Notion Ink Adam Pre-Order Shipments Delayed Due to Lack of FCC Stamps


This past Monday – January 10th – marked the estimated ship date for many-a-customers’ Notion Ink Adam tablet, the once-attractive device that could soon be outshined following a host of announcements at CES from the world’s top manufacturers. There’s just one problem: Notion Ink can’t ship the things yet because the FCC and CE have yet to give them the final numbers for clearance. The scary thing is that Notion Ink didn’t seem to have a date as to when this road bump would be passed, but said that it WILL be cleared within this week. Then again, we were promised they’d be shipping out yesterday. Here’s the email sent to several pre-order customers:

Greetings from the Notion Ink Support Team!
This e-mail is to inform you that your shipment is ready, but we are awaiting final FCC and CE numbers which are to be printed on the device before we can ship them to you. The Holiday season in December pushed the administrative work and it will be cleared within this week.

We request your kind patience and cooperation till we inform you of your shipment.

As you may already know, the Notion Ink Adam was recently demonstrated to a lot of people at CES 2011, and the Adam was appreciated greatly and loved by everyone.

We really appreciate your continued support and effort that you have infused into creating the Notion Ink Community.

Warm Regards
Notion Ink Support Team

I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you either sold or cancelled your pre-orders at this point. Motorola’s bringing a Honeycomb-enabled XOOM soon which looks to outclass Notion Ink in a few (but definitely not all) categories, and – well – it has Honeycomb. That beast looked awesome. Have you pre-ordered a Notion Ink Adam? Are you going to stick with it or are you done waiting in favor of a more proven manufacturer like Motorola? [Android Police]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Nope sorry all. I’m keeping my pre order all to myself. While the xoom did look great and I fault no one for buying it, I heartily disagree with you Quentyn about it outclassing the adam in any way. If the adam did not exist I would most definitely be purchasing the xoom however.

  2. “it will be cleared within this week”
    The optimist in me (who didn’t get to register for an Adam in time – and who doesn’t live in the states, so doesn’t really care about the fcc) tells me they’ll ship within next week.

  3. I didn’t say it was outclassed in every way. In fact, I only said the XOOM outclassed it in *some* areas. The Adam still has a lot of unique features that you won’t see on any other tablet right now.

  4. Adam forever!
    It has the most innovative interface ever designed (EDEN).
    And will be upgraded to Honeycomb.


  5. @Q; yes I know which was why I phrased my sentence; “outclassed in any way”. Try not to get so defensive mate ;) I wasn’t calling you out just politely disagreeing with you!

  6. @Matt ah, haha. I get misunderstood so often that becoming defensive is automatic now. Mi apologias. :)

  7. … WILL be cleared within this week.

    NI seems to have put quite a lot of faith in the US Federal Bureaucracy!

  8. Clearing FCC shouldn’t take long. Xoom vs Adam, which UI is better? Bigger question though, which one will stay updated regularly? If they could put stock android on the Adam, it would rock.

  9. One word : PixelQi.

  10. As SlashGear points out, do not confuse this with a problem with FCC approval, it’s merely the labeling that’s holding things up. I did pre-order and don’t mind waiting for a few more days.

  11. I pre-ordered the Adam with Pixel Qi and Wifi+3G. I’ve waited this long so a few more days won’t make much difference.

    Without even considering which tablet is better, the alternative does not make much sense to me. Cancel your Adam pre-order and then wait several months for the Xoom???

    If Xoom was available and Adam still was not, then those who can make do with the Xoom might consider cancelling at that point and getting the Xoom. But why cancel your Adam pre-order now? What if Xoom is not available for even longer? What if Xoom does not live up to the hype?

    Deciding to buy Xoom based on Motorola being a “a more proven manufacturer” is not something I would do. I have bought lots of products from well known manufacturers that turned out to be full of problems. Consumers would be better off learning all they can about the Adam and the Xoom and then deciding which to buy. I think the Xoom will be a good tablet, but no one knows for sure until it is available and/or has been independently reviewed.

    I personally prefer the Adam over the Xoom. So I’m going to try and be patient a little longer. I think the Adam tablets will start shipping in a few days.

  12. Outclassed? A list of the features directly compared would be better to back up the opinion.

    I looked at the Xoom, but I didn’t see anything impressive in the hardware. More than anything every tablet to date other than the Adam isn’t using a battery saving transreflective screen. Aside from just battery saving it also saves on eye strain when reading e-books

  13. eye strain isn’t really an issue for most people. That was one of the big benefits of LCD over Cathode Ray Tubes

  14. Since you mentioned Xoom having Honeycomb… That is one more reason to wait for the Adam.

    Considering the fact that Notion Ink has already implemented many of the features of Honeycomb within the Eden UI on the Adam, it makes sense to me that they are ahead of the game.

    When Honeycomb is released it will be installed on the Adam soon afterwards. You can bet Notion Ink will again include advanced features beyond what Honeycomb has to offer, and will keep its “better than stock Android” status.

    So once again, my advice is to wait and see.

    I do think Xoom will be a good tablet and probably the one I would buy if the Adam did not exist (and if the Xoom does not cost a ton or lock me into a long contact with a wireless carrier).

  15. Can you get someone else to cover NI stories besides Quentyn? It’s like getting McG to cover non-apple stories on techcrunch or any stories about Android on techcrunch. Motorola is an established manufacturer of android items which screws it up with things like motoblur which totally sucks as an UI. What makes xoom look good is Honeycomb. There are plenty of tablets coming in a few months using Honeycomb. Hopefully one of them will be stock Android like the Nexus phones. Xoom is just overrated right now because they are the only ones with access to Honeycomb and Google’s help.

  16. the Xoom has a better screen resolution (1280×800) but why the lack of USB host support? u can actually plug in a usb drive and access data!!! even directly connect kb/mouse w/o need for a separate dock

  17. Put me down also as someone not cancelling his order (3G, Wi-Fi, Pixel Qi). Also, I agree with the comments of Greg and Matt.
    BTW, I am a little interested as to the excitement and anticipation of the Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab, especially as it relates to these two tablets. Why? Who wants that thing, from a quitter like Samsung, even if it is available without a mandatory contract (like Adam will, maybe Xoom might)? This is shaping out to be a 3 dog race (Notion Ink, Motorola, HTC) with iPad delivering a great product for those who don’t want all the customization. Really looking forward to see how these 4 companies do in the next 2-3 years with this technology.

  18. This isn’t a matter of waiting for FCC clearance. That has already been completed. This is simply the act of imprinting that number on the back of the cases. I pre-ordered the Pixel-Qi 3g/Wifi version and am really excited. Another week will not kill me :)

    Patience my friends.

  19. I think that the Xoom is a much better looking device, with that thin edge to it and well. Who can argue with Android 3.0. But then, Eden looked quite awsome!

    I’m keeping my pre-order fo shizzle!

  20. You Notion Ink fanboys are hardcore, considering you do not have an actual product yet to be so defensive for.

  21. And let phase two begin. “It didn’t ship, but its not our fault and there is only a short delay. Just trust me on this.” Uhhhuhhh…

  22. I would be (seriously) interested in your cancelled NI Adam pre-order, preferably PixelQi+Wifi – Let me know, search for me, you’ll find where for contact.

  23. Quentyn, the Motorola XOOM looks like it might be awesome; but I seriously question many of you so-called journalists who fawned over a device that just had demo software on it and not the real Honeycomb. How can anyone know for sure whether this device is awesome until it’s running the real thing.

    I remember waiting for some devices that looked totally awesome like the Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 which were failed to deliver. As far as I am concerned, the XOOM is full of possibilities but not a proven commodity.

    I have at least seen demos of Adam running. With that PixelQi display, I doubt the XOOM will be able to keep up with Adam with regards to battery life and outside viewing. The swivel camera is ingenious and allows the user to move the camera angle without moving the device. The Adam is a serious contender, but I guess journalists by into the glitz and hoopla of the big name companies.

  24. I wish you could edit your comments. How come I only find my mistakes after I submit?

  25. I’m so happy I didn’t waste neither my time or good chunk of money on this crap and bought a full HD laptop.

  26. Wow. Why is everyone jumping down Quentyn’s throat? I don’t understand. He is just reporting the facts and asking questions. He stated that the Xoom outclasses the Adam in a few categories – not ALL. He also ASKS if anyone will be cancelling their orders. Sorry, but he (and the rest of us) has every right to question things regarding the Adam, since they have consistently been vague regarding their product and have pushed off ship dates. I’m not defending one over the other – each tablet has its pros and cons. No need to jump all over a journalist because he reports a TRUE story.

  27. I still say vaporware.

  28. I’ve been looking foward to the Notion, but I like what I saw in the xoom, both could be very outstanding products, but what would make me feel better about the NI is finding out if they will take it up to honeycomb and will sites like here and xda support it. What lacks in xoom is it’s only coming to verizon thus far, so you know if they have it via wifi only it’s going to cost or you gotta get under a contract. Also with the price being unknown doesn’t help either, all they said is that it will be competitive w/ the IPad

  29. LOL! Poor NI and all this. Would be interesting to see when it finally ships. I say end of the month!

  30. I’m another who can’t believe how hard and heavy of a defense NI is getting here. Personally, I would have been cancelling my order after the last article and if not then, definitely NOW! It sure as hell isn’t going to take them just a week to start shipping those things out. Once they get FCC and CE numbers, they still need to put that number onto the device before shipping. Go ahead, open all of your wireless devices right now and check the labels inside. They all bear a FCC number. And that’s still assuming that NI is being straight forward with us. Personally, I don’t think they are.

  31. The only thing that Motorola has “proven” themselves at is a complete lack of interest of supporting most of their customers’ products past a few months (unless you luckily pick one of their “preferred” handsets (without know which ones those are)).
    So many of their phones are still stuck on 1.5 or 1.6 with no way to upgrade…
    Motorola demoed some fantastic products at CES (Atrix and Xoom), but as a company, I don’t trust them whatsoever after being burned repeatedly by them in the past.
    Notion Ink has been upfront about every step of the process of bringing the Adam to market, they have a lot more of my trust than Motorola could get back anytime soon.

  32. Plastering a huge graphic headline declaring NI Adam a scam is not “reporting the facts”. Just because other so called “tech review” sites scream that it’s a scam does not make it a scam. There is no proof that it’s a scam so declaring it a scam is just not “reporting the facts”. He might as well be screaming “Remember The Maine!”

  33. LOL. I like how people say the Adam has many features you wont see in other tablets. I might believe that if they can ever ship one. haha I mean seriously. I can make a fake claim that I have a gyroscopic camera built in and a megaphone, and a tv tuner and a gps and a ninja and swiss army SD card reader. Its all well and good, but this is just ANOTHER example of Notion pushing back its release date. Blame the FCC, people always buy into that. Maybe its time Notion just nuts up that maybe its still not ready..eh?

  34. where can I order this tablet?

  35. Just go and get an ipad already. These imitators and wannabes will never be as good.

  36. I questioned several times what Rohan said, but i was proved wrong each time, i can take a chance and believe him,

    “Adam has already reached some of its owners”
    so the title should be “Shipment delayed to US and European countries” anyways he also confirmed that “passed all the tests”

  37. typical inferior indian product. i cant believe people are throwing their money away with this sketchy indian company. They havent even given their product to anyone to do a decent review. good luck with whatever indian/chinese crap they end up shipping to you.

  38. Why defend NI? Because they are a small startup with a very innovative design. If they had the kind of backing that Motorola has they likely would have had the device out some time ago. Even still I have yet to see another tablet using a color LCD screen with transreflective capability.

    The device has shipped to many users, and was available at CES for all to review, and in fact it received several glowing reviews.

  39. The CEO of Notionink said 1) “Adam has already reached some of it’s owner.” But who got it so far?
    2) He also said that the company could not get the pre-order money. However, many people reported that their bank or credit card got charged in Notionink blog.
    3) Rohan also said the Adam would have 16Gb. But it is 8gb now.
    4) He also said that he would announce the second pre-order date and his company partner during CES. But again nothing happen.
    And so on……

    He also put a fake FCC label on his only Adam which he brought it to CES. (I don’t know is it legal to do that?)

    I really don’t know why his Fans can love him so much that they would accept all his lie and unprofessional way for doing business. May be people believe what they want to believe. I can see most of his fans follow Rohan “big dream” for the whole year, so that they cannot accept the truth. I believe that if the Adam cannot get the Honoycomb, Adam’s fans will do it for Notionink.

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