probably involve doing some sort of investigation, in an attempt to provide some original information not included with the forum post in question.

    But I could totally see why that wouldn’t interest you.

  16. I’m glad I’m not worrying about the froyo updates anymore. I recently flashed cognition 3.02. I’m glad that with my samsung captivate, I was able to get an “official” build. The international galaxy s version has never been a perfect port to the american variants. The captivate has froyo available in Canada which was ported to the at&t version by cognition so its pretty stable.

  17. Umm, you just did exactly what you said you wouldn’t do…bring attention to the issue at hand. BTW, XDA IS the android community. All the hundreds are Android blogs started after the community got to big and active that it required its own reporting sources.

  18. A class action lawsuit has the possibility of at least uncovering what is going on. If this is a sign of what happens when phandroid takes money for articles it is a sad day indeed.

    @Nick, hackers is what they are. Hacker is a positive term, it means one who brings more use to something by using it in a way not originally intended.

  19. You suck, kevin. I would love to read a non-biased piece of writing

  20. Samsung Sucks. I think all Android blogs / news sites, should boycott any new device announcements from Samsung, up and until they update all their Galaxy S devices in the US to Android 2.2. We need to increase the pressure on them, and the only pressure that works is economic. If their bottom-line starts to hurt, they’ll pay more attention to their customers.

  21. I think the hold up is with the carriers on this one. Every Canadian carrier has Froyo out for their respective Galaxy S devices. It made a huge difference on my Rogers Captivate.

    The extent of the carrier-specific crapware on my un-rooted phone is 4 non-removable shortcuts to Rogers apps on the market. With LauncherPro I can hide the 3 I don’t want and never have to worry about them.

    From what I’ve read, AT&T goes a lot deeper in their modifications and they probably have to test them to make sure they work on Froyo. And solve their GPS issues (Mine’s always been fine, even on 2.1).

    As an aside. My battery life has gone from ~12-18hrs on Eclair to 32-36hrs on Froyo! My phone also doesn’t turn into a hand-warmer anymore when I go to low coverage areas!

  22. Let’s not talk about “speculation” about a series of phones that has millions of users which hundreds of thousands are wondering about their device updates.

    Instead we will run stories about Angry Birds made from Legos.

    Get off your high horse and realize you are a blog and blogs speculate. Please refer to your past blog posts.

  23. Does seem rather ill judged insulting XDA like that. Not smart.

  24. I like samsung but they never give updates… ‘They say they will but then there is a delay or it wont come.

  25. Websites like these need to grow some backbone. Talking about ‘speculation’ is no different from the numerous topics about [RUMORS] being posted here. You don’t have to take a stand on any issues, but the least you can do is report it.

  26. So put a rumor tag on the article and a disclaimer that it may or may not be true…?

  27. Since when is getting called a hacker a bad thing? I “hack” and modify things to make them do what I want, does that make me a hacker? Ok cool! Whine, whine, whine, b17#% & moan, all you negative posters suck.

  28. Things that people say are so funny. I don’t see this as a you promised thing or they are screwing us, I see this as why are we always last. What I mean is that is seems that America seems to always be last in getting stuff and that makes us mad. And because of that the speculations derived from paranoia start flying. It is always one thing or another. I am seriously wondering where peoples priorities lie. I for one and not mad about the lack of the update, but more on the fact that my GPS simply doesn’t work. This is a true issue and needs to be addressed but for some reason everyone that has a Galaxy S doesn’t care about that, they only care about an update that doesn’t fix broken hardware. This makes me seriously confused and left wondering is everyone is level headed or not. Over at the “hackers” forums you can find the Galaxy S US models all have posted Froyo updates that are coming from Samsung. It is very obvious that they are still working on the updates and have not finished them yet. I suggest everyone take a look and you will see that the updates are being worked on and are coming along quite nicely. My Vibrant has gotten better with each build which to me means that they are working out all the kinks to make sure that the update is smooth. So drop the law suits and the trash talking and for heavens sake stop posting the “I’m on the inside and they are ripping you off” posts. You know they are fake and is just someone wanting to stir the pot, or in most cases they are smoking it. I agree with the article that all this has been blown out of proportion, and all the facts are being ignored because of a couple random anonymous posts that could have came from anyone, anywhere. I am running Froyo right now on my Vibrant and it is pretty smooth, but there are still a few bumps that I for one and glad will not be in the final build as they are still working on the release. But Samsung what are you doing about my broken GPS that wont lock half the time and never gets me closer then 30 feet to my real position. Oh and the fact that it wonders off in some random direction or locks on 3 streets over when I’m in a downtown area. My wifes GPS on her Nexus One stayed locked on and never hickuped at all! Now there is something that still needs to be argued about, and legit!

  29. Good call.

    No point in adding to the confusion, speculation and angst.

    If there were pics of a contract or something more substantive to go by then fair enough to run a story.

    Maybe it’s because there are 5 variants of the galaxy S in the US or maybe the carriers want the new phones to look better than the galaxy s series.

    My understanding is that Motorola has been slow with 2.2 updates too despite being quick with previous updates. Maybe because their new top end phones are also based on 2.2. Who knows…

  30. You shouldn’t have to worry about posting any news about android anymore, cause there are many other sites that post same topics or already posted before you did anyway. So now we know you don’t want to post on any type of news anymore.

  31. While I’m not bashing Phandroid for not speculating on the Vibrant debacle, you guys seem to have lost the flame that made you my favorite android blog. I can remember fondly when your app came out and you guys were the no holds barred, take no prisoners, bad boys of the tech blog world. Now I barely hear a peep form Phandroid while Taylor and Phil have scooped, reviewed, and blogged right passed you guys. I love Phandroid, I really do, but you need some young blood with fire in their bellies to rejuvenate this site. I’m looking to branch into tech blogging and if you guys are willing to step up to the plate, I’m here, and I already have a killer android article in the works. [email protected] although you already knew that. Email me.

  32. Yep, should be careful about the XDA references, especially references where you apply sweeping generalizations with negative undertones… paints a picture that suggests you don’t get it.

    I’m going to hop over to androidandme now.

  33. We don’t deal in rumors and speculation… except when we do.

  34. Almost sounds like Phandroid is trying not to slander Samsung. Maybe they are in bed together or have something to lose if they post negative. Lost allot of respect for Samdroid.com today!

  35. C’mon guys…everyone knows kevin is no journalist. Every article he writes is nothing but his own opinion. Just don’t read his articles looking for news. If you want a good laugh, though read on.

  36. An article about why you aren’t going to run an article discussing a subject that your article on why you aren’t writing the article discusses, by necessity, at length, is quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in the blogosphere.

    In short, if you’re not embarrassed for writing this drivel, I’ll be embarrassed for you — someone needs to be.

    Get over yourself, your bread and butter is speculation. Without it all you’ve got are third hand articles about Lego Angry Birds that no one cares about.

  37. Just a couple things:

    1- XDA is not a hacker forum

    2- XDA is also not the “Android Community” as some have alluded to.

    3- Dont buy a Samsung device ever again. This is where the company will feel the most pain. Talking trash on a forum means nothing to a multi billion dollar corporation.

    4- Speculation or not (and every post regarding this IS speculation) companies should not treat customers like this. The 2.2 build has been ready for months. Release it to the paying customers and work out the issues between OEM and retailer behind closed doors without the consumer suffering.

  38. Ease up on the dude a little bit. Most of you guys sound like i used to. Youvare likely a froyo-less pissed off galaxy s user. You can say your phone has froyo but as a previous galaxy user I know from experience that almost every one of those leaks are utter shit. The only froyo that Samsung has put out that’s even half as good as their own eclair is the 2.2.1 upgrade for the international SGS. its the only one that I have ever read about that is actually worth having. So lay off kevins shit and get a life.

  39. While what was posted at XDA may not be the truth, I have no doubt that something is going on. i.e. there’s a underlying reason why we’re not getting 2.2, and I very highly doubt it has anything to do with technical issues. I mean if Samsung, a huge worldwide corporation, can’t do what the devs on XDA have had done for us months ago than they suck at programming.

  40. Phandroid you silly rabbits….tricks are for kids!!
    the title of this post kills me….then you end up talking about the whole story, link included! Aiy yai yai! THIS site is partly responsible for getting everyone so worked up to begin with by posting 2.2 Froyo storys every other day!! Drop it already and just wait like the rest of us. I’m tired of all the whiners out their regurgitating their disdain for Samsung and the lack of Froyo. Please find something better to write about. Is it possible for you to go a whole week without discussing it? Doubtful.

  41. It’s well within your right, and probably your responsibility to ask either the carriers or Samsung to validate or invalidate the allegations. There’s obviously an angry mob demanding answers, so how about someone gives it to them?

  42. This article reaks of retardation. One of the reasons i read this blog is to see what the latest “Rumored” or “Speculated” device is coming down the pipe. Don’t deal in rumors or speculation? rofl.. XDA a forum of hackers? gimme a break. This article just turned me off big time on this site.

  43. this is a news site?

  44. You guys know the term ‘hackers’ isn’t a bad thing, right? It doesn’t mean they are people who maliciously break into things. Hacking is generally understood as learning everything there is to know about something or could also be understood as modifying something (usually in the context of computing).

  45. Bravo.nice grab at getting traffic while touting your own horn and making other sites who just report the rumor look like scum. you sir have hit a new low

  46. I think Sammy owners just want to understand at this point. That’s not asking for much. You don’t hear the carriers or Samsung saying anything, so why not offer up a speculative explanation that may make sense? Just give the story a proper disclaimer, and pretend you think your readers are intelligent enough to understand. I don’t think this is big enough to incite any more panic and outrage than Sammy and the carriers’ silence… But hey, thanks for taking on the burden of protection.

  47. Yeah I have no idea why people seem to think that XDA is an Android community. It’s so much more than that. Obviously they haven’t been around XDA much. I agree with Kevin being professional and all. Just sad to see so many delusional Android fanboys who think the world revolves around them.

  48. I think Samsung signed a deal with Google to make Gingerbread exclusive to the Nexus S for a set amount of time so people can get the latest from their device. Thats whats taking Gingerbread for the Nexus One so long is because Sammy wants it for their device…

  49. @Matias why are you posting on an android fan site. You moron! What’s the name of the site? It’s PHANdroid you fing tool

  50. This is so funny, because I am reading this from my custom ROM installed Captivate and laughing, please get out there find a good ROM and take the matters in your own hands. Stop depending on these Corps. Is official update going to give you the freedom to use your device with its full capacity, answer is no. So why are you waiting for it.

  51. Idk how much stuff you post from XDA but your turn on them and saying you wont post this because “they are hackers” was dumb of you. You just posted a song by an xda member and the other day a story, you link to them all the time so don’t give us that BS if you don’t wanna post on it just don’t do it man. Just don’t. Don’t post on it in a back story kinda way and then slam xda for your reason not too. Don’t lie, you just didn’t want too which is fine but just say that man

  52. What? I’ve had froyo on my Galaxy S for a while now in australia… as have many other countries.
    so that begs the question… Is this really a Samsung issue, or a carrier issue?

    I for one am sick of hearing about it.

  53. You’re not just a news site…you’re also a rumors site and I’ve seen plenty of speculations…and yeah, this issue is news in this day and age.

    And since Samsung has commented in this issue, you are forced to report on it. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s good. It puts Motorola, HTC, LG, and everyone else who makes Android devices on notice and less likely going forward to screw with their users.

  54. Guess I am not getting these 5 minutes back from reading this crap article.

  55. This site has become a laughing stock. Recycled news and bs articles like this one. The appcasts and podcasts are MIA. Just pure laziness. It is not the damn carriers’ fault. Wouldn’t that be one hell of a coincidence that all five carriers would be holding it up? Yo Kevin, it’s time questions be asked and answered, don’t you think?

  56. Hi folks!… Im running froyo 2.2 for the samsung vibrant the real tmobile release f*** samsung n tmobile its crisp clean and plays flash 10.1, the avatar for the vibrantamong other new tweeks the gps is a little off but its pretty sick. You do need to root your phone so look into one click rooting its error proof. Thanks to time, odin, blogs, forums and a web site called akaskriller… It may cost five bucks to join the site but its froyo and it works great! Go and get it! This guy AKASKRILLER knows android… And this phone is awesome I thought that from the jump but I don’t like being hustled so I said f u and took what’s rightful mine and its rightfully yours as well. So enjoy!
    Yours truly Gonyizzle…..

  57. Hate to break this to you guys…but you are NOT a news source. You are a blog. I say that as someone who enjoys your site tremendously and checks it every day, but dont pretend that you dont post articles based on anything more than speculation, opinion, or unsubstantiated rumor, because its obvious that sometimes you do. Not that there is anything wrong with that… But a journalistic, fact checking “news source” you are not.

  58. I guess I’m lucky my Galaxy S came with Froyo from the beginning.

  59. grow a backbone….many blogs are superior to this one as it stands….xda has helped put the A IN ANDROID!

  60. This is what happens when you settle for an inferior, fragmented, crappy OS like Android…ha ha!

  61. I don’t care who is at fault, I just want my phone updated. When I finally find the carrier/manufacturer who will take care of my needs, that is who I will be faithful to. To date, all of my phones are G1/N1/G2 and I have been quite happy with them. while my son has the Vibrant and girlfriend has the X10 mini. Funny thing is that I am more upset then they are that their phones have not been updated…Probably because they don’t know any better.

  62. I didnt take this to mean samsung was being dodgy, i took the xda ‘leak’/speculation to mean US based telcos are cheap. It would certainly explain why many places have 2.2 yet they do not. Coincidentally, telstra does not, yet Telecom NZ has froyo and both companies have i9000t Galaxy S(‘US3G’). Believing Telstra is cheap? not difficult! Believing USA carriers are worse? seriously, i dont have to pay for tethering with australia’s 900 pound gorilla of a telco (vertically integrated monopoly, what a brilliant idea!). QED

    Also, rather elitist attitude towards xda there. Not particularly nice. To me it sounded like: “lol sif believe a site full of hackers!?”. A bad move considering they are popular with most android enthusiasts..in my opinion at least.

    @jdub: the 3 words you used to describe android? only one of them is true. Hint: its the word starting with an f. Considering your iFanboy vision, i thought you might need that hint :P.

  63. I’m just glad I never bought a Galaxy S now we see true colors of SAMSUNG

  64. Samsung claims they are not charging carriers for updates. http://www.phonescoop.com/news/item.php?n=7346

  65. you should support your fellow android hackers(users) without them this site and anything android would not be around. If its true or not time will tell. Lets not forget about the samsux behold 2 . Face it samsung can play the victim if they want. To be honest i could give 2 Sh8ts about it. They were happy to take my money and all the other behold 2 owner (vibrant. epic etc).

  66. Where the hell is Rob Jackson? This site has gone to shit in his absense!

  67. Rob? Tyler? Where art thou?

  68. Thanks kevin! Everyone needs to chill out a bit. Either love your phone or buy a new one! if you have a galaxy s, first I am sorry, second if the update is important do something about it. It sucks, but 2.2 is not so ground breaking that your phone is going to land you on the moon it is mearly a software enhancement.

    I am not going to tell you to root your phone. I am not going to tell you it does not suck. However, when you decide to make your next phone purchase, maybe you will make a different choice and not purchase samsung. If you want to make a difference call samsung, email samsung do whatever it takes. The squeeky wheel gets the oil. Kevin does not update your phone. unless you root xda does not have much to do with carriers oems updating your phone either.

    The great part of having an android device is you choose the experience you want to have. Period!

  69. This is not speculation, it is simply an observation of History.

    Samsung has continually repeated this cycle of new phone, promise support/updates, delay updates/no updates….must buy a brand new phone for above features, old phone unable to support it………..

    This is there Business model, simply and not speculation, I did run this whole story on my site over at A.E., but that’s because I think this story needs some light on it in the public spotlight. I am afraid that simply ignoring or burying this issue is damaging to the customers who ultimately are the ones getting ripped off and tricked into buying phones that Samsung has NO intention of supporting….as they only care about total sales volume…nothing more.

    I used to respect this site as a hard hitting, don’t hold back the punches kinda site, but now I have to wonder. Just because you don’t have the inside information needed to confirm speculation, doesn’t mean that you have to be blind and ignore a companies history of events and practices. History is confirmation enough and those who don’t learn from it will repeat its consequences.

  70. Let’s clear one thing up for all the smarta$$e$ that say “just root and install 2.2” I have a Fascinate. There exists NO LEAK of 2.2 for the Fascinate. NONE. Check the threads at XDA. If it wasn’t for Punk.Kaos, we would have NO HOPE of getting Froyo and be at Samsung’s mercy. In addition to that, rooting and pushing ROMs and Kernels is all well and good for the thousands of us who can and will do that, but what about the MILLIONS of people who can’t and depend on manufacturer/carrier updates? ‘Nuff said.

  71. 1. Fact: Samsung hyped and sold galaxy s phones using the 2.2 wave that was everywhere this past summer and early fall. Remember flash? Tethering? Faster os? Better battery life? Yeah… where is that stuff.

    2. Fact: the vibrant 1 and the vibrant 2 are almost identical with the big exception of the os.

    3. Its been 6 months since vibrants release and five or so since the first Samsung announced and ‘missed’ 2.2 update target date.

    3. FACT: it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize Samsung and tmo are attempting to force the obsolescence of $500 6 month old smart phones solely by denying a state of the art hardware a promised upgrade.

    And this author says a class action lawsuit is pointless and crazy??? I’ll come back to this site for the laughs since they have such wild and crazy jokester writers. Roflmfao! U crazy! No more yanky on my wanky. HAHA!

  72. All the people that have a problem with this site should set up their own instead of whining.

    But we all know you won’t.

    If you want more rumour and speculation, Phone Scoope says they received an email from Samsung that they do not charge for updates.


  73. Hey Phandroid, it would be nice if you were a little more politically correct and called XDA a developer site, which is what they are. I mean we dont refer to you as a Android fan boy blog do we?

  74. Actually responsible journalism does confirm facts. Reporting rumors of an upcoming product is one thing, but reporting on rumors slanderous to individual or a company without valid sources is irresponsible. What if Woodward and Burnstein never met Deep Throat and just publish based off anonymous tips? What if they didn’t validate any of their documentation? Would anyone have taken them seriously? Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary proof. I don’t know if this is a defense, but I’d clearly like it to be a definition. Blogs do not have the resources to confirm facts so information that is published can often be inaccurate. If Kevin wants to hold his publishing to a higher standard, I think that’s a good thing. It doesn’t matter if he wants to start now, or yesterday or whenever, but there comes a time, if you’re actually self reflecting, that you may want to actually do better. So yes, everyone gets a chance to change their minds and their actions.

    Oh and since was being a hacker a bad thing? Some of you guys don’t seem to know the actual definition, which is quite broad. Many of you don’t actually bother looking this stuff up do you? You’ve got history’s largest database at your fingertips and you can’t quite seem to figure that out. If that sounds derogatory I apologize, but you are the one who didn’t hit Wikipedia to double check before you posted.

  75. Seems the rumor has gotten sapdungs attention ba ha ha! Now they “Promise” its not true. If it was their plan it won’t work now lol.

    tmoprophet is correct about samsdung having a history so with the facts we have it is perfectly normally to speculate something shady is going on.

    If you read up on samsdung you will find that they have a long history of corruption as do the other big 10 family run business in korea. Some people refer to it as the republic of samsung due to amount of control samsung has over the korean government. Samsung executives regularly received pardons after breaking the law.

    They don’t care about lawsuits that’s considered cost of doing business. Just like toyota with the brake deal. Its the asian business mindset. Don’t get me wrong I am not a hater I have 3 korean aunts a sister in law and a thai wife I love asia and have traveled there extensively over the years. It just is what it is so beware if you want to purchase a sammy product.

  76. @zeo, no hacker is a good term i agree, BUT the way kevin used it, was no doubt NOT in a positive way, the way he stated it, was that he would not do something because it was brought to light by “hackers” as in, they can’t be trusted. THIS is why everyone is upset, he was wrong to state it that way and should be more careful as a “news source journalist” to not slander communities

  77. @frigadroid lol you didn’t read much into the Toyota thing did ya, it was user error, people with the break problems had installed after market floor mats that were too thick for the flooring, the standard mats were fine as toyota designed but yet they STILL took it upon themselves to correct the issue that users had created by installing mats too large for their car. ;)

  78. Cheers to journalistic integrity. Thanks for your great service to the android community.

  79. @convert….kinda sounds like iphone4 and needing to hold it a certain way to make a phone call…lol

  80. @convert I think you really need to read up. What was the senate hearings all about and why did toyota pay a fine and do a recall? Lol at you too.
    Point is cost of doing business these big companies know they will be sued and don’t care about liability if they can make enough money to cover their cost plus a hefty profit.

  81. All rumors were put to rest last night maybe writer should update this. Samsung is not charging and other rumors are false and Samsung promise more information on Froyo soon.

  82. It’s also interesting to note that last week samsung says they don’t comment on rumors, yet they comment on this second rumor and denied trying to charge for the upgrade. That leads me to speculate the first rumor is more likely when they had no comment.
    Meanwhile the folks at samsung & t mobile are lobbying webster’s to change the definition of soon to anytime within the next couple years.

  83. As a loyal Android user, where I started off with the G1 2 days after release, I am very disappointed with the update process. I currently have the Nexus One and I purchased it on the advertised basis that it would receive updates before other phones. Well Google I still don’t have Gingerbread and if other phones start receiving it before the Nexus One I’m going to be a very frustrated Android user. I will feel cheated. I have not purchased the Nexus S because of the lack of 4G and now I am seeing how Samsung is treating its customers for upgrades. Tsk tsk Samsung. If the software is free and I can download it and pretty much install it anywhere then I should not have to pay for upgrades. For this reason I think I’m going to stick with my Nexus One which is over a year old now (longest I’ve every had a phone)and in my opinion is still one of the best phones on the market.

  84. I think I’m going to stop following this site on twitter (aka my hobo RSS) this whole situation is newsworthy if only to inform potential customers of samsungs failure in supporting devices. The minute you decide not to report it is the minute Samsung begins fooling everyone. We have to speak with our dollars if we want these companies to update in a timely fashion, and the only way to do that is by staying informed, and phandroid obviously isn’t the place to become informed.

  85. Hey Kevin, guess who’s app I just deleted? Phandroids. Xda is downloading as we speak. I won’t recommend this site to anymore of my android customers again. Take care.

  86. Wow calling XDA Hackers.. You know that’s an insult seeing how much XDA does for the Android and ENTIRE mobile community WORLDWIDE!!!

    XDA has a code of conduct and the forums are policed and controlled. They don’t allow the posting of files that violate any laws. As you can tell by removing any posting of Swype zip files.

    Did you go out and buy an iphone or something?

  87. @frigid hahaha yes government in America is just splendid right now isn’t it… PLEASE they hate big companies they will always try to take money away from them so they can support their bailouts and free healthcare shit, do you even know what the break issue was? it had to do with the shape of the brake arm, yea they purposefully shaped it with a downward scoop that ended up saving them NO money in manufacturing and no benefits either way, it was soley a design flaw, i wouldn’t call that “cost of doing buisness” i would call it bad oversight but whatever you wanna believe good sir

  88. The forum member who originally posted the so called “Samsung Secret”, was not even apart of the community. He joined under the name “The.Samsung.Secret”, and made one post. XDA is not a site of hackers, XDA is a site of developers. This little rumor only spread around, because people let it spread around and believed it. While in the end, like Samsung has done this with their other phones, Samsung is just late on an update. Nothing new.

  89. Wow I used to read this blog alot. Not anymore.

    Everything at the bottom of all your posts says [via “Some Other Company Blog beat Phandroid to the story”]

    I have no reason to read recycled news now that I know there is nothing orginal here.

  90. Kevin…you really need to rethink your place as a so-called contributor to your site. This site is growing fast. Ads all over, “skip advertisement-like ads”, constant android news all over the web. You need to truly evaluate what you say before you piss off a lot of visitors!

    XDA is the biggest site hands down for Android in terms of modification an open source OS….or did you forget this is open source and thought it was iOS?

    Please remove foot from mouth and choose words/articles a lot more carefully or you will loose visitors!

  91. Why is Phandroid hating on XDA all of a sudden? Which XDA developer….sorry, “hacker”….pissed in your coffee? Without XDA, the world of Android would be gloom. They are not hackers. Hackers break into government computers and steal classified information. Hackers break into bank systems and steal personal account info. Hackers don’t develop software fixes for fucked up Android versions that will never be upgraded by manufacturers/carriers (*cough cough* Vibrant). The people of XDA are pioneers. They are developers. They are people just like you and I, that are sick and tired of being promised one thing in one hand, while the other hand fills up with shit. So Mr. Kevin Krause, I think you should be very careful what you say. Or you might just lose some of your followers, and possibly all of your supporters.

  92. Why does the tone of that XDA forum poster, supposedly in the know, remind me of the tone from that uncle in Nigeria…I sent him $10,000, and he still hasn’t wired me the 75million he owes me for smuggling 375 million into the country.

  93. You say “It won’t get you the updates any quicker.”.


    If Samsung’s reputation get to stink enough on this issue, they will fix it, and the “technical problems” will disappear.

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