Notion Ink: FCC Approval Means We’re Shipping Wednesday


Rejoice! We should soon be able to put to rest the rumors that the Notion Ink Adam is vaporware as the issue keeping them from shipping the tablet – the lack of FCC approval – has been hurdled. With that, Rohan Shravan insists that pre-orderers should see their tablets shipped Wednesday, which hopefully means most people should be enjoying the Adam by Friday. He’s also confirmed that another round of orders will soon be taken for the next batch. They even threw in a fun little story about how the model number process went for them:

There is a small story behind the product code (assigned by Notion Ink). It reads NI3421A01. NI stands for Notion Ink and A01 is Adam 1 series. 3421 are consecutive numbers in the Fibonacci series. We can trace the number down to NI0000A01 (later ones being 0100, 0102, 0302, 0503, 0805, 1308, 2113 and 3421). This would mean that the final Adam you will receive is the 9th iteration! Behind every version and number there is either a very beautiful or sad story. For examples the 1308 version was in May last year when the investor issue started.

Neato. Now let’s see the thing in the hands of thousands of patient, yet still very eager fans. [via Notion Ink]

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  1. These are shipping from China. I doubt they will arrive in the US by Friday

  2. I look forward to actual user reviews on this one. I have been following this forever and looks promising. And they say, honeycomb update will come. This thing has too many ports to list.

  3. Read this earlier today! Cant wait to actually see them in action and read reviews

  4. The Adam in that picture has far less bezel than the production unit. Camera looks to be in a different location as well. Interesting design change.

  5. When this was announced it was big news now the only things that set it apart are the pixel Qi screen and the custom UI. I’ll wait to see how it compares to the competition before buying.

  6. Omar, that is what it had all along.

    All the other android tablets you see will all look a like.

    Nobody even really knows what the XOOM will be like, since it was only a demo video. It is as much vaporware as the adam tablet ever was.

    So far, I find it amazing everybody praises Honeycomb, but the only thing we know about honeycomb is it was made for tablets by Google, that is all anyone seems to care about.

    If you ask the average person waiting for Honeycomb, which features he wants the most, they will be stumped to give an answer, because they don’t really know what it will have.

  7. The Eden UI is innovative beyond honeycomb because you have more running than a widget … Think outlook express to ms outlook for every app you use day to day simultaneously. IMHO

  8. there is a demo video of the xoom in actual use. it was demoed by a google engineer at a CES presentation

  9. @keith – Hope you have had a chance to encounter the following review

  10. I have a few questions?? where will we be able to buy it and when?? If i want to pre order were do i go??

  11. Exactly Dan an engineer! An engineer who had a hand in development and more than likely was coached on how to make it look its best

  12. Shipping from China via dhl I’d be surprised if orders came Friday to anyone to their street address. But that would be fantastic.

  13. Omar

    Don’t forget full USB support, not just thumb drives but also keyboard and mouse.

    Rotating camera too.

    pixelqi trumps it all though

  14. No Google apps? No thanks, I’ll wait for the XOOM or maybe HTC tablet!

  15. photo is of prototype, not final product

  16. The major aspect that would keep me from pulling the trigger on this one is the lack of Google market. I appreciate that the Notion Ink folks are trying to make their own ecosystem, but what I look for in an android device is the Google experience,I don’t mind the “eden” overlay that they’ve given it, in the videos it seems pretty capable. But I’m afraid that I’d have to wait till it can be updated to include the market, or till a comparable tablet comes along with the wink from the Google mother ship. I love the way the hardware looks, and the amount of features they’ve jammed into it and I love the overlay, however I fear I will find myself looking elsewhere until it can be hooked up with my current Google apps.

  17. @lazarus @t-roy Adam doesn’t have Android Market because of the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) not officially release to be used in the Adam OS. Android Market is for mobile phone only accessible through Android 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3. For a tablet to access Android Market, it must use the Android OS 3.0 Honeycomb. Get it!!!. Once Honeycomb officially release, Adam will be patched and there you go your precious Android Market accessible through Adam.

  18. Seems pretty idiotic to put at an Android table that can’t use the market.

  19. The adam will get market access once it is updated to honeycomb.

  20. I actually had a pre-order on this until I found out that there was no market. According to Rohan (Android Police interview), only phones can access the market (he even said that the Galaxy tab was a ‘phone’). There has never been ANY indication (and I have read about every blog/interview) that this will ever get the Android market.

    Also – the only comments I have seen regarding Honeycomb is that Rohan does not see it as a true tablet OS at this point (which leads me to believe that the Adam will not be getting Honeycomb any time in the near future).

  21. I’m sure that there will be a way to get the Android Market on this tablet quite easily. By the time Honeycomb comes around, this will get the update and with it maybe a more friendly approach from Google as far as having the Android Market on tablets goes. I heard that there will be no restrictions once honeycomb is out for tablets at least.

  22. Quote @Andy: “the only comments I have seen regarding Honeycomb is that Rohan does not see it as a true tablet OS at this point”

    Andy – I have not seen your above comment anywhere, and I’ve been following NI for quite a while. Care to link where you saw these comments?

  23. #20 Andy, you stopped reading to soon. The NI Jan 12 blog says exactly the opposite.

    “At CES we all learnt about Honeycomb. At Notion Ink we were aware of this project and could guess what modules were being improved, and made Eden so things are compatible. As such there are no official hardware restrictions, and when Honeycomb is available, we will send updates as soon as possible.”

  24. Complaining about the absence of market apps is kinda pointless since you can always download apps outside of the market. The market will be added to the notion ink adam eventually. I personally won’t buy any android tablet until a few well specced tabs show up and are reviewed. Notion ink, the ipad2, the xoom and a rooted nook are the only tablets I would currently consider. The xoom is going to be like 800 dollars and the ipad2 has way too few ports for my liking, so again, I’ll be playing the waiting game. Although so far, the notion ink adam is definitely at the top of my list when considering tablet purchases.

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