Sony Internet TV First Impressions – This Should Be Your Next TV [Hands-On and Video Inside]


Ladies and gentlemen, this is history in the making. Someone finally got internet TV right. OK, so technically Google TV got internet TV right, and the experience mirrors the Logitech Revue almost identically (more on that later), but when you package it in some beautiful Sony hardware it’s enough to make a grown man turn into a comatosed drool machine. That is what will set Sony’s offering apart from the likes of the Revue, right on down to the beautifully designed, PS3-inspired remote.

You may have already read Rob’s boyish gushing over the remote controller, and hopefully this isn’t the last time we see Google TV and PS3 associated, because a next-gen console with the Android-based service would probably be so awesome it would create a blackhole and suck the universe we know directly into it. But enough of my incessant rambling, we want demos!

So, like I said, you can see what you are getting inside the box is pretty much the same Google TV we saw hashed out from Logitech. But let’s talk a bit more about Sony’s hardware. For starters, Sony’s line of Google TV-enabled devices all feature 8GB of internal flash storage. From what we gathered, this space is reserved for apps, bookmarks, and other OS-related functions rather than media, but that doesn’t mean you can’t access stored files from a network drive. The media player lets you get your pictures, images, and videos right on a beautifully crafted HD screen.


And speaking of that screen, the Sony Internet TV will be available in four sizes: 24 inches at $599, 32 inches at $799, 40 inches at $999, and 46 inches at $1399. No monster 50+ inch set, but still a serviceable range for almost any use. Need one for a bedroom? The 24 inch and 32 inch couldn’t be better. The 40 and 46 inch sets are perfect for the living room. All but the smallest iteration feature LED backlighting bringing out the gorgeous picture on their LCD screens. And believe me, Sony didn’t cut any corners in terms of build quality and picture reproduction. Just because the focus is on the “Internet” part doesn’t mean Sony overlooked the “TV” part. These sets will rank right up there with other high-end HDTVs from the company.


But what if you just bought a new HDTV? No problem, that’s where the Blu Ray player comes in, though at $399 if you already own a PS3 or BRD player, you are probably better off grabbing the Logitech Revue to score the exact same functionality for a hundred bucks less, though I am almost tempted to justify an extra BRD player in the living room and an additional portrait of Benjamin Franklin simply to secure Sony’s remote, which will only be compatible with Sony’s devices. Still, aside from some stylish looks and the ability to play HD discs, the Blu Ray option doesn’t offer much in the way of unique features.


If I was in the market this would be my next HDTV. Hell, I might jump into the market just to pick one of these up. The 32-incher would look perfect in my room. If somehow Google TV flops I will be surprised, because the hardware and software are just too darn well-executed for this thing not to be a success. Check out a little walkthrough and hands-on below.

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  1. Screen sizes ludicrously small. What were they thinking?

  2. I would really like to know how this is going to work with Tivo. Any ideas?

    If it works well I’m going to pick one of these up soon!

  3. Is grover giving this demo?

  4. In the 3rd video, is it me or does the guy sound like the bear from the Cleveland Show?

  5. Browser seems too choppy but thats the only knock I have against it. I really don’t see how some reviewers/bloggers keep hinting at not seeing the purpose except that they want it to be Apple instead of Google. I’d love to have something like this instead of my laptop on my lap and telling my wife to come see this or that.

  6. On The “Sony Internet TV Demo” Video, Did Someone In The Audience Let One Rip At 2:23 Mark?

    That Had Me Laughing!!!

  7. this guy sounds like the bear from the cleveland show

  8. On the second video, did the cameraman fart @ 2:23?

  9. My current tv is 65″, anything smaller would be a downgrade =(. Guess i’ll wait it out like I have to do with …….

  10. Google is turning into Apple, without boundries though :P

  11. Confirmed fart in the second video.

  12. Pastrami makes me fart

  13. Anyone know if this will work with a Windows Home Server for playback and recording to?

  14. Whew….I thought that was me or a co worker that farted
    I’m wearing earphones and using only 1 earpiece…

  15. So, how does it connect to the internet? Also, when they were playing the video of “Salt” is was choppy in alot of the video. I hope that’s not how it’ll be for all videos.

  16. I still want to know why these aren’t 3D. Sony even says 3D’s the future. If its the future shouldn’t they use it in their new products. I want a new TV but I want a 3d tv and Google tv would be nice. Samsungs set has its own apps and is 3d for an ok price so ill most likely pick that up.

  17. I’m not impressed with searching for TV shows by title. I can already do that with my cable box. Now if I could search for a show that includes, say, a bus colliding with a truck, then I’d be impressed.

  18. Why can’t they put chrome in PS3 to replace that sad browser?
    I’d buy a google TV, but I also want to keep my other TV hooked up to PS3 boxes.

  19. SAVING MONEY FOR THE 32″ Can’t even get a bigger size due to my small room.

  20. Making childish fart jokes and showing disdain toward the demonstrato’rs voice; That’s the wittiest remark you clowns can add regarding this surprisingly good TV?

  21. @jo

    Good? really? Im not impressed with Googtv

  22. PS

    I like Grover…..

  23. Sony Hardware + Google Software = Ultimate combo.

  24. Call me when there is something over 50″

    Not even close to being big enough for me..I gotta play video games etc on this also.

  25. Wow, how innovative, I’ve been doing this for years. It’s called a media center PC, with a cordless mouse and keyboard. The only really cool thing that I liked was the remote, but that isn’t about to make me rush out and blow money on an overpriced Sony TV, I prefer Samsung anyway. I’ve had top-shelf Sony HDTVs (XBR9 and XBR10), and while I certauinly wouldn’t say they are junk (they have very nice pictures) They simply couldn’t hold a candle to the Samsung 7,8 and 9 series TVs in quality or price. So yes, IMO they are overpriced.I am sure there are a lot of people reading this with responses in their heads like(but Sony has this engine or that feature, or “this guy is stupid, he doesn’t know anything about HDTVs”). That’s wonderful, I don’t care. IMO,Samsungs have better pictures. Period. As for 3D, I neither know nor care. 3D, at least to me, is a novelty, it’s neat to look at for a few minutes, and I’ve had enough. I have friends who have 3DTVs and I hate them. Does that mean they suck? Of course not! I just don’t like them. This Google TV thing is also something still in its infancy, I look forward to seeing what features new iterations of Google TV will bring. Just because I am seriously underwhelmed at the moment, doesn’t mean they won’t have some really cool features in the future. From what I understand, if you aren’t a Sony HD fan, you can just get the google tv box and hook it up to your favorite TV. I look forward to see how this evolves in the future.

  26. Is there a decent music player integrated into Google TV? I use Windows Media Center and love how its layout works. Hopefully Google TV has something similar … ???

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