Aluratek Cinepad & Libre Coming In April [VIDEO]


Visiting the Aluratek booth at CES, we were given tours of two of their most promising Android devices: the Aluratek Cinepad and Aluratek Libre. The first is a more fully functional 10.1-inch tablet that has a pretty full feature set including a USB port while the Libre is a smaller tablet designed as more of an e-book and document reader. I was impressed by both.

Some of the Android Tablets at CES simply didn’t work well and were buggy… not the case with Aluratek’s products. But one thing that struck me as pretty outrageous? Most representatives at the various booths had no clue about the products their company was showing off. The product itself is of obvious importance, but perception can be swayed by the presentation, and Aluratek was definitely buttoned up and in the know.

Apparently Aluratek will have these devices ready in April. Of the Android tablets supposedly swarming the scene in 2011, you have to wonder how many will survive, but I’d definitely put my money on Aluratek above most of the other tablets seen at CES. The Cinepad and even the less inspiring Libre seem like pretty good stuff.

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  1. I was lucky enough to experience this tablet in person at CES and am very excited about it’s release!

  2. So let’s see. No dual core, no tegra, no front facing camera, no honeycomb. I’d only be excited if it is $200

  3. No transreflective screen on ereader = fail. Aluratek’s B&W LCD ereaders have this feature, why drop it?

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