Jan 17th, 2011

Rejoice! We should soon be able to put to rest the rumors that the Notion Ink Adam is vaporware as the issue keeping them from shipping the tablet – the lack of FCC approval – has been hurdled. With that, Rohan Shravan insists that pre-orderers should see their tablets shipped Wednesday, which hopefully means most people should be enjoying the Adam by Friday. He’s also confirmed that another round of orders will soon be taken for the next batch. They even threw in a fun little story about how the model number process went for them:

There is a small story behind the product code (assigned by Notion Ink). It reads NI3421A01. NI stands for Notion Ink and A01 is Adam 1 series. 3421 are consecutive numbers in the Fibonacci series. We can trace the number down to NI0000A01 (later ones being 0100, 0102, 0302, 0503, 0805, 1308, 2113 and 3421). This would mean that the final Adam you will receive is the 9th iteration! Behind every version and number there is either a very beautiful or sad story. For examples the 1308 version was in May last year when the investor issue started.

Neato. Now let’s see the thing in the hands of thousands of patient, yet still very eager fans. [via Notion Ink]

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