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Yay for deals! T-Mobile may have introduced the G2 at a steeper-than-usual price point ($250), but they’re giving those of you who didn’t want to cough up money for it a chance to get it from free when ordering from their website. (You’ll be paying less for this thing than you would be for a Motorola Charm or an LG Optimus S.) As far as I can remember, this is the first time this phone has ever been offered for less than a penny. (I can’t remember if it was ever featured in Best Buy’s free phone Friday promotion.) Anyway, it’s a great Google Experience phone with 4G radios and great hardware. If you were looking at it before, there’s no reason not to check it out now. [T-Mobile via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Seems to be only when adding a new line or for new contracts only.

  2. Yeah they never offer phones for free for upgrades, not good ones anyways.

  3. @Eric

    I just ordered this for “free” as an upgrade. “Free” being that it’s $49.99 with a mail-in rebate + $18 upgrade fee + taxes + $5.99 shipping. But for basically $30 after rebate it’s a great deal. Early V-day gift for the wife and getting her out of her MyTouch 3G.

  4. the g2,,wow,,its such an amazing phone,its soo underated.its sad.this phone maybe should be free so more ppl would get it and realize how amazing it is.

  5. They have been giving them away for over a month, ask for the Customer Loyalty department even if you are not qualified for an upgrade they will give it to you, that’s how I picked up mine….

  6. Not true. Showing as free for me and I’m only 14 months into my contract.

  7. I took advantage of the free G2 before Christmas, and then sent it back before remorse period expired. Not committing to 2 years more when the dang thing doesn’t work right and has a loose hinge.

  8. My contract had expired, so I called and said contract, and they are shipping me a G2 for free, but the offer expires at midnight.

  9. I have the G2 and love it!

  10. hmm upgrade for me the phone is free… 49.99 with a $50 mail in rebate though thats how they get you but hey best deal ive seen in a while!!

  11. I got the one from December and love it, no problems with it at all. My brother just upgraded his through this deal tonight, it cost him $50, but will get a $50 rebate.

  12. I got the one from December and love it, no problems with it at all. My brother just upgraded his through this deal tonight, it cost him $50, but will get a $50 rebate.

  13. Love it so much, just had to say it twice I suppose.


  15. Hey, Yarrell: STOP YELLING! When you type in caps, you’re yelling, and nobody wants to read your post. Particularly when it’s as long as the post in that other thread. And stop using ellipses (…). And who wants to pay $10 extra dollars a month for a service that most people don’t get.

  16. Hey, Dick Yarrell, Stfu! Nobody cares about your biased opinions. If you’re happy with Dan Hesse’s mini Wimax 4G wannabe appendage stuck clear up your bum, then great. Stop hating & making false claims. Sprintless’ coverage is not a huge leap over TMO & can’t touch 21 mbps.

  17. It is a great deal if you get one that works. I couldn’t help wondering why are they offering free G2’s NOW. Mine was great for the first week, which pleasantly surprised me as I had one from the preorder which was buggy as heck and which I returned. The free one from Dec. then started exhibiting touch screen errors when using the virtual keyboard.I would press squarely on a letter and it would activate other keys.I had updated the os, factory reset it, and loaded very few but reliable apps on it, so I knew this would require a replacement, which means a refurb, which means it was sent back because of problems. That, with the loose hinge, and CES right around the corner, I felt it better to return and wait to see what dual core wonder might be coming. My N1 will be fine in the meantime.

  18. Got mine today! Called, asked for “Contract”…she was able to hook me up. Free G2, no upgrade fee and free shipping. Granted, I was only a month away from my contract expiring with them.

  19. I called and the dummie on the line said that she could not upgrade me for free, or even close to free. Its been 17 mo. since I bought the G1 and I can’t upgrade? Sounds like you all did? What gives?


  20. @ richard yarrell…. lol just u wait…. they are a joke! ure evo will experience issues soon enough…….lol

  21. atrix all the way!

  22. actually the t-mobile “4g” network is faster… so take your evo and evolve into a “g2”

  23. @ munk…

    I think they also take into consideration how long you have been with them, and your payment history when deciding who can be upgraded.

    So if you have only been with them since you purchased your G1, and/or you have a crappy payment history…

  24. Apparently THROUGH Jan 20th means ending midnight Jan 19th since they shut down the deal last night. I called and complained through 3 levels of customer support to honor their deal. They made no effort to honor their word, blaming “3rd party” management of their official Tweet at What a joke! A telecommunications company not knowing the legitimacy of their own social network promotion? Oh, and their solution? “Write to our PO Box.” Like that’s not a dead-end for complaints! If you don’t honor your press release T-mobile, don’t expect good customer service reviews in the future…or customers for that matter.

  25. does anyone have a promotion code or receipt with any official documentation about this promotion? i was billed the full amount by t-mobile and they are stone-walling and telling me that the promotion never existed and that they do not have a Twitter or Facebook page, and basically i am a liar. executive support wont honor anyting unless i have some sort of proof. any help would be appreciated.

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