Sony Ericsson: 2010 Wasn’t the Best For Us, 2011 Will be Better


Sony Ericsson sat down with Pocket-Lint, recently, and was just about as honest as you can ask them to be about their 2010 performance. They gave nods to HTC and Samsung for gauging the market much more accurately and quickly, and they admitted they didn’t think their customers were as conscious about software as they were. (In reference to the delayed updates for the X10 line of phones.) They also wished their hardware choices were more sound as consumers are now more informed on what powers their devices and want phones that can keep up with them. Of course, their goal in 2011 is to take all of what they learned and apply it to their newer products. We believe they’re on the right track with the Xperia Arc, from what we’ve seen of it. That Xperia Play might also become a hit, if they can ever get it ready for prime time. Pocket-Lint for the full interview.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. LOL

  2. Sony Ericsson are always two steps behind. They make some interesting products but are always to late to the market. I hope then can bring some new android products to market quickly in 2011.

  3. So…basically they are saying they thought they could get by cheap by offering crappy hardware and a super-outdated version of Android. Dear Sony, consumers (for the most part) aren’t stupid and know the difference between crap and quality.

  4. SE can bite my shiny metal ass.

    The Xperia Arc is a good looking phone, with average specs and saddled by the worst customer support in the industry. I should know… I own an X10.

  5. so they basically admitted to trying to take the cheap road and make a cheap phone, sell it as an expensive one and expect customers not to notice… thanks but no thanks SE, you lying bastards, atleast they admit to it

  6. my God am I glad I went for HTC over the X10 when it came out.

  7. well at least they are admitting thier mistake unlike samsung

  8. I do love those Maria Sharapova commercials though!

  9. If they really wanted to do the right thing, they’d upgrade their already existing phones to Froyo.

  10. They haven’t learn a thing judging by putting a single core and last year’s spec in their [supposedly] Arc super phone in 2011. Way to fall behind in the game, SE.

  11. What I got from this article is that SE thought we were stupid and wouldn’t know any better about Android versions because their skin covered up the old stuff and that we were just as stupid about the hardware.

  12. Their phones are well designed but but their software department is awful and updates a mess. They know what to do and if they really want to make a headway then they better buckle up

  13. In other words: “We just realized our customers are not stupid anymore…damn it! Now we actually have to work hard to make our phones compelling”. SE’s problem is that their product cycle is waaay too slow. Motorola, HTC and even Samsung take about 10 months from project to shipping a next gen product (not just a variation of same model). It seems like it’s taking SE about 15 months, if you look at what they did with Xperia X10. This makes them release phones that not only have outdated software at launch day, but also outdated hardware – and trying to sell it as a high-end phone! SE if you want to do good in 2011 you better cut the crap with your extreme customizations of Android, and release some dual core phones ASAP – like before summer! If you can’t release a dual core 1 ghz phone by then, then you might as well try to be the first one to release a Tegra 3 or other dual core 1.5 ghz phone. It’s the only way you’ll get your credibility back. Look at LG…they missed the Android boat at first, but now they are back with the first Tegra 2 dual core phone! Learn from them, because it seems even LG is starting to become a better brand name in the Android smartphone world than Sony Ericsson. – And for crying out loud Phandroid – put some proper commenting system in place like Disqus or whatever. I can’t even use PARAGRAPHS here…not to mention replying to someone. It’s ridiculous –

  14. I got the Sony-Ericsson Satio on release and was one of the most active users on their blog. Back then in 2009 we tried to convince SE that updating the device was important and also keeping us updated on stuff was important to us. Nokia was putting alot of effort on updating symbian with kinectic scrolling etc. It took SE half a year after a minor bugfix to clarify that there wouldnt be a new update…..
    Tried warning X10 people not to buy the phone even though the design looked sweet. And SE did exactly the same to the X10. They didnt learn a thing after the Satio fiasco…
    Now they say the’ve woken up…..yeah right…..
    2009 Q4 was when Satio got released and SE finally made a profit in that quarter thx to it. Even though screwing us over they thought they could ignore our complaints and do the same thing over with the X10…..We hit back. So yeah maybe they finally woke up.
    But knowing SE they will find something else to screw up…

  15. Come on SE :) I love your hardware and I actually like your UI. Come out with something hot for Tmobile with Android or preferably Windows Phone(at least then I will have the same OS as every other Windows phone out there since Microsoft dictates updates) or have the Arc come out sometime soon before my 19th bday in August :)

  16. never again SE!

    shoulve gotten the desire instead of the X10
    glad i can learn, SE probably will not

  17. Sony sucks.

  18. at least you arent samsung.

  19. Did you guys notice that although they said that they ” made” mistakes, they never admitted what those mistakes were or more importantly, what they are doing now to avoid making those mistakes again? Clear sign that they didn’t learn anything except that they didn’t sell as many phones as they had hoped.

  20. Do not blame Sony for not bringing the 2.1 upgrade to X10 in the US – Blame ATT. The X10 was one of the best selling phones in Japan and yes- the Xperia Arc WILL kick a**. For all of you SE haters – go f*** yourself with your dumb-phones/Sam-dungs etc…Yay for SE :)))))))))))

  21. its not a case of putting cheap tech in their phones.trouble with sony is that they spend too much time on custom software. so by the time the phone gets to the market a year later its out of date. at the time theyre desgining the phone its cutting edge hardware. i bet theyve been making the arc for 12months… and the phones theyre designing now wont be out until next january. theyre just too slow.

    i remember when the p990 was previewed..took a year and half to get to the shops. same with the X1… the X2 was slightly quicker at under 12months but seriously buggy. they need to get the hardware and software together in 6months or less. sod the custom crap.

  22. Arc does not have a front facing camera. So once again SE is going to release a new phone that is already obsolete the day it’s released.

    I know a guy who works for SE. He says the company is a disaster. The software team is a complete mess and it’s a miracle that anything gets done there.

    Boycott Sony Erricson for LIFE!!!!! I hate SE!!!

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