Jan 12th, 2011

Taking a minute to comment on the FCC delay for the Notion Ink Adam in a blog post, Rohan Shravan took a minute to clear up a few more things about the tablet in waiting. The first thing he points out is how good the Adam’s camera is, though he concedes that the tablet may be a bit bulky and as such requires a steadier hand than your traditional camera. He also states that “IMHO, [a camera] flash is only useful in 5%” of photo taking situations. That’s quite a liberal figure, even though I tend to agree that a flash is not only often unnecessary for every day picture snapping, but that it can also cause many images to appear washed out (unless you have a nice professional lighting setup). Some example images from the Adam below:

The other area of interest Shravan touches on concerns the state of Honeycomb, with the idea that Eden (the Adam’s UI customizations) is being designed to handle the next-gen OS. However, Shravan sees the operating system update as a “work in progress” still being optimized by Google, NVIDIA, and Motorola for their XOOM tablet. He thinks because of this Honeycomb won’t be publicly available as soon as we think. Don’t tell that to Verizon; they plan to launch the XOOM next month. If Notion Ink can get their hands on some FCC stickers, maybe their tablet will come out in February, too.

[via Notion Ink]

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