Rumor: Original Samsung Vibrant Froyo Update Being Purposely Held Due to Vibrant Plus


Ruh-roh. Some huge allegations are being thrown around regarding Samsung and their hard time of getting the upgrade to Android 2.2 out for T-Mobile’s original Vibrant. AndroidSpin is reporting that their source familiar with the situation has admitted that the original Vibrant’s Froyo upgrade is ready to be pushed out at any moment. Why the delay? Samsung wants to give people more reasons to upgrade to the Vibrant Plus, which comes with Android 2.2, a front-facing camera, and 4G HSPA+ radios.

They also alleged that the original Vibrant is already able to fully utilize T-Mobile 4G – this one I’m a bit skeptical about. He expressly states that the Vibrant Plus has the added 4G over the Vibrant, but if the Vibrant can fully utilize T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, then it too must have 4G radios. Here’s the full quote for consideration:

Some disturbing things have happened the last week or so concerning our “Vibrant”. Samsung has NOT allowed us to push the update OTA for 2.2 because they feel it will decrease the value of the upcoming Vibrant4G +. While from a marketing aspect i totally understand, as the Vibrant 4G is what the original Vibrant should have been in the 1st place. But to shun off and bold face lie to customers is NOT what T-Mobile is about.

…Being that, Vibrant 4G and Vibrant have exactly same stats, added FFC and a new movie and the 4G. But i will tell you this, the original vibrant CAN utilize 4G FULLY. Yes FULLY. not what they are telling you.

I’m not saying I do or don’t believe this, but it makes you think. The Galaxy S phones across the ocean have had Android 2.2 for a while now, and especially for the Vibrant, they’re not much different from each other. We’ve seen countless 2.2 leaks for at least 3 of the 5 Galaxy S phones here in the states, and all of XDA agrees that the leaks for the Vibrant are far ahead of any other Galaxy S phone in terms of stability.

Take all of this with a grain of salt, though: we don’t want you guys taking pitchforks and torches to the doorsteps of Samsung over what could just be a big fat lie. We’ll reach out for comment. [via AndroidSpin]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. You know, at this point, it is not hard to believe this…

  2. I’ve added Samsung to my “companies I hate” list, right next to Apple.

  3. It’s things like this that make me really appreciate my Nexus S; no waiting on carriers or Samsung to release an update, just good old Google :)
    It’s even more satisfying to know that I’ll have Honeycomb(or whatever’s next for Android phones) whilst some people are still waiting on 2.2

    Google reference phones ftw!

  4. Everyone should have learned NEVER to buy a Samsung phone after the Behold 2. Someone in the forums just got 2.2 running on the Behold, which officially never went higher than 1.6 (since the Galaxy was coming out).

  5. Not hard to believe at all!

  6. called this when all the original galaxy s’s were being released.

  7. I think the poor customer support chat at Samsung is being lied to as much as their customers. They always play the “We don’t have an official release date” bla bla bla

  8. this to me seems most defiently true…i’m very upset at tmobile right now, and i would put more of the blame on them, than on samsung, as I think this is something that tmobile would pull…y have a spot for a ffc in our phone at all if it wasn’t true…the only thing i like is that i will have this phone eventually, as i’m waiting on my ffc to arrive, and with development going on for the vibrant (as little as it might be right now compared to when the phone was first released) we will have the 4g…so, i’m excited, as long as we get the 4g…if we don’t in the words of the black guy from white castle “let’s burn this mother fucker down!” lol

  9. I’ve been with TMO for almost 8 years and if I find out this is true, I’m done. I’ve already sworn off Samsung (EVERYTHING, not just phones) and if proof of TMO holding this back in hopes people will buy a new phone, then damn skippy I’m out. Hell, I’ll even go to AT&T before I stay with TMO after pulling this kind of BS stunt.

  10. this is precisely why i bought a G2 and skipped the Vibrant…

  11. I just said that a few minutes ago, they were waiting for the 4g version. The F**k with Samsung. I don’t doubt that they just lost several customers. As soon as that tax money hit’s my pockets and something tegra 2 comes out I’m ditching my vibrant. It just so happens that my contract is gonna be up just in time for that verizon Iphone!!! J/K

  12. If its true about the hspa+ then you can expect someone will hack the hell out of vibrant “1.0”.

    How do I know my MYT4G can’t get the same speeds as this vibrant+?

    Right now the only real distinctions between the myt4 and vib+ is the amoled screen. When I get hspa+ speeds in myt4g in this city where I live, then we can talk.

    Plus, no camera flash. What? I would still get the myt4g even if the Vib+ was the same price and I could get it right now.

    LMAO. The whole thing is so stupid. Important business strategy for Sammy – and TMO? Maybe. All to spite the fact it seems they want to push out the froyo ota against the better judgement of the manufacturer.

  13. Makes sense. Samsung wants to reward it’s customers by forcing them to pay for newer phones. I’ll pass. If they had any confidence in their software, they would give old phones the option of Vanilla Android and give the Samsung specific software to people buying new phones.

  14. At least rooting is an option. Thats the only thing keeping me happy with this phone

  15. Are you kidding? Lol….well if anything the phone should run on the 4g network.

  16. forget the vibrant plus (i have the original vibrant with leaked froyo rom since… october last year) i’m going with LG Optimus 2x it seems like LG has so much better support than samsung so when the optimus 2x comes out i’m switching

  17. People people people They did this with the Behold and now with the Vibrant and it will continue for years.

  18. Ill wait for the next, 4 inch keyboard phone by google or htc. Although the epic was my first android, i have definetly learn from this Samsung experience, not gonna cry about it. I definetly learned from it.

  19. You know I didn’t listen when everyone said how bad Samsung was about updates, but I’ve learned my lesson… Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice.. Well that isn’t going to happen..

    I’ll enjoy this Galaxy S until my contracts up, then i’ll never buy another Samsung product (possibly even TV eventhough I do love their TV’s) just to make a point..
    And working in IT i have LOTS of people that always asking me which products they should buy, and I always start off with which products to stay away from and why..

  20. if this is truly the case, then they ought to give everyone who has an original Vibrant a free phone upgrade… just saying.

  21. i think Motorola is coming out with the best hardware now, and from what it seems they get the updates out quickly.. Hell it can’t be any worse than Samsung.. Sony SAYS they’re going to do a better job, HTC has pretty good phones (great updates) but they won’t use Gorilla Glass.. I’ve had nothing but crappy LG’s in the past, so yeah Motorolla looks like it’ll be my next phone, hopefully They’re next to get a GOOGLE experience phone!!!!

  22. Why does it take so long to display comments? Or do they get lost

  23. Fuck you, Samsung. Fuck you, T-Mobile. I defended both of your asses and had people switch from other carriers and phones to the Vibrant. Never again.

    In a year and a half, I’m going to Sprint. I refuse to pay an ETF.

  24. yeah i would probably go back to AT&T and pay their ridiculous fees if it weren’t for that stupid ass 2GB monthly limit… I can’t deal with that! But the Atrix is about to kick some ass!

  25. This reminds me of the whole Gran Turismo 5 fiasco with the PS3 & Polyphony. They delayed the release of this game for years and people where up in arms about it vowing to never purchase another Polyphony game again as well as promising never to buy another GT title ever again. It finally came out and blew people away and suddenly all those whiners who hated Polyphony and the GT francise are now suddenly back with them like a love scorned teenager at a sadie hawkins dance. It’s not even been two months since it’s release and this title has sold almost 6 million copies. And so it will be with Froyo.
    Once 2.2 is released across all Galaxy S models, people will soon forget all the delays and broken promises and will no doubt be cozying up to Samsung like a high priced call girl on a Saturday night in Vegas. Mark my words, you heard it here first.

  26. I’m gonna buy a new tv in the next few weeks. If froyo isn’t out in a week or two, they’re off the list. This is obnoxious.

  27. “all of XDA agrees that the leaks for the Vibrant are far ahead of any other Galaxy S phone in terms of stability”

    So it means that Rogers released an unstable leak since they have the exact same captivate as AT&T?

  28. @elijahblake:
    Motorola prevents putting a new kernel on the phones and are way behind on updates. I am just waiting for CM7.

  29. this really, really makes me angry and is hard not to believe to be true. with the announcement of the vibrant plus already leaving a really bad taste in my mouth. this just tops the cake and Samsung is just covering the coffin with more dirt at this point.

    Even though my Vibrant is rooted and running a Custom 2.2 rom (Axura with voodoo BTW) and its flipping amazing. i will never buy a samsung phone again. EVER, dont care if they make the next nexus phone. Still wont. imo the nexus S isn’t anything to brag about and in some ways a downgrade from the other Galaxy phones before it.

  30. Hmmm… Nexus S delays Gingerbread to my Nexus One and now this garbage. Samsung is just plain awful! Not only do they impede the progress of their own Galaxy S line, they screw over Google’s orignal branded phone. Although this is just speculation, it’s all very probable.

    Marketing strategy or not, this is some prime time bullsh*t. Someone needs to work up some bad PR and take Samsung down–60 Minute special or something to that effect.

  31. Does anyone know if you can get out of a T-Mobile contract for not updating software if you are forced to purchase a data plan? That would be interesting to find out. I will call them eventually, but if anyone knows for sure, I’d appreciate some feedback.

  32. If this is indeed true, what is the excuse for the other carriers? If they expect you to get a new, exciting phone every year, they need to cut us a break accordingly with some deep upgrade discounts.

  33. Testingggg

  34. I bought the Vibrant for full retail so I didn’t extend my contract for this bad boy, I’m mad about the flash but I knew that going in, no ffc no prob, no update over bs big prob, I’ll do wp7 with tmobile next, damn Samsung and their no updating process. Verizon Iphone here I come….. T mobile still cool, I’ll keep my line there but heck no to the Vibrant 4g, 5g or anything samsung puts out in the phone department, Galaxy Tab excluded still think that’s awesome.

  35. @ 9.BC
    T-Mobile isn’t the only carrier delaying the updates buddy.

  36. From T-Mobile:

    T-Mobile USA This is not accurate. T-Mobile is working with Samsung to provide an update as soon as possible. Ultimately, the quality of the build will determine when it is released to customers.


  37. @elijahblake : that was a good joke.
    PS: Still waiting for Froyo on my Milestone 1.

  38. It is definitely Samsung holding back because all the Galaxy S phone across all 4 major carriers are stuck on 2.1. Don’t be stupid and go and buy a Samsung phone on another carrier and think that will change anything because it won’t, Samsung has been doing this for almost 2 years already on Android. If you whine about not getting updates on time then Google has provided a solution for you it is called the Nexus S.

  39. This sounds like a conspiracy theory….I wouldn’t be surprised though.
    But in all actuality, i really don’t think most ppl know(or care) about these updates aside from the small population of techies

  40. Samsung can go F themselves. If all they care about is selling phones and not their customers then they just lost any future sells to me. Im pissed at T-Mobile as well and ive thing twice about re newing my contract w/ them a well.

  41. Believable if you throw out the 4G part of the story..

  42. This is why Samsung sucks. I believe this rumor hole heartedly. I have the Moto Droid X and I’ve had 2.2 froyo four months and we are suppose to 2.3 in less then 2 months. The Droid X will have 2.3 os before the vibrant ever sees the outdated 2.2. Does anyone remember the Samsung Glyde. Or the Samsung Omnia 1. The glyde was yanked off store shelves because it has soooooo many hardware and software glitches. Same with the omnia. I FEEL SORRY FOR ALL THE NOOBS WHO BOUGHT THE POS VIBRANT YOU SHOULD OF NEVER BOUGHT IT.

  43. that is a stupid comment to make, what about all the other samsung galaxy s that are not on tmobile, they haven’t received the froyo update ether.

  44. @Dan: I realize that but there hasn’t even been a rumor that any other carrier has purposely held back a release in order to hock a new phone to their subscribers. I have been with TMO for a long time & I like their service so I sincerely hope this isn’t true. However, if it is true, that will totally ruin my view of them and since I won’t have any ETF to pay, I will seriously look at my other options. As for Samsung though… I’m done.

  45. I am very skeptical of this, all the the issues they have had with bricking phones with updates makes more sense. If this is true why hasn’t the Captivate or any of the other Galaxy S phones gotten a Froyo update in the US?

    The day the Atrix is released, it is bye bye Samsung for me. At this point they can keep their official Froyo, I’ve moved on and will never buy another Samsung phone for myself ever again.

  46. Samsung doesn’t understand how bad its going to hurt them. They will lose sales throughout North and South America, though they may still keep Europe and Asia, the brand is toast.

  47. To tmobile, I provide advice to singles countless Android users. Samsung is equivalent with the filthiest words, you keep doing business with them we still be forced to advice customers to stay away from tmobile as well, specially if what is started in stated article is true.

    If Samsung had decidesa to pull this stunt, you (T mobile) become the accomplice and as such you are just as guilty. The only way you can save face at this point is giving those units away for free to all previous samsung vibrant and behold owners, and don’t try to extend the contract when doing so, the backlash will affect Tnobile negatively. This probably will not be enough for many customers, but would at least show you are not involved.

    Tnobile, you need to take a public stance on the Samsung issue before it hurts the company further.

  48. Wow! Didn’t see this coming.
    Oh, wait. Yes I did. And that’s why I didn’t buy a Galaxy S or a Nexus S.

  49. Doesn’t surprise me. I’m still enjoying my Vibrant though regardless, thanks to Developers.

  50. time to think class action law suit

  51. Sprint EVO (or its soon to be predecessor). HTC is amazing with support and was the first non Google phone with Froyo. We are possibly expecting Honeycomb sometime in Feb. If Sprint or VZW is good in your area go to Sprint and buy an HTC! (free roaming (VZW & Sprint service), cheapest plans, 1 yr upgrades awesome phones) the Droid are great and even the Thunderbolt.

  52. Meant to say Gingerbread …not Honeycomb

  53. This is what happens when u build a FrankenPhone. It becomes a beast u can no longer control.

  54. I am pretty sure that this is Samsung’s fault. Won’t be surprised to see a LTE Fascinate before Froyo on the normal Fascinate.

  55. Doesn’t surprise me one bit. I understand that the point of a businesses is to make money. I went to business school. But they must have ethics. To lie and cheat the customer just to make profits is unethical and wrong. It’s too bad that most businesses these days are like that and could care less about their customers. They only care or pretend to care if they get caught.

  56. All big corporations suck, there is no difference between carriers either..They are all out there to suck our blood. Mobile business is hot so they will do anything to get the most out of it while they can, and we are the ones (consumers) at fault by encouraging them as we go out and pay hefty prices to buy their products..SAMSUNG SUCKS.

  57. I’m sure current Vibrant owners will and should be perfectly understanding…why wouldn’t they be?? *ends sarcasm*

  58. totally horrible, but totally believable, it makes no sense that they release a tablet with a 2.2, and somehow they just can’t get it to my phone?? and to release a phone with Vibrant 4G, with Froyo..
    It’s disheartening. :(

  59. This is why you NEVER buy a carrier locked Samsung phone. Why do you think Google sells their phones unlocked? Because the carriers won’t let Google sell them through the carrier because the carrier/Samsung want to purposely delay upgrades, and Google wants to push their updates as soon as they can. If they did that on the carrier, people wouldn’t need to buy the next phone just to get an OS upgrade.

  60. I was able to get my dad a free Vibrant because of an article posted here on Phandroid not long ago. When adding the line, T-Mobile required a “4G” data plan. Judging from the Signal Strength Widget I installed on his phone, his Vibrant IS on the HSPA+ network. After reading this new post though, I’m curious about the speeds. I shall test that tonight and if they’re the same as my G2 speeds… Well, let’s hope they are for the sake of Vibrant owners everywhere.

  61. I’m actually excited about xda developers unlocking the HSPA+ capability of my phone rather than being upset. Come on xda, unlock for that 4G for us!!

  62. The difference between me and all the whining Samsung haters out there: I purchased MY Samsung Galaxy S because of the top of the line hardware, the incredible samoled screen, and the great Verizon network which never let’s me down. I did MY research for months before deciding on my Fascinate and it was rated by EVERY major technology site online to be one of the top phones in its class WITH mind you, (wait for it) *gasp* 2.1 eclair installed. MY gps works great (albeit slow in the beginning, but fine now) and I switched out Bing for Google ( instructions of which to do so were avail 2 weeks after release). I’m rooted and have all the bloatware removed and my phone is everything I could hope for and some. Its only been out for 3 months so what do I care if an update isn’t available yet. I use my phone for everything and all my friends and co-workers (most of who dont have a clue what froyo, eclair or gingerbread means other than being tasty treats) love my phone and are jealous because I can actually use mine in the sun without having to find a tree to stand under! They’re jealous because MY 5mp camera takes better pics than their 8mp and MY HD video is more clear and runs at a higher frame-rate than there’s. I could go on and on but I think you all are beginning to see a pattern here. I’m sorry that you failed to do your own research before choosing your phone, or you bought a phone expecting it to wipe your ass and tuck you into bed at night. I’m perfectly happy with my Samsung Galaxy S AND my Samsung plasma tv, both of which have exceeded my expectations in quality AND performance.
    The way I see it is this: be happy with what you have or stfu and buy a different phone! Its nobodys fault but your own if you purchased a phone based on a software update that was to be released (wait for it…) IN THE FUTURE!
    I’ve never in my life witnessed so many whiny bitches complain about a freakin software update. You’ve got one of the best phones on the market, even without Froyo, so how’s about you people just relax and learn a little patience. I can only imagine the temper tantrums some of you people must throw when a REAL problem comes up in your life!
    That’s all I have to say about that. Flame on bitches!

  63. I find this hard to believe. Why would anyone with an original Vibrant upgrade to a Vibrant 4G? If anything, this would cause upgrades to go to non-Samsung phones. Maybe it’s true, but their logic is flawed as those with the original Vibrant running 2.2 won’t hurt Vibrant 4G sales at all. Seriously, still under contract, already promised 2.2 on the Vibrant, and then you would buy a Vibrant 4G at non-contract pricing? Give me a break, who would do that! And the way it looks the Vibrant 4G replaces the original Vibrant so it’s not like they’re worried about still selling the original Vibrant (other than to liquidate inventory). I just don’t buy it at all, they can’t be that stupid, or can they?

  64. Why would Samsung hold back on the updates.. they get would get money from the carriers buying their phones not from the customer (sorry if I’m wrong), so it would make more sense for the the carrier to hold it back that way when a better version comes out your contract is finished you are most likely to buy another one…well that’s what they think. cant go blaming Samsung all the international Galaxy S have 2.2 some have 2.2.1 you carrier wanted something different that’s why get the response “We and Samsung are working hard to get you this update” I,m guessing Samsung gives them 2.2 from i9000 and lets the carrier work on the rest to make it work on their own phone =\

  65. And that’s why Samsung can suck my cock.

  66. This is a lie, the 4G stuff proves it. The Vibrant doesn’t have the hardware ability to run HSPA+. This was made up to make people angry at Samsung. How I see it, as the Vibrant 4G is the same as the Vibrant with the addition of 4G and a FFC, it means we are VERY close to a 2.2 release for the Vibrant.

  67. I watched this video and was able to install 2.2 on my Vibrant… It is like a brand new phone now. I now have a super fast phone, (no lag) awesome screen, working GPS etc…


    Take a F@$#%^& chance and upgrade yourself!

  68. agree with post 57.
    So many moaners and whiners here it’s unbelievable.

  69. why dont you haters just root your phone and get 2.2 as i did. It does run on hspa, it does have mifi built its 4x as fast as any vibrant out of the box. Other wise man up and just buy the new one, if not read how to root it and upgrade your rom. It requires a computer with net as well as a 7th grade reading level.lmao

  70. This only reinforces what I commented on in an article last week: Dont buy ANYTHING from Samsung. Over the past ten years or so, I’ve spent well over $50K on Samsung products; HDTVs, home theaters, etc. Once upon a time (less than two years ago) Samsung had unparalleled customer service. I had an issue with a panel on one of my LCDs about a year and a half ago. Samsung service came to my house and switched out the panel right there on the spot. Most recently, I had an issue with a blu-ray home theater. It took over 3 months of fighting and arguing with them to have the issue resolved. At one point they refused to talk to me or return my calls for five weeks. They called me back very quickly after my lawyer called them. By a person who spoke flawless English (funny how fast threats of legal action lit a fire under their ass). During that same period of time, my uncle had to threaten legal action for similar reasons. He had an issue with his new LED HDTV. It should also be noted that when you do call customer service, you will almost certainly get a person whose first language definitely is not English and probably not their second or even one hundred fourteenth language. They read from a script and either dont understand you, or pretend not to. Only when legal action is threatened will someone who speaks your language get on the phone with you. I’ve never owned a Galaxy S, but I have a friend who is currently battling Samsung over warranty issues with his Galaxy phone-why that particular issue isn’t handled through his carrier, I don’t know or care. This isn’t just one department of Samsung, this is completely across the board-phones, TV, appliances,etc. While I can’t speak for Samsung’s phones since the last Samsung phone I had was an Alias, all of their other products are a crap-shoot. They work great when they work, but if something goes wrong (which, for some reason is increasingly less rare) you are in for a ton of fun dealing with customer service. If you have the option of buying a store warranty and it’s a GOOD one, I highly recommend getting one, because you are in for a battle otherwise. To be crystal clear, I’m not a Samsung “hater”; while I am typing this, I have a Samsung 120hz LED HDTV on with the sound coming through a Samsung Dolby 7.1 home theater (the replacement previously mentioned). Hopefully, they stay in perfect working order because if I have to get into it with Samsung again, someone may die. I’m sure that there are people out there who will read this and post about how great Samsung is, how they came to their house, updated their phones to Android 13.9, fixed everything in the house, turned their old CRT into a 480000 Hz 120″ 7680×4320 UltraHDTV with holographic projection, rescued the cat from a tree, and farted rainbows and unicorns in the living room. For those rare people, I say “good for you” you may hit the lottery next. For everyone else, I say “BE VERY CAREFUL”. In short; be VERY careful when buying ANYTHING from Samsung, read customer reviews, and most importantly, read EVERY WORD of the warranties offered to you. I really dont know what the hell happened at Samsung, but the customer service is horrible to non-existent. Im not whining or complaining, I am posting this to warn people what they *may* be in for when dealing with Samsung be it smartphones or otherwise.

  71. When you look up gullible in the dictionary, you see the faces of every single person who believed this rumor.

    Here’s the real story. Samsung figured out FroYo for the standard Galaxy S phones (i.e. International) first. Those updates have been successfully pushed. Then, Samsung did the update for most of the American variants. The carriers have had them for several months, but haven’t released them. Why?

    Several reasons, really. First off-bug squashing and customizing. The Galaxy S phones are harder to work with from a developer stand-point than other Androids because of TouchWiz and RFS. So, when they want to put their carrier limitations and crapware on there, it’s actually quite the pain. Secondly, the Galaxy S phones are not the premiere phones on any of the carriers. So, updating them will hog network bandwidth like crazy for secondary and tertiary phones. Thirdly, carriers execs don’t see the big deal between 2.1 and 2.2. To most of them, it’s numbers. They’re mired in the days when phones didn’t get software updates. You got them as they came out, and that’s just the way it was (see Sony Ericsson arcticle). Lastly, marketing. Get the latest and greatest…for a price. So, in that sense, at least part of the above rumor was true.

    However, overall, I smell a lying rat.

  72. PS-I still love my modded Vibrant.

    FroYo, FFC, EXT4 file system, kickstand, camera flash, video out cable, 17 hours of battery use daily, 1500 on the benchmark. So far, there isn’t a phone out there that can touch that.

    Does your phone look like mine? No. Can it work like mine? Yes.

  73. Don’t you love how someone who doesn’t even own a galaxy s has so many bad things to say about this phone? And the fact that someone can supposedly spend 50k on Samsung products and still hate them? Oh how I love the comedy spewed online these days! Stop talkin out you ass just because your friends dont have 2.2!

  74. Quote: Once 2.2 is released across all Galaxy S models, people will soon forget all the delays and broken promises and will no doubt be cozying up to Samsung like a high priced call girl on a Saturday night in Vegas. Mark my words, you heard it here first.

    Not me. I’m ETFing my contract and selling the phone. There are enough dumb people that someone will buy it for a nice price. Already have a deal in the works. Will use the money to ETF and go to Verizon. The iPhone is looking as good as ever.

    The entire Android Ecosystem is a mess as far as bug fixes and updates is concerned, IMO. I’m not buying another Android phone (and certainly not touching their tablets) again, sorry.

  75. Fuck you samsung, and fuck your slut mother too.Vibrant was my 5th android, it has been such a piece of shit it made me distrust android in general (no gps, random reboot, froyo scam). It was such a devastating experience that not only did I give up on samsung, I gave up on android and even tmobile. Now I’m a happy AT&T customer. So thanks samsung, for being the worst mobile phone I’ve ever had. (what’s even more devastating is that most of my stupid iPhone is samsung). They are fuck**g terrible to their customers yet somehow they are thriving beyond expectations. That’s America for you.

  76. They should just release Froyo for the Vibrant and then sell the Vibrant+ with Gingerbread. People would probably want the Vibrant+ more anyways because of the FFC and the advertised “4G.” It would not hinder the sales of the Vibrant+ to release Froyo for the Vibrant.

  77. @snaggletooth; I don’t think that you’ve read my post all the way through. Not once did I bad-mouth the Galaxy S. I stated that I knew someone who had a hardware issue with theirs and had a bad experience with customer service. I never said I hated Samsung, in fact, I said specifically that I don’t hate Samsung. I hate what Samsung’s once phenomenal customer service has become. I didn’t say I spent ~$50K on Samsung products last week. It isn’t hard to spend $50K over the course of several years when you are buying electronics for home, bedrooms, and office and you are sticking with one brand. Why? Because as I stated in my initial post, Samsung had unparalleled customer service. Whenever I had an issue, they not only handled it quickly, in many cases, a tech came to my home and fixed the issue. This is no longer the case. Which, if you actually read my initial post, would have quickly understood that it was about Samsung’s customer service and how far downhill it went in just over the past year and that I was trying to warn people that the terrible customer service is across the entire company as far as I could tell, not just one division. I never said anything about android 2.2 either, I have no idea what you were talking about. In the future, if you’re trying to be witty, read the subject matter thoroughly and put a few neurons to work before commenting.

  78. My vibrant is hacked with a camera and 4g. Suck it! :)

  79. it seems like there is always something to complain about from a company, because they are all whores for your money or they don’t want you to utilize everything you phone SHOULD be able to do.

    Motorola has locked bootloaders on pretty much everything new coming out; DX, D2, etc.

    Samsung NEVERRRRRR pushes updates when they should.

    HTC is great tbh. ill never discredit HTC for anything they make.

    LG never comes out with anything good on the hardware or software until the optimus 2x.

  80. Obviously, FUCK Samsung! That goes without saying, although I had to get that out. But now, I’m starting to think, FUCK TMO as well. And let’s take it even a slight step further. I’m about to start blaming Google for this kind of nonsense. If they had more control over the OS like Apple does with the iOS, then this shit would never happen. I know it’s supposed to be open source and all, but it seems like being open is hurting Android. They need to crack the whip and start locking down Android. Otherwise, I might just say fuck all this and move to the iPhone.

  81. Personally, I’m done. There are good arguments to both sides, but I just feel like Samsung and T-mobile have done everything in their power to stall, make excuses and even lie. I can certainly live without Froyo, but the manner in which this whole situation has been approached has been piss poor. Really the only way I can have an impact on Samsung or T-mobile is by spending my money with someone else. I’m sure I won’t even be a blip on their radar, but to me it’s all principle.

  82. I finally said screw Samsung phones right along with Motorola phones. I just got rid of my Vibrant for a G2 and couldn’t be happier.

  83. I have the Epic 4G. I was thinking that I just wouldn’t worry about Samsung’s abysmal customer service and lack of updates – I would just shrug this off and go to cyanogenMod and get the latest stable build for the Galaxy S and install it.

    The problem is that there are 0 stable cyanogen builds for the Samsung Galaxy S phone – and that includes the Nexus S – ZERO!!!

    It is the only phone listed with absolutely no stable builds: http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/files/category/1-stable-mod/

    What’s going on here?

  84. I liked my Samsung Vibrant. But I also liked full Qwerty keyboards, so I straight up sold my vibrant and bought me the G2. Now I don’t have to worry about bricking my phone just to get an update I was supposed to be getting regardless. Dugh!! I think Samsung needs to stick to making cameras, because I won’t lie, the Vibrant to sexy pictures. LoL!! Even without the flash. And the videos was just so uber perfect. So Ima stick to Samsung cameras.

    Vanilla Android FTW

    P.S. Google is triflin for letting Samsung make the Nexus S. It should have let HTC make it. That does not look like or remind me anything of the Nexus One.

  85. This is some bull%+!t. I’ve been with tmobile for 6 years, and i’ve had an android since the g1. I should have did my homework on samsung cause you guys do a good job of exposing these a_holes on these forums. My g1 was more updated than a lot of the newer phones including my vibrant. I traded in one of my old xbo 360’s to get this thing, using my upgrade I might add, and have been really dissapointed at the lack of updates. My g1 always had something going on. Im adding a new phone to my income tax “to do list” and using this vibrant for what its worth as of now……. A paper weight

  86. Lol’d at this thread having 70 comments.

    Why do you all hate on Samsung?
    Who cares, just leave them in the dark instead of conversing over their lame mistakes. COME ON PEOPLE, FFS!
    Everyone your new year’s resolution should be to never speak of Samsung. Or even care what their company’s doing.
    There’d be much less hype, and Samsung wouldn’t get as much spotlight, nor attention as they have now.
    Galaxy S sold what was it 10million?
    I’m sure a good portion of that was not the average consumer but more or less people who planned to root it, rom it, etc etc.

  87. Jesus… is there not a single android blog that isn’t dealing in pushing hysteria these days?

    Do you HONESTLY think a company like T-Mobile REALLY expects that people who bought a phone at most 6 months ago, are just going to spend another $600 for a minor software update(in high enough numbers to make ANY sort of difference)?

    Absolutely ridiculous rumor.

  88. COME On it doesn’t take an Einstein to see that this was happening way before when samsux had the low selling behold 2. COME ON PEOPLE WAKE UP . …….


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