Jan 12th, 2011

Up until know a couple of separate services have existed to help you avoid costly traffic tickets, the two I’m thinking of being standalone radar detectors and smartphone applications like Trapster that rely on users reporting known speed traps and red-light cameras that your phone alerts you to based on location data. Cobra iRadar is the marriage of the two technologies twice better.

Not only do you get a full-service hardware radar that is completely controllable and programmable via your Android smartphone, but you also get access to Cobra’s database of known police hangouts and pesky traffic cameras. The best part is, unlike similar single-service applications, the iRadar automatically reports speed traps back to their database providing the most up-to-date and accurate map of traps without requiring the user to do anything.

At CES we got a little walkthrough of the app, though obviously we couldn’t get a full a demo on the show floor. The Android version will be out in the Spring, but there is some investment up front with the purchase of the required Bluetooth-connected radar detector. It still comes in cheaper in many cases than a standalone detector (the iPhone version costs about $100) and does a lot more, so if you are serious about being a reckless driver and getting away with it, this looks like a great route to go. Check it out below:

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