Android Ski Goggles from Recon Instruments [VIDEO]


We covered these earlier during CES 2011, but now we’re here to share a video of our own. Recon Instruments have built Ski Goggles that actually track various criteria of your downhill runs such as your speed, altitude, length of run, top speed, and lots more. Not only does it track them for later viewing on your computer, you can actually see this data in real-time while you’re wearing the Goggles!

I tried the Googles on and they aren’t what I thought. It isn’t like some huge Robocop overlay is intruding your entire view, rather you just glance to the bottom right of your goggles to see the current information and buttons on the exterior of the goggles allow you to change the views/layout.

And guess what? You guessed it- the next generation version of the Goggles is based on none other than the Android OS we know and love. The Goggles have been available since October, but I’m supposing versions more integrated with Android will be coming in months ahead. Skiers and Snowboarders should definitely check out their website at!

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  1. i think i would actually dig the robocop overlay.

  2. That’s taking ‘Google Goggles’ a bit literally…

  3. And only 430 bucks. That’s more than my board and bindings!

  4. @rachel agreed lol

    Headphones now goggles…wow

  5. its really cool. but for that price cant you just use “my tracks” and it would record all what the goggles can do? of course it cant show you in your face but word.

  6. The thing that is truly special about these are the fact that they give you speed and distance for all the axis’. Google won’t, and thus your speed and distance would be off.

  7. How hard would it have been to add a small cam to this?

  8. @Phydeaux: I was thinking the same thing. Kinda surprised they didn’t add a cam. You could link it to your Droid via wifi and record video synced up to the tracking data.

  9. damm i wish i had thse goggles!!

  10. Recon googles don’t work as advertised. I wasted over 400 euros on it. And they wouldn’t refund the money for a defective product:(

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