Android Developers Set Blinkenlights World Record


Yesterday we mentioned the Google Developer Day event that took place in Germany, but we didn’t come across this cool little bit of Android awesomeness until today. Looks like a group of 72 Android developers got together to set a blinkenlights world record using the Blinkendroid app. What exactly does that entail? Blinkendroid allows a singular image or animation to be displayed across many screens, turning each small display into part of a much larger one. But why should I attempt to explain it? See for yourself below:

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Yay first. Congrats android. 0.o

  2. lol the xperia’s SUCK their screens are pathetic next to …. everything else haha

  3. Our world record has also been acknowledged by the Guinness World Record committee:

  4. @Jin

    First and first stupid comment. Keep going

  5. Proud to be a Android users

  6. Is it me or does it look like those white X10s crapped out?

  7. @PT: It’s due to the screens of the X10s. They’re working just fine.

  8. @andytop how is that a stupid comment? I just said i commented first and also said congrats android.

  9. @PT them white ones do spoil it … they should have replaced them … pity
    Very clever this

  10. @andytop failed!

  11. Am I the only one to not see any purpose in this app? Outside of a demo like this, Blinkendroid seems to be one of those completely useless apps that only look cool in a trade show. It’s not like I’m now going to go buy 50 or so Droids just to wow my friends or replace my nice TV.

  12. Blinken perfect if some phone manufacturers would design my dream phone with minimal bezel (border, useless spaces):

  13. The X10’s didn’t crap out, it’s that their display is crap and really dim compared to the rest.

  14. Wonderful to see.I have never seen something like it before.

  15. i like what android developers have done, very clever and its such an encouragement to young software engineers like me. i so wana be like these guys some day

  16. Wow! I wonder how they controlled the matrix. Would be quite awesome if they built in some (Bluetooth) intelligence so that each device knew its place in the matrix by itself.

  17. @appelflap: It’s an open source project. Try implementing it by yourself if you want to see it ;-) or create a ticket over here:

  18. @kbsurfer Nice!! Would also be awesome to do this with sounds. True high resolution surround sound! Imagine a long row of phones in a circle and a blinkenlight display in the middle. :P

  19. LOL the music and slow-mo @ ~ 3:00 are so overly dramatic.

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