LG Optimus 2X Benchmarked with Quadrant


This isn’t the most extensive benchmark we’ve ever seen, but the LG Optimus 2X has been taken through the standard Quadranting (can I use that as a word?) and comes out impressively. It beats the Nexus One by – well – a lot, of course, but a lot of these benchmarks for Tegra 2 phones are still inaccurate considering Quadrant has yet to be updated to account for two cores. I’m getting scared just thinking about what the results would be then. Video below, if you care to see it. [via GSMArena]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Thats it?

  2. I said the same as well, but considering this is stock Android, it still impresses me. Most phones need to be rooted, overclocked, optimized, and all that stuff to get these types of results. And like I said, this doesn’t account for both cores.

  3. Whoops, not stock Android, meant stock ROM.

  4. Meh, I can easily get to 3,000 with my Vibrant. Even though I will not buy a Samsung ever again. I can’t wait to see how the Orion dual core will do.

  5. Yeah it is fastest out of the box than any other phone but not really by much (Desire HD is like 2000 out of the box). Then again, it is faster than the last LG Star Quadrant results you guys leaked (which was like 1900).

  6. @Dan …the only way you are hitting anywhere close to 3000 on a Vibrant is using data2ext….which fakes out Quadrant scores. That is not a legit score by any means. As for the LG, this is pretty impressive seeing that only one core is functioning.

  7. My vibrant gets the same.
    Nero4.1 DoW at 1.4Ghz

  8. When will Quadrant update the device list???

  9. I agree with Ace Curry’s sentiment. Quadrant can be ‘cheated’ through various means; stage fright, for one, there are quite a few ways of boosting quadrant scores (which I’m sure plenty of posters will comment on, and alternately call one another idiots,etc. Such is par for the course these days when someone doesn’t agree with someone else). However, even for not adjusting for DC, even for a “true”(sic) quadrant, that seemed on the low side.

  10. Let me change that from a ‘Meh’. I didnt catch the bit where it was only running on one core. That is pretty impressive for a stock ROM!
    To echo what else was said about a 3000 on a Vibrant; no way in hell is a vibrant hitting a 3000 out-of-the-box.

  11. Does the vid show that it only has 3xxmb ram?

  12. Is that a task killer in the notification bar? If so really….random guy with LG phone….if not really Aaron who can’t tell the difference

  13. More pseudo technical commentary. Quadrant is an application. Applications don’t care how many cores there are in a cpu. If the linux kernel used by the version of android running on that machine supports multiple cores all means is that the threads and processes get spread more evenly across 2 cores instead of one.

  14. Stop comparin tweaked and patched ROM’s to the out of the box benchmark for this one. Also, I’d say Quadrant highly favors Qualcomm chips, giving them higher score for stuff Qualcomm chips are good at. You know kind of like Mozilla scores the highest on its own Kraken benchmark. But if I were you I wouldn’t trust this benchmark tool at all. Bloggers should do more head-to-head comparisons between phones intead of simply using benchmark tools and calling it a day. That way we’d get a feel for real lworld performance and how they fare in actual usage.

  15. Atrix is still the highest

  16. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere that the kernel used for Android 2.2 and below doesn’t take advantage of the dual cores (coming supposedly in Gingerbread)…
    So that makes this all the more impressive…

  17. Don’t compare overclocked current phones to non-overclocked dual core tegra phones. An overclocked tegra could have a score of 5000 for all we know.

  18. Even if Linux handles multi-cores, that doesn’t mean a single app can automatically take advantage of multi-cores if not coded with multi-core in mind. You really do need to split an app into multiple threads to take advantage of multi-core processors which cannot be done without updating the app.

    As for the Quadrant result, at least we know that 2X outperforms Nexus One 2.2 in all areas but weighting is still less than ideal – in this case, very CPU/Memory heavy. Hope to see some Smartbench 2010 results on this baby.

  19. Why is there a friggin’ task killer icon up there?!

  20. just look at cpu score without jit in froyo for cortex

  21. why only 380MB ram??? skip to 01:46 of the video…

  22. Lucian Armasu posted:
    “Stop comparin tweaked and patched ROM’s to the out of the box benchmark for this one.”
    Yea that extra Ram probably boosted the I/O part of the test. Or it coulda boosted everything….lol.

  23. I’m confused. Is this phone coming to north america? I thought I had read somewhere that the revolution was our version of this but it only had a single core processor. If so is there any hint as to whether or not this is coming to verizon?

  24. @ sucklefish Verizon is getting the LG Revolution, which probably is single core, although somewhat speedy anyway. That phone has a missing sim icon so you know its not for VZW, since the LTE phones will still work without a sim in them for now

  25. @Reap: If this had the same lagfix applied it would easily hit 4000-5000. Just look at the different scores. It’s CPU is much faster than any other and that’s only benching one core, memory is faster than any other phone and GPU is faster than any other phone. Only IO is a bit slow, but I’m sure XDA will fix that in the first few days unless it really is a hardware limitation. I seriously doubt that though.

  26. Data/DB writes are kind of slow, maybe sd card issues. But everything else looks nice.

  27. Slower than my nexus was on stock :/

  28. Oh, I just noticed the I/O part is small on this test…Hmmm.

  29. i will get optimus 2 x about 1 week. IT will be released in sweden the 21 january :)

  30. Please people stop using quadrant to benchmark!! It is not an accurate reflection of a phones power!

  31. This phone is going to launch in usa for tmobile just call 611 and ask a rep, I asked 3 agents all said it is comming soon!
    We need a better benchmark tool like cinebench for pc, or pcmark, but only for mobile devices. ( it should also be heavily threaded because tegra 3 or 4 is already a quad core, the bechmark should also identify the cpu being used and should be always be updated via market updates = core count and speed as well) would be nice
    We need a reliable unbiased benchmark tool for the enthusiast in us lol.

  32. I read somewhere that certain types of CPUs dont really utilize the JIT compiler properly. Like samsung’s hummingbird processor. i couldnt get a definitive answer on that though but i searched through the XDA boards for a while. I totally agree with #31 – We really do need a better benchmark for the phones, all of those out right now just come across as too unreliable. Then we can really see what tegra can do

  33. Lmao at how LG tried to create hype by kinda leaking LG optimus 2x early but now when you compare it to everything that was at CES .. its shit. So much for advertising it and everybody WAS excited about the phone too. Doubt it would have had a good battery life with only 1500 mAH

  34. “We need a reliable unbiased benchmark tool for the enthusiast in us”

    I believe it’s called Smartbench 2010. Its new and XDA guys agree that it reports far more accurate results than Quadrant.

  35. Yeah that’s definitely a good score for stock. 3D performs about 30% better than my G2. I’d love to see what a good rom can do to it. I’m running a custom build of CM on my phone with a 2.1Ghz kernel…. The thing flies. I can easily get 3500 on quadrant without data2ext or voodoo or anything of the sort, just OC. What makes me exited though is that in the 3 months since I bought my phone, so many things have come out that will be considered standard by the time my next upgrade comes around, things like dual cores, 1080P recording, 1 Gig RAM, FFC, NFC, etc.

    I do not regret buying this phone in the least bit, I mean, how many other phones can run at 2Ghz? The G2, MT4G, and Desire HD…. That’s it. My phone is still bleeding edge and is gonna have a fighting chance against all the new phones for a quite some time.

    Lol, and I’m also super exited about the PSPhone since it runs on the same 7×30 core, it will be a synch to port over, and torrent sites will make the games super easy to come by.

  36. modded it should hit way over 3000. Dare i say it could hit over 4000. i just hope LG wises up and release their retna screen competitor on this flagship phone.

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