NOOKcolor Overclocked to 950MHz


The little eReader that could, the NOOKcolor from Barnes & Noble, has taken yet another leap forward from its humble book reading roots into the world of full-fledged Android tablet goodness. After getting root and recovery, the NOOKcolor has received a new flashable kernel that overclocks the device to 950MHz stable. The kernel, which goes by the name “She’s a Screamer,” seems to max the NC out at around 1GHz.

Who could be responsible? None other than someone from XDA, one Geniusdog254. If you want to take your NOOKcolor to the next level you can check out his posts over at XDA found at the source link below.

[XDA via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. I really love the coverage that Phandroid gives on the Nook Color. Good job, guys.

    I also love the dedication to the Nook Color development itself. Thank you XDA.

  2. Ha ha!! The Nook already supasses the unreleased Moto tab by being customizable..

  3. Nice one XDA / Geniusdog254.
    There is just something so cool about making something that wasn’t meant to do something, do it anyway.

  4. I’m really interested in getting one of these, but my main question is: Can you load books you already have? I torrent a ton of books, and use calibre to convert them to epub for Aldiko, so will I be able to import these books I already have into the NC?

  5. Yes, you can load books from your computer. Download a program called Calibre.

  6. @iamsteventucker: You can sideload your own epub or pdf files. If you go ahead and root you can use third party applications from the android market including the kindle app. Its surprisingly capable given its price.

  7. Have to say … the Nook Color I got for christmas has been used far more for Angry Birds than it has for Game of Thrones. Pushing this thing to near 1ghz means I’ll be playing some Dungeon Defenders or Dungeon Hunters this weekend. Now we just need Plants vs. Zombies.

    Once again, XDA proves how awesome community development can be.

  8. You can put Android on a NOOKColor? Isnt the nook only like 150 USD? and it can run android and be clocked to near 1Ghz? if it would have been this way from the start, the nook would have sold beyond its wildest dreams. lol. if the nook can run android and be 1ghz and is cheap, I WANT ONE! Lol.

  9. @ Bunie

    The Nook is actually $250 USD but it’s still a very good price for pretty solid Android tablet.

  10. @Bunie
    It already runs on Android, so you don’t have to “put” Android on it. All you have to do is root it, and most people install a new launcher. Then you basically have a nice Android tablet for cheaper than the “official” tablets. I’m very pleased with it.

  11. @Bunie The NookColor has always ran Android, it just had a heavy amount of B&N customization to make you never see the Android roots underneath. A nice tablet for 150 bucks is a steal, and I hope custom ROMs add to the mix soon.

  12. I must say I loaded this 950mhz kernel the other day on my NC and love it, quick and im still getting great battery life. this is becoming a very useful tablet. hopefully we will see the b&n froyo update sometime this month

  13. This is making my want for a nook color stronger and stronger. Can’t wait for tax return money!

  14. I would get one. The NC is a perfect tablet to own along with an adroid phone. Doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles of the expensive tablets, but don’t need those when the next round of phones will have everything you need. Plus $250 and NO contract! The NC combined with the droid bionic or thunderbolt is going to make me a very happy android user for a few years! Plus the money you save from getting a NC verses an IPad or Galaxy tab will buy one of the new super android phones!

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