Motorola DROID X Gets Overclocked Before Heading to China


The Motorola DROID X is headed for Chinese shelves – it’s been renamed the ME811 for this occasion, by the way – and it’s not much different from Verizon’s version here in the states. Still, the one difference it does ship with isn’t one to be upset about: it’ll be clocked at 1.2GHz. The same processor – the 3630 OMAP from Texas Instrument – has already been overclocked by the ROM and modding community in the original X, so it’s good to see Motorola embracing how stable the chip is by offering the clock speed stock. Most of you aren’t from China, though, so I can’t imagine you’ll care. Still nice, regardless. (And perhaps Motorola and Verizon might be keen on pushing the limits of the phone in a future software update. One can only hope.) [via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Most of us aren’t chinese because they won’t let anyone living there view site or many others for that matter.

  2. Why is it that when they do cool stuff for these phones it seems that we in the US get them last if ever at all?

  3. I did this last night with the d2 /dx over clocking app in the market. Well worth the .99

  4. I don’t know what the post means by coming to china. Given it is made there, it has been there since the start. It might be getting marketed officially now I guess….

    Made in China FTL

    Isn’t it funny that Chinese manufacturers spend $100 to produce an “American” cell phone, mark it up to $600 then have carriers subsidize it down to $200.

    I would much rather produce the droid in the US for $500, mark it up to $600 then subsidize it down to $200 but we’re too greedy for that.

  5. I have been overclocked to 1,3 GHz since the day that I rooted my phone. Oh by the way that was the day I bought it two months ago.

  6. Yeah…I think that the freezing and other bug issues with the X need to be looked at…but then maybe a upgrade will fix all that.. After all flash surly slowed the X down

  7. GSM? If so, which 3G bands?

  8. That was my first thought too Ace.

  9. michael.. stop moaning.. you at least get these phones.. look at us in the uk??? we don’t get shit.. the droid brand avoided us like the plague just the same as the evo and other gems.. we haven’t heard squat about 4g here.. and probably won’t till 2012..

  10. please release this phone in INDIA.

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