Samsung S5830 to Debut at MWC 2011, Images Leak


One of my biggest complaints with the original Samsung Galaxy S was the lack of innovation in its design. The thing looks like a blatant iPhone 3G ripoff, right down to the re-arrangment of the standard Android buttons to include a singular, central home button that smacks of the lone button on Apple’s phone. That central home button is back for the Samsung S5830 as shown in some recently leaked images of the handset to debut at Mobile World Congress 2011.

But for all that the the original Galaxy S looked liked last generations iPhone, this new handset takes its design cues from the next generation iPhone 4. Of course the Android 2.2.1 handset with 5MP camera capable of 720p HD video recording probably won’t be in the same rank as the Galaxy S (we doubt we are looking at the Galaxy S2 here), so maybe the design choices are a bit more forgivable. We’ll see more of this one when we travel to MWC in February.

[via SamsungHub]

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  1. Samsung needs needs to learn how to be original.

  2. Samsung needs to give out the updates they promise.

  3. Wow…. Samsung is straight up garbage. Way to be a follower.

  4. Hopefully, their antenna will work!

  5. samsungs needs to quit and let the big boys take over ( htc and motorola)

  6. I have an Epic, and i was so stoked. Good thing i payed full price so i can just upgrade later this year to a REAL PHONE! HTC OR MOTOROLA!

  7. I swear a company like gigabyte or a new cell phone maker should start making nothing but stock phones so there would be more stock phones to choose from.

  8. You know, after owning a Milestone, then a Captivate (couldn’t get it unlocked before the 30 day return window), then switching to a Bell Vibrant with physical home button, then going to a Telus Fascinate (4 capacitive buttons), I have to say…the 3 button layout is FAR superior.

    Yeah, it looks an awful lot like an iPhone, but it just plain WORKS better. Big, detented button you can FEEL that wakes the system, and there’s NEVER any confusion about where the Back and Menu buttons are. The two flanking capacitive buttons also have more generous “hotspots” making them that much easier to use.

    The 4 button design, capacitive or physical, needs to die. The search button is needless, when a long-press of the menu button does the same thing.

  9. Samsung definitely shouldn’t quit, but they should do better so HTC and Moto have to lower their prices

  10. @boostedscooby Why would Samsung quit, they are bigger than HTC and Motorola combined. I’m so happy with my Galaxy S after trying a stock Desire HD, which felt incredibely laggy and choppy compared to the SGS. I thought it would be faster with the new Snapdragon. Also, Motorola doesn’t give a shit ebout their European customers – the Milestone is stuck with Android 2.1.

  11. Wow another iphone look alike for samsung…yay! Cmon samsung, stop being a copy cat..seriously.

  12. Ummm…so FYI Samsung makes most of the parts that go into the iphone.

  13. Whaah!! my phone looks like somebody else’s. I’m gonna cry about it online.

  14. LOL, these kids are so ignorant. Most of the parts in their phones are made by Sammy. If Samsung really wanted they could take over easily. Check the stocks they make more than motorola and htc combined.

  15. This post is completely bias and ridiculous! Makes no sense whatsoever and has absolutely no facts included. 80% of the phones (candybar style) on the market look similar….whats your point? All it contains is the writers skewed opinion. LAME

  16. Agreed, my biggest issue with the SGS was that it looked too much like an iphone. In general I’m not a fan of Apple’s designs so that was a knock against the SGS. Overall though it’s a very good phone. The only functional issue the phone has is that gps problem, which was fixed on the Nexus S. Which is why I’d like to get one, well that and a better update schedule. Personally I like SE’s design language better, too bad they can’t get figure out how to code.

  17. Samsung should STOP copying the iphone! and stop using CHEAP plastic, that back cover looks cheap as hell!

  18. I dislike copycat companies. They don’t add anything. It is equivalent of person who copied over shoulder in school and gets as good or better marks than you! It grates aginst everything I belive in. On the other hand it made by great Korean company running on world developed OS so cant blame them.

  19. the back looks cool like the nexus s and the front looks like the galaxy s

  20. Neo: Im not sure if Verizon is your carrier, but the DL09 update Verizon just pushed out fixed the gps issues on the Fascinate. It really is a great phone even without 2.2. This latest update fixed a bunch of issues and made this SGS model even better than it was.

  21. Samsung SUCKS.

  22. lol @ all the americans hating on Samsung, maybe if your stupid telephone companies didn’t bitch at them to make 10 different versions of the same phone, you’d have your Froyo by now.

  23. BS on the carriers. Why did HTC and Moto update their phones to froyo in August and September? Must be the carriers delaying it genius.

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