Tablet Tuesday: MSI Tablet and NEC Dual-Screen Slate to Get Previews at CES



Micro-Star International, Taiwanese manufacturer of motherboards and video cards, is throwing its chips into the Android pot and is posed to unleash their first tablet device running the OS at this year’s CES. The 10-inch WindPad still has some secrets to reveal at the big show in Vegas, but early specs claim a Tegra 2 dual-core processor and 1280×800 resolution display. MSI also is reportedly waiting it out to see if they can snatch up Honeycomb in time for a late February/early March release, but will be happy to ship the tablet with Android 2.3 with an update to follow if that doesn’t pan out. I guess if the onslaught of companies releasing tablets won’t slow down, at least the next generation will feature slightly more worthwhile technology behind them.

Also getting a preview at CES is a new tablet from NEC, the company behind the LifeTouch series of slates currently out in Japan. The big selling point behind their latest creation is not one, but two 7-inch touchscreens. The slate will be able to run separate tasks on each screen simultaneously. How the two screens are arranged we can’t say until we see in person at CES, where NEC will also be showing off a more traditional single-screen tablet and Android netbook.

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  1. Courier style? that thing was awesome, android or not

  2. looks like windpad is something to watch for.

  3. The dual-screen slate seems like a winner to me if it works. like that toshiba concept laptop that had 2 touchscreens instead of a keyboard. having an extra touch surface that can act as an input device and double as an extra screen sounds enticing. the picture for the lifetouch now wouldnt lead me to beleive that though.

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