Jan 12th, 2011

Sony Ericsson sat down with Pocket-Lint, recently, and was just about as honest as you can ask them to be about their 2010 performance. They gave nods to HTC and Samsung for gauging the market much more accurately and quickly, and they admitted they didn’t think their customers were as conscious about software as they were. (In reference to the delayed updates for the X10 line of phones.) They also wished their hardware choices were more sound as consumers are now more informed on what powers their devices and want phones that can keep up with them. Of course, their goal in 2011 is to take all of what they learned and apply it to their newer products. We believe they’re on the right track with the Xperia Arc, from what we’ve seen of it. That Xperia Play might also become a hit, if they can ever get it ready for prime time. Pocket-Lint for the full interview.

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