Official Shots of the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 and Galaxy Suit S5670 Leak


Samsung is gearing up for a huge showing at Mobile World Congress as new handsets continue to leak like a dripping faucet. A few official renders have made their way to the internet along with an official name for a handset we saw for the first time last week. The Samsung Galaxy Ace will be the name the S5830 goes by when it comes to market. The renders don’t say much about the iPhone 4-esque handset that we don’t already know.

Also outed is the Samsung Galaxy Suit, which we don’t have much to go on in terms of specs. Judging by its styling and name, we’d guess this will be aimed towards business users.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. Well well, don’t they look familiar :p. I can see a Galaxy S and a HTC Wildfire.

  2. ha ha, have the number of android phones touched 200 ?

  3. lol. if it did, then we have 200 reasons not to buy iphone :D

  4. Do not buy this phone its a samsung device, therefore it will ship with stability issues, and will never get updated on time.

  5. If you buy this, or anything from Samsung, be ABSOLUTELY SURE that you have a good, solid warranty from the store or your provider. If not, and something happens, you are in for a horrific nightmare dealing with Samsung customer service.

  6. SAMSUNG services are great OUTSIDE of the USA. i think some strings are being pulled to sabotage SAMSUNG’s capabilities inside the USA. lol

    here in asia, we have 2.2froyo bundled with SGS.

  7. @ reichnamjel
    I kind of hate you right now for the statement you just made. My captivate is on a 2.2 ROM because I still have nothing from AT&T or Samsung on the phone.

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