T-Mobile G-Slate Sign-Up Page Launches


After a rather premature announcement at CES, many of us have been left wondering when we will actually be able to find out more dirt on the T-Mobile G-Slate (once called the LG Optimus Pad). You know, things like pricing and availability come to mind. Good thing T-Mobile has just launched a “sign-up for more information” page so you can be one of the first to know all the exciting details. Let’s cross our fingers that the head of steam Honeycomb built up at CES won’t be lost to some untimely delays.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. Not liking the name.

  2. @Ahmed By naming it the G-slate that guarantees that it will be stock Honeycomb.

  3. But G1/G2 were HTC while G-Slate is LG. You might be right but time will tell.

  4. LOL@Sign Up page. I knew 10x more about the G2 before it came out and before TMobile sign-up info page ever sent a shred on info.

    Just visit here for the info, no point in getting more spam!

  5. @Ace Curry the G series belongs to T-mobile it is just like how there are Motorola and HTC Droid phones on Verizon. They even had a G1 Touch aka the HTC Hero on T-mobile UK.

  6. I just love my mac tablet….it has a full integrated keyboard, and flip up screen so I can close it to protect it. Love it. Yes siree, they’re called a Macbook, a macbook pro, why would I need this. I don’t.

  7. tomnewtn this is an Android site, not an Apple site. We like Android devices. Android. Android. Android.

    Where’s my troll spray?

  8. I have a laptop. It spent most of its four years in the closet because it was too much effort to turn on and wait for it to start, then worry that the battery would run out of power.

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