Xperia Play Video Clues Make Us Wonder: Sprint? Google TV Integration? [CURIOUSITY]


It’s 11:11 (in the video) but apparently this guy’s wishes were already answered: he is, afterall, playing with the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. And “he”, according to the source’s YouTube Account, comes from InteractiveGameStudio.com. Don’t let anxious and eager drift into jealous and envy as you watch 2-minutes of toying with what may become Android’s breakout gaming device:

For those unaware, the Xperia Play is Sony’s take at a Playstation Phone and they’re not hiding that- in the app tray you can clearly stay a “Playstation” application which one would hope runs Playstation games, a playstation store, an emulator, or some type of custom Playstation experience. But we already knew all that. However, I’m intrigued by a few details of this video and I can’t help but speculate (or at least think wishfully).

At the start of the video we see in the upper right the word “m:tel”. This could stand for a few mobile carriers but websites at mtel-cg.com and mtel.ba seem to fit the bill. Probably just the game dev using a SIM card but interesting nonetheless. This also probably means the video wasn’t recorded by the same person who runs the YouTube account. Hmmm… maybe we SHOULD investigate that YouTube account…

On Interactive Gaming Studio’s website I’m a bit surprised their “About Us” page talks about being Intel developers, WebOS developers, iPhone developers, iPad developers, and Sprint developers, but not a peep about Android? Maybe that means they got this phone through the Sprint developer program? Could this be what David Blaine is helping Sprint announce on February 7th? We’ve seen the Xperia Play on AT&T already so that would mean Sony would need both CDMA and GSM versions prepared. That would be an awesome announcement for Sprint, that’s for sure.

Google TV Integration?
What if the Xperia Play worked with your Google TV? Or excuse me… your SONY INTERNET TV. We already know it has Android Market. So it should be able to play Android Games. It already works with peripheral devices- you’ve seen the Logitech Revue and Sony Internet TV controller right? Now check out what appear to be indicator lights on the top left of the phone at about 1:44 in the video. Maybe they have nothing to do with acting as a remote that works with Google TV or even you existing Playstation. But maybe they do. And by the way… how freaking awesome would that be?

I’m not sure what the chances are that the Xperia Play will land on Sprint, but I’d enjoy seeing that on February 7th. Will it integrate with Google TV? No clue, but if it does, I’d consider it bigger than any announcement made at CES. Regardless, we get a good 2-minute look at all facets of the Xperia Play hardware in this video which is pretty good in and of itself. While the speculation is based on real clues in a real video, when you WANT something to happen sometimes you read into it. And now I rest my thoughts at the feet of our beloved commenters.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. lets all pray that sprint gets it….come on now…join hands….>PLEASE!!!

  2. all the carriers should get it!!! i think there be alot of sale i just wonder why didnt they put a tegra 2 chip in it!!!

  3. If Sprint announces this phone Feb 7th, I think I might break down in tears of joy. After watching all the other carriers announce, and release new phones that make me pine for something other than my EVO; I think Sprint needs this one. Plus I have an upgrade just sitting and rotting in my account.

  4. I’m on sprint im getting psp2 no need for this. Id prefer duel core evo.

  5. I can’t imagine this being a very big seller. I’m on Sprint (currently have the EVO) – but this thing will only sell to a VERY niche crowd. I could be wrong but I think gaming on a phone (as neat as it is) is very much a novelty.

  6. While that may be nice, I don’t think that would be “another industry first” if its going to be on AT&T as well. I think they’re going to announce an (android?) phone with 3D capabilities which is why they’re bringing in a famous illusionist

  7. @JinxDroid
    I’m kind of tired of hearing this point of view for a few reasons. First the iPhone is a major seller and I would be surprised if anything less than 70% of the usage comes from games. I also do a ton of things on my Android device, but would say that games get a lions share of my time involved on the device. I don’t think it’s a novelty and with the kinds of games becoming available I only see it being a huge part of mobile phones.

  8. Hey Terrence:

    “I think they’re going to announce an (android?) phone with 3D capabilities which is why they’re bringing in a famous illusionist”

    – I see what you did there! I GET IT!!!

  9. They have always had a hard time selling gaming phones. Portables are pricey as it is but combine that with expensive phone hardware that typically costs $500-600 pre-subsidy and pricey plans and it gets to be too expensive for kids and college students while older users won’t likely show as much demand for a gaming phone.

    Hope this isn’t Sprint’s flagship this year. I’ve gotten used to buying their new “it” phone every summer but I have no desire for a gaming phone or anything Sony really.

    Actually, depending on what kind of software we start seeing, this may be the first year I don’t see a need to upgrade. Just like with my home computers, there is a point where I can’t really justify an upgrade when there still isn’t really anything I can’t do on my current device.

    Right now I could only really see myself upgrading if they come out with some slick new handset with drastically better battery life and a UI that makes use of the high end hardware coming down the pipeline. Otherwise maybe my Evo will be my first phone to last over a year since they started giving out hefty discounts at the 1-year mark for Premiere customers.

  10. I think the Sprint event will unveil the “EVO 4G 3D”. HTC has been working on 3D display technology for phones. I think that will be the “industry’s first”.

    That very well could be, but I don’t think it is, as the nintendo 3ds isn’t even out, wait till next CES or latter this year (think next holiday season) before you start seeing 3d phones, but they are on the way

    I’m thinking it’s some sort of tablet that sprint is announcing…but just a guess…

  12. Only tablets I would consider buying are ones that are not tied to any carrier or data plan. Plenty of Wifi wherever I go and my Evo provides a hotspot during the few times I am not in a normal hotspot.

  13. Um… I don’t see anything about it not having a Tegra chip in there, so maybe, just maybe. I mean, if it did have a Tegra chip, it’ll make it easier for the phone to play back the games. And as long as this comes on Tmobile, I’m fine with that. If I don’t like the phone, just pop my SIM card in another phone and I’m good to go.

    I don’t know how you switch phones with Sprint, but for me, it’s just switch SIMs and go. LoL!!

    Oh, and for the guy above me,

    @derp you can easily get any tablet you want. All the tablets have wifi only versions and wifi-and-3g/4g versions of them as well. So pick out your tablet and just tether to your phone. I was going to do that with the LG G-Slate for Tmo when that came out. Just straight up tether that tablet to my phone. LoL!!

  14. I’m with JinxDroid on this. Other then some serious gamers, why would anyone want a gamer controller versus a keyboard of a phone?

    Hmmm… Maybe I’m the wrong one to answer being I don’t even own a PS3.

    BTW, I think the most likely thing for Sprint to announce on 2/7 would be 3D and/or DTV on a phone. Why waste bandwidth if you can just get over-the-air DTV? DTV on phones are very popular in Asian countries and have been so.

  15. The Playstation app is probably the Playstation Network app that was announced recently and has already been leaked and installed on many phones even outside of the regions in which it’s supposed to be available.

  16. Sprint mentions “another 1st”, there was already a “gaming phone”… the N-Gage (it didn’t sell well, but was a gaming phone). I would go with the above people and thinking that’s it’s the rumored HTC 3D phone. Though, all the things this article points out of what could be sound awesome… almost too good to be true.

  17. I will be disappointed if this phone or a Samsung phone are announced by Sprint on Feb 7. I have an upgrade waiting as well as owning an Evo currently and anything short of an Atrix running pure Google is a let down and will begin my wait for my contract to expire. Sadly, this phone seems ready for prime-time and is likely to be up Sprints sleeve.

  18. The first “industry first” was the HTC EVO 4g right? Logically, then the 2nd first would be a tablet, but who knows? Maybe the Xoom took that or something.

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